I Will Cause You Harm: The Top 10 Supervillains Who Are Overpowered 

Top 10 Supervillains Who Are Overpowered

I Will Cause You Harm: The Top 10 Supervillains Who Are Overpowered 

Not all supervillains are created equally. Some are created for the purpose of destroying the galaxy, while others are created as nothing more than fodder.

Those who can destroy the galaxy often have differing power sets. Some possess telekinesis, while others have immeasurable strength. Some are born extraordinary, and some are given their power over time. No matter what they can do or how they came to be able to do it, one thing remains the same. They are all overpowered. If you’ll give me a few minutes of your time, I’d like to tell you who some of them are.

Here are The Top 10 Supervillains Who Are Overpowered.

10. Absorbing Man

Origin of Absorbing Man

What happens when a supervillain is capable of becoming as strong as anything they touch? What happens when a supervillain is able to absorb the power of anyone near them? And what happens when a supervillain is able to combine all previously absorbed powers.

I’ll tell you what happens.

Carl “Crusher” Creel happens.

Carl Creel is the Absorbing Man and the Absorbing Man is able to perform all the above-mentioned feats. When he absorbs the power or properties of people or things, his power grows in direct proportion to whatever he’s absorbed. This means that if he’s near Asgard, Mjolnir, a diamond, or water he can absorb its power. Yes, absorption is a simple ability. However, being able to become as powerful as anything in existence instantly makes Absorbing Man overpowered.

9. Doomsday


You may not agree with me when I say it, but Doomsday is one of the stupidest supervillains to ever be created. I don’t mean stupid as in unintelligent. I mean stupid as in a bad idea only used to generate income through publicity.

Doomsday is widely considered an enemy of Superman. In fact, it was Doomsday who killed the Man of Steel as a part of the aforementioned publicity stunt. While many of Doomsday’s powers aren’t anything special (superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman durability, regeneration, and immortality) his reactive adaption is. His reactive adaption allows him to a) revive if killed and b) learn to never be killed that way again.

Although I don’t agree with the publicity stunt that birthed him, there’s no denying that he belongs on this list of supervillains who are overpowered.

8. Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey Dark Phoenix

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I already put Jean Grey as one of my overpowered superheroes, so putting Dark Phoenix and one of my supervillains who are overpowered, is a cop-out. 

Yes and no.

Yes. Using the same, albeit slightly different character is kind of a cop-out. 

No. Although she’s the same character, once she bonded and was taken over by the Phoenix Force, Jean became nearly unrecognizable. 

The Dark Phoenix is one of the most powerful characters to ever grace the pages of a Marvel Comic Book. Not only is she one of the most beloved members of the X-Men, but she’s also one of the only characters in history who’s always one moment away from destroying entire galaxies. 

7. Thanos


Thanos is a Deviant who hails from Titan. 

Deviants are some of the most powerful beings in Marvel. They are an offshoot of the Eternals and the Eternals are perfect beings created by the Celestials. The Celestials are the highest order and power in the Marvel Universe. 

Deviants, while similar to Eternals in nearly every aspect, lack their appearance. The Eternals have a perfect exterior and the Deviants are often misshapen and gruesome. Because Thanos was born a Deviant he lived a life much tougher than that of his brother Starfox, who was born an Eternal.

Thanos rose to fame during Jim Starlin’s famed Infinity Gauntlet storyline. The story saw him travel across the galaxy in an effort to gain possession of the six Infinity Gems. Once he had them (Soul, Mind, Reality, Time, Power, and Space), he affixed them to a Gauntlet and used them to bring the Universe to its knees.

6. Darkseid

Darkseid in a Chair

The very mention of his name is enough to send shivers down Superman’s back and raise the hair on his arms. Darkseid is the quintessential DC villain. He’s powerful, intelligent, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Don’t get me wrong…it isn’t as though DC’s other villains aren’t good. It’s just they’re not Darkseid.

Darkseid is a New God who first appeared alongside the other New Gods. As it’s told, the New Gods and Old Gods were interlocked in battle. At the battle’s conclusion, the New Gods emerged victorious, the Old Gods dead, and the home planet of the two destroyed. All wasn’t lost, however, as the debris from the planet reformed as two new planets, New Genesis and Apokolips. 

As the ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid possesses immeasurable power. Of all his powers, none are as formidable as his Omega Power. With them, he can blast Omega Beams from his eyes. The Omega Beams can do many things, the most impressive of which is disintegrating anything that they pass through. 

5. Brainiac


If Lex Luthor is Superman’s greatest enemy, then Brainiac is a close second. 

Brainiac is an android whose only purpose is to study and gather as much information as it possibly can. Once it has all the necessary information, it moves in on a planet and systematically destroys everything on it. To eradicate an entire planet requires an extensive list of powers. Brainiac has an extensive list of powers.

  • Supercomputer intelligence
  • Superhuman strength, speed, and durability 
  • Energy projection
  • Regenerative healing
  • Telepathy
  • Technopathy
  • Telekinesis 
  • Mind transference 

Brainiac isn’t just powerful, he’s too powerful. So powerful, in fact, that very few can even stand up to him. 

4. Mr. Mxyzplk

Mr Mxyzptlk

If it seems odd that I’d chose one of the least physically imposing characters in all of comics for this list of supervillains who are overpowered, hear me out. 

Hailing from the 5th Dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk has the ability to inter-dimensionally travel. This may not seem impressive but understand that when he lands in Superman’s Dimension, he’s capable of wreaking unheard of havoc. He has powers that allow him to bend reality to whichever way he needs it to bend. This means that when he requires Supes to solve a puzzle or do something out of the ordinary, the task isn’t as easy as it appears.

Because he can bend, will, and shape reality anyway he wants, Mr. Myxzplk is one of the very few villains who can outsmart and out dual Superman on any given day

3. Korvac

Origin of Korvac Marvel

Before he attained the Power Cosmic, Michael Korvac was simply a brilliant man who was able to siphon energy from almost any source. Once he received the Power Comic he was a man capable of matter alteration, teleportation, astral projection, energy projection, and he could manipulate both time and space. 

Michael Korvac is not of the regular Marvel Earth-616 universe. Instead, he hails from the alternate universe of Earth-691. Korvac is similar to most characters in the sense that he has been born over and over again. Where he differs is that with each birth, he’s born as powerful or more powerful than the last. Being someone who only becomes more powerful with time, Korvac was an obvious choice for this supervillains who are overpowered list.

2. Molecule Man

The Origin of the Molecule Man

Molecule Man is one of the most powerful beings in Marvel. He’s so powerful that, at times, even the mighty Fantastic Four have failed to defeat him.

When he first debuted, Molecule Man (Owen Reece) was only able to manipulate the molecules around him. As he aged, however, his power grew to a level that allowed him to warp the reality of the Multiverse at once.

Owen has admitted that he is a “multiversal composite entity”. As a multiversal composite entity, he’s able to create pieces of himself and leave them in various pockets of the Multiverse. This means that at any point, he’s capable of collapsing the Multiverse on itself.

1. The Anti-Monitor

Origin of Anti-Monitor

When you’re the reason continuity was reset, it’s easy to name you as one of the supervillains who are overpowered.

The Anti-Monitor is the counterpart to the Monitor. As the counterpart of the Monitor, he has the power to absorb the energy of his surroundings. His ability to absorb is so strong that he can absorb the energy of entire planets, stars, and universes if he wants to. In addition, he has superhuman strength, can manipulate darkness, has cosmic awareness, is able to resurrect himself and others, can take control of the minds of others, and reconfigure reality how he sees fit.

The Anti-Monitor is most known for what he did during Crisis on Infinite Earths. The story saw the entirety of the DC Multiverse swallowed up and regurgitated as one cohesive Universe. As you probably guessed, this meant that many Universes, characters, and timelines ceased to exist. 

And that’s it. The Top 10 Supervillains Who Are Overpowered. What do you think? Who would make your supervillains who are overpowered list?

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