Hyperion vs. Hulk: Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?


Marvel Universe is home to some of the strongest characters imaginable. They often have immeasurable strength levels, which makes it really difficult to compare who is stronger. Two such characters are Hyperion, an Eternal with powers really similar to those of Superman, and the most popular gamma mutate – Hulk. Both of them are often compared, and their physical abilities are put to the test. This is why we decided to pit them in a battle, so if it ever comes to a fight between Hyperion and Hulk, who is stronger, and who would win in a fight? 

Hulk is stronger than Hyperion and would win a fight against him. Hulk is much stronger and far more durable. Hyperion also has far more weaknesses than Hulk, while Hulk is basically unkillable. The two fought before in the comics, and while Hyperion managed to defeat mainline Hulk, Hulk managed to defeat Hyperion with far more ease. Hulk would win the majority of times. 

Now that we’ve covered that Hulk would take this one, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. We’re going to explore the powers, abilities, strength, speed, and durability of both characters so you can see why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

As we’ve mentioned, Hyperion is basically a Superman clone since a large part of his powers is derived from the unique Eternal physiology that allows him to absorb and utilize photon particles. Besides his incredible physical might, Hyperion can do many other lethal things without touching his target. Like Superman, Hyperion has several types of vision, like X-Ray vision, telescopic, electromagnetic spectrum, and microscopic vision.

He also has enhanced hearing and other senses, and although this is a vital part of being superhuman, it wouldn’t be especially useful in a fight against Hulk. What would be useful are his abilities related to energy manipulation

Hyperion has atomic vision, meaning that he can project powerful beams of energy from his eyes, and the heat emitted from those beams can reach up to 12 000 degrees Fahrenheit. Those beams are powerful enough to annihilate characters that are well-known for being extremely resilient. 

Hulk also has a unique physiology, and although strength is his trademark “ability,” he does have some other notable abilities that might prove useful in a fight. Hulk gained his powers via accident with gamma radiation, meaning he was changed on a molecular level. Over time, he could absorb, manipulate, and even emit that energy for various purposes. 

The scale of his gamma radiation emitting scales with his anger like pretty much every other superhuman aspect of Hulk. There was also a case in which Hulk was able to emit gamma radiation from his eyes in the form of a so-called optic blast. Hulk is likewise notably resistant to mind control to some extent. This might not be as useful in a fight against Hyperion, but it certainly comes in handy when he’s dealing with telepaths. 

Both Hulk and Hyperion do have secondary abilities, and although humble in nature, they get the job done. Since their potential to emit and manipulate various energies is limited, both get the point in this aspect. 

Points: Hyperion (1:1) Hulk


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Strength and Stamina 

Hyperion is an Eternal meaning that his special physiology provides him with nearly unlimited levels of physical strength. Hyperion can lift well over 100 tons, and he has plenty of physical feats that prove just have strong he actually is, including his numerous fights with Hulk. Hyperion is able to physically manipulate great land masses and even celestial bodies. 

Regarding stamina, Hyperion can fight for several days without stopping due to the special biological processes that allow him to convert fatigue toxins straight into energy. He can fight in the most hospitable environments imaginable without suffering adverse effects and doesn’t need to breathe, which most likely helps with his stamina.

As long as Hyperion has access to solar energy, he doesn’t need to eat, drink or sleep. However, a large part of Hyperion’s strength and stamina rely on the fact that he needs to be bathed in solar radiation. As soon as he is cut off from the source, all his physical aspects weaken. 

Hulk has unlimited strength levels at his disposal; it’s the most notable thing about him and something that made his character truly among the most popular in the comics. Hulk is currently marked as being able to lift in excess of 100 tons, but the reality is Hulk’s strength is not exactly capped.

He starts out as being able to lift well over 100 tons, but as long as he keeps getting angry, his strength levels increase, and since his anger is uncapped, so is his lifting and striking power.

The same goes for his stamina. Hulk doesn’t get tired the longer he fights. If his anger increases, that means he doesn’t almost feel the effects of fatigue. 

Hyperion and Hulk can allegedly lift over 100 tons, and their might can indeed be seen as uncapped. Hulk, however, has evidence of unlimited strength and much more stamina at his disposal without depending on external power sources. This point goes to Jade Giant. 

Points: Hyperion (1:2) Hulk


Hyperion is extremely fast and can be counted among the fastest characters in Marvel Comics. All aspects of his movement are on another level, far exceeding what is possible for an average human being. Hyperion can move at speeds that reach 3700 miles per hour within Earth’s atmosphere. In space, this number goes even higher, and he can even reach light speed.  

Hyperion can move fast, fight fast, and fly fast. He has incredible agility, reflexes, and reaction times, ranking him among the fastest combatants in the comics. 

Hulk is able to move fast despite his brawny physiology. His speed is mostly derived from his muscles that provide him with an incredible amount of force capable of propelling him upward and allowing him to run far faster than he should be capable of. Hulk can reach speeds of up to 300 miles per hour. The angrier he is, the faster he gets, although, at one point, he will reach a speed that is no longer viable to use due to the ground collapsing under him. 

Hulk is most notable for his leaps. His extremely strong leg muscles once propelled him to Mars

Despite Hulk’s potential and surprising speed, the fact that Hyperion is much faster still stands. Hulk is able to leap, but Hyperion’s flight is a pretty big advantage. 

Points: Hyperion (2:2) Hulk


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Hyperion is one of the most durable characters in comics. Due to his unique physiology, he can withstand the most powerful blows and weapons imaginable and survive without lasting consequences in the most extreme environments. Hyperion’s notable feat is the fact that he managed to survive in the ruined universe and survive direct blows from Hulk. 

Even though he is extremely durable and his skin is impervious to most attacks, he does have some notable weaknesses. For one, Hyperion is vulnerable to magic attacks, and second, his skin is vulnerable to vibranium. He also relies on solar energy to fuel him. 

Hulk’s mutated tissues provide him with an unprecedented level of durability, and he is widely regarded as being immortal and nearly immune to all forms of damage; however, weapons made out of the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe, such as adamantium and vibranium are known to be able to pierce his skin. 

Hulk also has an incredible healing factor, and even if he dies, it’s likely that he will return again. Like all other physical aspects of Hulk, the angrier he gets more durable he becomes. 

Both Hyperion and Hulk have incredible durability, but Hulk is indestructible. The point goes to him. 

Points: Hyperion (2:3) Hulk


Hyperion has hyper-intelligence, and this is mostly because of his unique brain structure and the way in which he utilizes energy. His mind has been described as a “nonlinear photonic array” that uses light to store his energy. Due to this, he has an incredible speed of processing information and has such an impressive recall that memories for him are as real and vivid as the present. 

Bruce Banner is super-genius, but when the Hulk takes over, his sharp intellect is replaced with savage intellect. Hulk doesn’t rely on his wits while he fights. He most utilizes his urges. 

Bruce Banner might have a chance against Hyperion when it comes to intelligence, but Hulk is nowhere near. 

Points: Hyperion (3:3) Hulk


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Combat Skills

No one can deny that Hyperion is a difficult opponent to deal with, but it has nothing to do with his mastery of any skills and abilities related to martial arts and fighting. It’s mostly due to his advanced physiology. Hyperion never had any formalized training and has to rely on his superhuman nature to gain an advantage. 

Even though Hulk is not smart, and it’s impossible to train him through conventional means, he is still a dangerous fighter due to relying on his savagery and pure physical strength. Due to his size, speed, and strength can block and parry any hits coming his way thanks to his deadly instincts and anger-driven focus. Hulk, did receive some form of formal training, but it’s not what he relies on to deliver his most dangerous blows.  

When everything is considered, Hyperion and Hulk lack some aspects of physical training, but Hulk’s instincts have proven to be more dangerous than Hyperion’s superhuman nature. The point goes to Jade Giant. 

Points: Hyperion (3:3) Hulk

Hyperion vs. Hulk: Who wins? 

Hyperion and Hulk fought in the comics before, and the results are mixed. Most people like to mention the fact that Hyperion killed Hulk. It was an alternate version of Hyperion and an alternate version of Hulk.  

Hyperion did, however, manage to defeat Hulk in the mainline universe. But Hulk also managed to defeat Hyperion with far more ease.

The two are close when it comes to strength, durability, and other aspects, but you can’t deny the sheer physical supremacy that Hulk has. The longer the two of them fight, the more powerful Hulk becomes. Hulk can also outlast Hyperion in battle. You can see by our analysis that Hulk would win the majority of the time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Hyperion won’t gain the upper hand once in a while. 

Who do you think would win in the fight? Let us know in the comments!

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