Here Is How Tall Spider-Man Is in the Movies & Comics


Spider-Man is easily one of the most relatable superheroes in comics. When Peter Parker was introduced, he broke the status quo of superheroes. He was a teenager who wasn’t a sidekick. He had money issues, girl issues, initially used his powers for money, and he wasn’t super buff or super tall. Most superheroes at the time, like Batman and Superman, were really tall and insanely muscular but Spider-Man both acted and looked like an average guy. The same has also applied to Miles Morales, who was also given a shorter stature in his stories. Even though it was a small detail it was something that brought them closer to readers and throughout the comics and movies they stayed true to his regular height since the 1960s. Here’s Spider-Man’s height in the movies and comics! 

Throughout Spider-Man media, he has stayed roughly between 5 ‘5 and 5’ 10. Marvel has main 616 Peter Parker listed at 5’ 10 and in the Ultimate comics as 5’ 5. The film adaptations of the character have stayed within this range, with the actors all being 5’ 10 or under. 

Now that we have briefly covered Spider-Man related media and his height, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If your interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

How Tall is Peter Parker in the Comics?

How Tall is 616 Peter Parker?

Since his debut in ‘Amazing Fantasy #15,’ Peter Parker has always been listed as 5’ 10. This makes him a lot shorter than other Marvel heroes like Captain America, who stands at 6’ 2, and Tony Stark at 6’ 1. This makes Peter Parker just one inch taller than the average man in the US at 5’ 9.

Even though he is listed at 5’ 10 now it is possible he was intended to be shorter when he was first created as he was only 15 years old, but it has never been confirmed or denied. To go along with Peter’s height he has always had a slender and athletic build as opposed to the bodybuilder look most other heroes had at the time.


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This was another thing that made him so relatable at the time. Most comic readers at the time were not 6’ 2 and jacked out of their minds, so it gave them a character that looked like them both in the suit and in clothes. 

How Tall is Peter Parker in the Ultimate Comics?

The Ultimate universe was an alternate reality Marvel created for new readers, and in that, we got a much younger Spider-Man going through his high school years. Throughout the series, he is roughly 15 at the start of the run and 18 at the end.

This version of Peter stands at 5’ 5 and stays at this height throughout the series. Anytime he’s standing next to someone, he is usually the smallest in the group, especially next to other heroes who usually tower over him.

He is also a lot skinnier and leaner than we usually see. His small stature makes his feats even more impressive in this series when he takes down characters like Green Goblin and Kingpin, who are huge compared to him, showing he still has that spider strength no matter how small he is.

How Tall is Peter Parker in the Movies?

How Tall is Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man? 

Tobey Maguire, in real life, is 5’ 8, which makes him two inches smaller than what Spider-Man is in the comics. Even though he is smaller in height, they made the suit look quite bulky, Similar to the 90’s era of Spider-Man with the comics and animated series. Even though his height in the film is never actually specified, it is safe to say that he is just 5’ 8 like the actor in real life. With him being only two inches smaller, it’s not like a Hugh Jackman Wolverine situation who is a full foot taller than his character. 


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How Tall is Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man? 

Andrew Garfield is listed on IMDb as 5’ 10 which is the exact height that Peter Parker is in the comics. To go with his comic-accurate height he has a lot more of a slender and lanky build to go with it which makes him look a lot taller on screen. When he is in the Spider-Man costume and going up against Lizard it makes him look shorter due to how big the Lizard is on screen. 

How Tall is Tom Holland’s Spider-Man? 

Tom Holland is actually the shortest actor to play Spider-Man, standing at 5’ 6 he is much closer to the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man who is 5’ 5. Even though he is the smallest Spider-Man he is easily the most muscular as well which makes sense with his gymnastic and athletic background. Even with his small stature, he does tend to put on a little more muscle mass throughout each film

How Tall Is Miles Morales Spider-Man?

How Tall is Miles Morales in the Comics?

Miles Morales is a lot younger than Peter Parker and a lot smaller too. The 616 version of Miles and the Ultimate version are both the same character as he was brought over to the main 616 universe in 2015’s ‘Secret Wars’. Miles is listed to stand at 5’ 8 as of current but when we were first introduced to him it was likely he was ranging between 5′ 4 -5’ 6 based on how he looked compared to other Marvel heroes.

How Tall is Miles Morales in the Movies? 

The only film adaptation we’ve had of Miles is the animated Spider-Verse films. In these films, they have kept him the same height at 5’ 8 just like his comic counterpart but it is clear there have been changes in his physique since ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ with him looking a lot more defined and wider in ‘Across the Spider-Verse’.

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