How Strong Is Black Bolt? Compared to Other Marvel Characters

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There are a lot of different powerful characters in the history of Marvel Comics. Still, some of them tend to be quite overpowered in how they can level entire cities. That is where Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans, comes in as a powerful character in the world of Marvel Comics. Black Bolt is the strongest Inhuman in Marvel. But just how strong is Black Bolt in Marvel?

Black Bolt’s primary power comes from the fact that he can harness particles and electrons using the speech center found in his brain. Through this power, he can release powerful blasts of energy using his voice. A simple whisper can already kill a person; meanwhile, shouting can level entire cities.

As powerful as Black Bolt may be, the thing about him is that he doesn’t have complete control over his powers, and that’s why he doesn’t talk, as doing so can already release powerful blasts of energy due to his powers. In that regard, he does have a handicap. Still, Black Bolt is a powerful character that no one should ever mess with due to how destructive he is.

How Strong Is Black Bolt?

One of the things that we saw in the MCU version of the Inhumans and in Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness was that Black Bolt was powerful. Of course, the Inhumans have always been popular characters in Marvel Comics, but the exposure from the MCU only allowed them to become more popular. The most popular of them is their king and leader, Black Bolt. But just how strong is Black Bolt?

Like Mutants, the Inhumans have random powers at birth but are based on their Inhuman physiologies. Out of all of the Inhumans, Black Bolt is the strongest because his powers are based on his ability to manipulate particles and electrons. And this power might sound confusing, but the simplest way to explain it is that his ability to control particles and electrons is tied to the part of his brain that controls speech.

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As such, whenever Black Bolt speaks or makes a sound from his mouth, he can release waves of energy that can be extremely destructive. He has no control over this power, as a simple whisper is already more than enough to kill a person. Meanwhile, shouting can level an entire city as this produces more sound waves that carry the powerful energy produced by Black Bolt’s ability to manipulate particles and electrons.

However, Black Bolt doesn’t need to speak to use his powers. He can channel his power using a fork-shaped antenna on his head. This antenna can communicate with the speech center of his brain so that Black Bolt can channel his powers through the antenna without the need to utter a sound. As such, this ability allows him to have a more concentrated and less destructive way of using his powers.

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While Black Bolt is powerful due to his Inhuman powers, he also has a gifted Inhuman physiology that allows him superhuman strength. Under normal circumstances, Black Bolt can lift to two tons or anything slightly heavier than that. However, there have been instances where he can increase his strength by utilizing his Inhuman power.

Whenever he channels the particles into his body, his strength increases to the point that he can be classified as a Class 60 character in terms of his physical strength. As such, he is also a powerhouse in his own right.

On top of all that, the Black Bolt is also quite fast and durable. He is much faster than a regular human being at peak form, and his body is also quite durable. It can take loads of damage that regular characters and superheroes cannot handle.

How Does Black Bolt Compare To Other Marvel Characters?

Let’s compare Black Bolt to three of the most popular Marvel characters to see his strength.


Thor is one of the most popular powerhouses in Marvel and is also capable of destructive blasts of energy because of his control over thunder. Of course, Thor is much stronger than Black Bolt in physical strength, but he probably isn’t as destructive as Black Bolt. Thor’s powers are more concentrated. After all, he can blast bolts of lightning that are powerful enough to take on godlike beings, whereas Black Bolt’s power is simply a destructive wave of energy.

The Hulk

black bolt vs hulk

While the Hulk doesn’t have powers, he has always been the standard when it comes to strength in the Marvel Comics universe, as he is capable of leveling entire cities with his rage. That means he is much stronger than Black Bolt in terms of physical strength. Of course, we don’t know how Hulk could take the full blast of Black Bolt’s powers, but we do believe that Black Bolt stands a chance against him due to the very nature of his Inhuman abilities.

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Iron Man

Tony Stark may be a man in a suit of armor, but he has suits that can stand up to some of the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics. As such, he has a counter for almost anything in Marvel, as it is more than possible that Iron Man can stand up to the sheer destructive force of Black Bolt’s powers. Of course, the Iron Man suit increases Stark’s strength, durability, and energy projection to incredible levels, and that means that he is more than capable of taking on black Bolt. However, we aren’t sure who would win a fight between them.

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