How Tall Is Hulk & How Much Does He Weigh? (Comics & Movies)

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When Stan Lee created the Hulk he intended to have him be the strongest Marvel hero. Making his first appearance in ‘Incredible Hulk #1’, Hulk was described as the strongest there is. Since then, he has only gotten stronger and much more dangerous, able to go up against characters like Thor and Thanos. Through the years, Hulk’s height and weight have fluctuated with him only getting bigger and stronger through time.  Hulk has appeared in multiple comics and movies, each time being a different size. So how tall is Hulk, and how much does he weigh? 

In the comics, Hulk has varied to be as small as 7 ft and as tall as 10 ft, with his weight being roughly between 1,040 lbs and 1,400 lbs, although it is likely he could weigh more depending on the comic. In the films, he has been as small as 6’ 5 and as tall as 15 ft with his weight being roughly the same as in the comics but there may be times when he weighs more when he surpasses 10 ft.

Now that we have briefly discussed Hulk’s height and weight in the movies and comics let’s analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested, stay with us and keep reading!

Hulk’s height and weight in the comics

In the comics, it’s a known fact that Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets. His height usually starts off around 7-8 ft and can go up to 10 ft with his weight being around 1,040 lbs and 1,400 lbs.  However, there was once an instance where Hulk became Titan Hulk. This was a version of the character who reached up to 30 ft tall and was to the Hulk what Hulk is to Bruce Banner.

When it comes to Bruce Banner, he is listed at 5’ 9 and weighs roughly 128 lbs. This is a massive height difference from when he turns into the Hulk. With his muscles, ligaments, and bones stretching you would think that it is painful when he turns. It only hurts him when he fights the change, and it happens very slowly, but when he embraces and allows it to happen, it’s not painful for him.


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Hulk’s height and weight in the movies

What height and weight is Lou Ferrigno’s Hulk?

1970S Hulk

Before the days of CGI monsters, prosthetics were a massive thing in Hollywood. This was especially true for the Hulk as in the 1970s show and films, two different people played Hulk and Bruce Banner. The Hulk was played by Lou Ferrigno, who was 6’ 5 and weighed 315 lbs. When playing the character, he was painted green and had prosthetic makeup on his face to make him appear more monstrous. This, on top of his bodybuilder appearance and camera angles, made him appear much larger than life at the time. 

Bill Bixby, who played Bruce Banner at the time, was 5’ 9, which was accurate to the comic books. Having two actors in the role really emphasized how big the Hulk really was and was a very impressive feat for a time when digital effects were not that common.

What height and weight is Eric Banna’s Hulk?

In 2003, Hulk rampaged onto the big screen with Eric Banna playing Bruce Banner and Ang Lee directing the film. While the film wasn’t a critical success, it managed to translate the Hulk’s physical presence on screen very well. Following the comic books, with Hulk getting stronger the angrier he gets, we see him start off at 9 ft tall, then at the end of the film, he’s 15 ft tall, which is much larger than the comics.

He weighed between 1378 lbs and 2279 lbs which is much heavier than his comic book counterpart. Eric Banna was 6’ 2, which is the tallest Bruce Banner on screen and close to the height of Hulk in the ’70s.

What height and weight is Edward Norton’s Hulk?

‘The Incredible Hulk ‘was the Hulk’s first appearance in the MCU with Edward Norton in the role of Bruce Banner. In this film, Hulk never got any taller than 9 ft as they didn’t want him to appear too monstrous and still be quite human. He weighed roughly 1,291 lbs which was much lighter than the 2003 Hulk and closer to the comics. In this version, Hulk was portrayed to be massive but had a very bodybuilder-on-stage kind of look, with him appearing very lean but very muscular.

Edward Norton was 6 ft tall as Bruce Banner, which meant in this version, Bruce only grew an extra 3 ft when he became the Hulk. 

What height and weight is Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk?

While Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is still technically the same as Edward Norton’s, there are a few key differences. This version of Hulk is 5 inches shorter, with him being 8’ 5, and has a much more apelike physique. Instead of looking like a lean bodybuilder, he had a lot more fat to him and tended to run quite primal when using his hands and legs. With his weight roughly the same as Norton’s, there are not many differences apart from appearance-wise.


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Throughout the MCU, this version of Hulk does eventually evolve into Professor Hulk. While this version isn’t any shorter or lighter, he isn’t as strong and is a combination of Hulk’s body and Banner’s consciousness. With Mark Ruffalo standing at 5’ 7, he is just two inches shorter than his comic counterpart. 

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