Here Is How & When Hyperion Managed to Kill Hulk


Marvel is home to plenty of alternative universes. This resulted in many versions of the character and many twisted realities in which things are not as we are used to on Earth-616. One such alternative reality is Earth-21798, the Universe of ‘Heroes Reborn’ where Avengers don’t exist, and things took a far darker turn for Hulk than you would have expected. During this storyline, Hyperion, Marvel’s notable version of Superman, managed to kill the Jade Giant in an especially gruesome way. We decided to explore this incident in a bit more detail, so let’s see how and when did Hyperion kill the Hulk.

Hyperion killed Hulk during the ‘Heroes Reborn’ storyline. Hulk was one of many villains that escaped from the Negative Zone using the tear in the universe that was created when Hyperion sent Doctor Juggernaut there. Hyperion killed Hulk because he started to remember that something wasn’t right with the Universe, which Hyperion misunderstood as Hulk going mad and becoming extremely dangerous and insane. Hyperion killed Hulk with his heat vision. He had to kill him two dozen times before Hulk was reduced to a “pile of radioactive goo.”

Now that we’ve given you a summary of the whole affair, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

‘Heroes Reborn’ takes place in reality where Avengers are replaced by Squadron Supreme of America

Before we explain what happened between Hulk and Hyperion, we have to give you some backstory and context. The first hero in this reality to notice that something was wrong was Blade. Blade was strolling around New York looking for Ghost Rider, and he came across Robbie Reyes, but instead of meeting with the fabled anti-hero Robbie Reyes started mocking him, having no idea what Blade was talking about.

Then Blade started noticing other things. Iron Man never built the suit since he never took the shrapnel to the heart. Carol Danvers never became Captain Marvel because she was too insubordinate.

Wakanda doesn’t seemingly exist, Steve Rogers was never unfrozen from the ice, and Thor is a drunkard who never claimed Mjolnir and knows nothing about it because Odin is dead. In short, Avengers don’t exist in this reality. They are replaced by Squadron Supreme of America consisting of Blur, Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion, Nighthawk, and Power Princess.

The reason for this twisted reality is the fact that President Coulson switched Earth-616 reality with Earth-21798 reality by using the powers of the Pandemonium Cube.


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Hulk was trapped in the Negative Zone soon after he had his first transformation

Like most other members of the Avengers, Hulk was fundamentally changed in this reality. He was banished to the Negative Zone soon after he had his first transformation because Hyperion believed that Hulk might manage to come around and become a force for good instead of evil.

Hulk spent who knows how much time in the Negative Zone until he managed to escape. He escaped from the prison after Hyperion defeated Doctor Doom, who empowered himself with the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and became Doctor Juggernaut in his attempts to attack the White House.

Soon after Hyperion managed to subdue Doctor Juggernaut and banish him to the Negative Zone, the tear between the two Universes happened, and most villains that were banished to the Negative Zone escaped. Hyperion’s task was to round them all up; he lost it during the task.

Hulk was the last villain that Hyperion had to face

Hyperion was the star of Squadron Supreme. When he wasn’t fighting evil and commies, Hyperion was a 9th-grade American History teacher. When the news got out that all the villains had escaped, he was enjoying a minute of silence and grading tests.

Reed Richards of Earth-21798 broke the news to him that the villains escaped while he sent Doom there. Hyperion was not happy about this, while Ben Grimm mentioned that he always warned him that this was something that could happen.

Hyperion answered that he doesn’t have time for speculative science and only deals with “cold hard American facts.” This is where we find out that Hyperion has the full authority of the Greatest government in the world to deal with villains in whichever way he wants, even if it includes sending them to the Negative Zone.

Hyperion used his atomic vision to locate all the criminals, and he started fighting them.

Hyperion had to kill Hulk “two dozen times”

It was a long day for Hyperion. He faced Gladiator, Mr. Beyonder, Annihilus, Dr. Henry Pym, Winter Soldier, and Widow Guard. He also had to face Namor and Mutant Force. The last villain he had to apprehend was Hulk. Hulk pissed Hyperion off from the start because when Hyperion found him, he was talking to the kids at the school where Hyperion worked. Hulk mentioned that he doesn’t have friends, and it seems that he is the only one who noticed something wrong with reality.

Hyperion was worried for the children and took Hulk’s gibberish as a sign that he was going rabid. Hyperion was also freaked out because Hulk came to the place where he worked, which meant that he knew his secret identity. Hyperion started pummeling Hulk, and Hulk was confused, calling for his friends, for Earth’s mightiest heroes, for the Avengers.

Hyperion then says that he coddled Hulk in a way that he offered him plenty of chances to use his powers for good, but this time Hulk’s savagery went too far, and he had to kill him.

Hulk then started crying. He confused Earth-616 Hyperion for the Earth-217987 version of Hyperion. He pleads with Hyperion not to kill him and that he instead makes him happy. Hyperion confused Hulk’s tears for anger and proceeded to kill him.

Hyperion killed Hulk by using his heat vision. He had to kill him two dozen times before he managed to disintegrate him into a puddle of radioactive goo. Hulk kept coming back to life and asking for “Steve.” But eventually, it was done, Hyperion overpowered him, and he was the last of Negative Zone villains.

As you can see, the Earth-616 version of Hyperion never killed Hulk. Those were alternative versions of the characters. Otherwise, Hyperion would have struggled a lot more with him.


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