Is Anakin a Mortis God? Did He Become the Father?

anakin and the father

There is no doubt that Anakin Skywalker is arguably the most special character in the storyline of Star Wars due to how everything in the Skywalker Saga goes back to him and his status as the Chosen One. In that regard, many different things within the greater lore of Star Wars are connected to him, including the Mortis Gods we met back in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars.’ The Father himself recognized Anakin’s innate power. So, does that mean Anakin is a Mortis God and connected to the Father?

Anakin Skywalker did not become a Mortis God despite the fact the Father urged him to stay on Mortis to take his place so that he could balance the Daughter and the Son. However, all three Mortis Gods died on Mortis in a series of events that mirrored Anakin’s eventual fall to the dark side of the Force.

In many ways, the entire Mortis arc in ‘The Clone Wars’ didn’t mean many things as far as Anakin’s storyline was concerned. However, it served as a symbolic omen of what would come to Anakin in the future and how the galaxy’s fate was altered due to his decisions. So, with that said, let’s look at Anakin’s connection to the Mortis Gods of Star Wars.

The Mortis Gods explained

While the storyline of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ focused on the war that was going on between the Republic and the Separatists, there were neat side stories that happened along the way. One such story allowed us to see the trio of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano getting lost in space after receiving a signal from a code over 2,000 years old.

What happened was that they ended up on a planet that was unique and unknown to them. This happened to be the planet Mortis, the home of three incredibly powerful beings with Force powers beyond imagination. And these beings were called the Ones or the Mortis Gods.

mortis gods

The Mortis Gods comprised the Father, the Daughter, and the Son. While the Daughter and the Son represented the Force’s light and dark sides, the Father existed to balance these opposing sides. All three of them were also immortal as long as the Father existed. But the problem was that the Father, despite living for countless years, believed that his time was coming.

After hearing about Anakin being the Chosen One, the Father called him to Mortis so that he could test whether or not it was true that he was the Chosen One. He tested him by making him find a way to stop both the Daughter and the Son, who kidnapped his friends and made him choose which one to save.

anakin beats the son and the daughter

Using the power of the planet’s huge Force reserves, Anakin defeated both the Daughter and the Son to prove to the Father that he was the Chosen One. And while the Father didn’t try to keep him on Mortis, he still urged Anakin to stay there so that he could take his place.

Anakin’s connection with the Father

Of course, there is a connection between Anakin and the Father because Anakin was the Chosen One who was supposed to bring balance to the Force. The Father, of course, balanced the Daughter and the Son, representing opposing sides of the Force.


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In many ways, Anakin was supposed to represent the Father because he was supposed to be the one to bring balance to the Force, just like how the Father did on Mortis. As such, the Father even wanted Anakin to be a Mortis God by urging him to stay there so that he could be the one to control both the Daughter and the Son. But things didn’t go as planned.

The Son found a way to corrupt Anakin as he made him see what kind of future he could bring to the galaxy if he decided to fall to the dark side. In that regard, Anakin fell to the dark side and showed the world a glimpse of Darth Vader. And it was the fact that he hated the way the Republic and the Jedi Order operated that made him turn to the dark side as he realized that he could do so much better if he was in control.

Nevertheless, the Father made Anakin forget about this and allowed him to return to his normal self. In that regard, while Anakin was supposed to be the Father in terms of how he was supposed to bring balance to the Force, he was also like the Son because he wanted to control the galaxy using the dark side of the Force.

The events of Mortis reflected Anakin’s fate

While the events that occurred on Mortis did not have a big bearing on the future of the galaxy, what’s important to take note of here is that the issues involving the three Mortis Gods reflected the future of the galaxy and how Anakin was going to be involved in all of it.


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The Son finally tried to break his shackles by going up against the Father. Using the Dagger of Mortis, he attempted to kill the Father before the Daughter stepped in to take the attack.

As such, the Daughter was dying due to the wound she sustained from the Son’s attack, as this reflected the downfall of the light side of the Force. But the fact that the Daughter transferred her life force to a deceased Ahsoka Tano is symbolic of how there was still hope despite the failure of the light to keep the dark at bay.

Father Daughter Son Clone Wars

Meanwhile, the Father decided to take matters into his own hands by taking on the Son. But instead of killing the Son, he decided to kill himself so that the Son would lose his power and immortality. Seeing his own father die forced the Son to see the error in his ways as he reconciled with him at the very end. 

Anakin was the one who delivered the killing blow to the Son. As the Father was dying, he thanked Anakin for bringing balance to Mortis. This is the reason why Anakin had a connection to both the Father and the Son.

In that regard, this symbolized Anakin’s fate as Darth Vader. When he saw his son suffering at the hands of the emperor, Anakin snapped back to the light side and decided to sacrifice himself so that the darkness in the world would be destroyed.

He made peace with Luke before his death, which is symbolic of how the Son and the Father both had to die at the very end to bring balance to Mortis. Anakin needed to die at the very end to bring balance back to the Force, as that was his role in the Prophecy of the Chosen One.

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