How Strong Is Super Skrull? Powers & Abilities Explained


Super-Skrull is one of the characters we look forward to seeing in the upcoming Secret Invasion series. A recently released trailer for Secret Invasion hinted that the Kl’rt might appear in the series and cause some trouble during the invasion that is set to shake MCU to its core. Kl’rt is an older character, and we have to say he has some impressive powers and abilities at his disposal. Due to that, we’ve decided to analyze them in more detail and bring you the answer to the question, how strong is Super-Skrull? 

Super-Skrull is incredibly physically strong and powerful. He is capable of lifting more than 100 tons and has superhuman durability, speed, and intelligence. Most notably, due to his Skrull physiology, he was able to shapeshift to take on not only the form of Fantastic Four members but their powers and abilities as well.  

Now that we’ve covered, in essence, what Super-Skrull is capable of, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in what Super-Skrull might have in store for us in terms of his powers and abilities, keep reading!

Super-Skrull is a further enhanced form of a regular Skrull 

Super-Skrull was originally a decorated soldier under the name Kl’rt. Skrulls are usually stronger and more powerful than regular humans, so by enhancing them; they managed to improve their already superior physiology. Super-Skrull was artificially enhanced through biological means.

Most of the inspiration for his powers and abilities came from the Fantastic Four, whose powers his makers attempted to emulate, and not only were they successful, but Reed Richards noticed that Super-Skurll had powers and abilities that far surpassed their own set of equal abilities. 

Due to this, Super-Skrull was considered a great threat, far greater than an average Skrull. 


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Super-Skrull can lift more than 100 tons

Lifting strength is a big deal when you’re going up against Earth’s mightiest heroes. Super-Skrull’s strength can be classified as superhuman, meaning he can lift more than 100 tons. This places him among the physically strongest characters in the Marvel Universe, as his strength alone far outclasses most regular superheroes. For reference, Carol Danvers, which is known to be among the strongest Avengers and regularly deals with Skrulls, can only lift between 25 and 75 tons. 

Every physical aspect of Super-Skrull is enhanced 

Via bio-engineering, Super-Skrull not only gained incredible mimicry powers, but he was also greatly enhanced in almost every physical aspect imaginable. Super-Skrull can reach Mach-2 speeds at worst and orbital velocity speeds at best which places him in the “supersonic” category in terms of speed. His reflexes, agility, and reaction times have likewise been greatly enhanced, allowing him to deal with the best combatants in the Marvel Universe. 

In terms of durability, hardly anything can injure Super-Skrull. He is highly resistant to most forms of damage, including physical and magic-based damage. Still, even though Super-Skrull is highly resistant to damage, he can still be injured or killed and suffer from diseases and adverse effects of poisons and the like. 

Super-Skrull is a trained and experienced fighter 

Before he became hailed as the first super-soldier that the Skrull empire had, Super-Skrull was a decorated war hero and a highly trained and lethal soldier. He is an experienced fighter both when it comes to armed combat and unarmed combat and has plenty of highly-advanced Skrull technology at his disposal. 

His further enhancements only served to augment his already present skills. This is why Super-Skrull is considered to be the deadliest soldier they have at their disposal. 

Super-Skrull is most notable for Fantastic Four power mimicry 

Al Skrulls are shape-shifters, and through molecular manipulation, they can take any form imaginable. Super-Skrull was specifically engineered to take on the forms of Fantastic Four members and their powers and abilities and to make them more potent. Super Skrulll had power receptors surgically implanted in his body that allowed him to absorb cosmic energy and mimic the Fantastic Four’s powers, but he initially had to rely on a transmission beam to sustain these powers. However, over time, the exposure to this energy made his powers permanent, and he no longer needed the transmission beam.

From Human Torch, Super-Skrull inherited his incredible pyrokinetic powers and added a twist to them. By combining pyrokinetic powers with Reed Richard’s powers, he can elongate and stretch any portion of his body in the form of fiery plasma. His flying abilities likewise far surpass those of the original Human Torch. 

Super-Skrull likewise inherited Thing’s incredible durability and strength, which we covered before, enabling him to bench-press weights in excess of 100 tons. All this without the need to stay in crystalline form at all times. 

Super-Skrull can also mimic Invisible Woman’s powers. He can make himself hidden in plain sight by manipulating cosmic energy. He is capable of generating force fields that are solid but invisible and can take on simple forms. By combining Invisible Woman’s powers with the powers of the Human Torch, Super-Skrull can create flames that are resistant to being put out. 


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And lastly, by having Mr. Fantastic’s powers as well, Super-Skrull can combine his plasticity with other powers. He can stretch his limbs more than 100 miles. He can restrain opponents with great force by elongating himself and utilizing the Thing’s strength. 

Likewise, Super-Skrull has moderate hypnotic powers though their effects are not exactly certain at the time, and it is not known whether they are a product of power mimicry or some unique trait that he had that simply got enhanced with the rest of his powers and abilities. 

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