Star Wars: How & When Did Ahsoka Tano “Die”?     

When How Did Ahsoka Tano Die

The interest in the ‘Ahsoka’ series has been increasing, especially because she is one of the few characters from the Clone Wars era to make it all the way to the events of the timeline of ‘The Mandalorian.’ But one of the things that people know is that Ahsoka may not have lived to see the events of the sequel trilogy because Rey and Ben were said to be the last Jedi during the events of ‘The Rise of Skywalker.’ So, when and how did Ahsoka Tano die?

What happened to Ahsoka Tano and how she died wasn’t revealed yet. We do know, however, that there is a good chance that Ahsoka will end up dying somewhere before the events of the sequel trilogy because her voice was heard when all the dead Jedi spoke to Rey in her final battle with Palpatine. That scene implies that Ahsoka is already dead at that time, but who exactly killed her or, rather, what killed still remains unknown.

At this point, the ending to Ahsoka’s story is yet to be written, even though her demise had already been all but confirmed by the events of ‘Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker,’ where Rey stood out as the last Jedi in the galaxy. So, with that said, let’s look at when and how Ahsoka Tano died or, at the very least, try to figure out how she would die.

Is Ahsoka dead during ‘The Rise of Skywalker?’

Even though the sequel trilogy wasn’t well-received by Star Wars fans, there is no doubt that they were box office hits that pulled different people into the theaters. But the one thing that ‘Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker’ allowed us to see was that Rey was the final Jedi in the entire galaxy in her final confrontation with the last Sith Lord remaining in the galaxy.

After a revived Palpatine was able to siphon the Force powers from the incredible energy given off by The Dyad of Rey and Ben Skywalker/Kylo Ren, he became the most powerful Sith Lord in history and had all of the powers of the Sith inside him.

That was when Rey spoke to the souls of some of the most prominent Jedi in history as she became one with the powers of the Jedi from the past. One such voice that could be heard was Ahsoka’s own voice (Ashley Eckstein’s version), as she was one of the Jedi who urged Rey to keep going.

In that regard, it was clear that Ahsoka was already dead. That’s because the voices that spoke to Rey had already become one with the Force and were no longer among the living. Considering that Ahsoka could speak to Rey through the Force, it was clear that she was already dead at that time.

What did Ahsoka Tano die of?

While it may have already been confirmed that Ahsoka was dead by the time the sequel trilogy started, we do know that the ending to her story is yet to be written. That’s because we know that she survived the era of the Empire as she was there in the finale of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ which showcased the Rebels celebrating the defeat of Emperor Palpatine. We also know that Ahsoka has had cameo appearances in ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ in preparation for her own series entitled ‘Ahsoka.’


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As such, it goes without saying that Ahsoka not only survived the era of the Empire but went on to live during the time of the New Republic. That is why we aren’t sure when or how she will die. But we do know that she once died in the past.

During the events of the Clone Wars, which was shown in ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars,’ Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano ended up on a mysterious Force-rich planet called Mortis, which was inhabited by three exceptionally powerful Force entities that represented the Force itself. The Father represented the Force in a balanced state, while the Daughter and the Son represented the light and dark sides of the Force, respectively.

While Ahsoka and the two older Jedi were there, she was captured and corrupted by the Son, who was able to use his powers to turn Ahsoka into an evil entity. The purpose of doing so was for him to pull Anakin to the dark side because he knew he was the Chosen One. But when Anakin refused to join the Son, the powerful Force user killed Ahsoka by draining her life energy.

Ahsoka was confirmed to have died in that scene. The Son, meanwhile, turned to the Father to try to kill her using the Dagger of Mortis, only for the Daughter to lunge and take the blow. Mortally wounded, the Daughter told Anakin to use her remaining life force and transfer it to Ahsoka so that she may live. As such, Ahsoka could live again due to the efforts of the Daughter, who sacrificed her life to save another.

So, while Ahsoka may have died once, she lived at least two more decades after her first death. She may be going to see her second death sometime down the line, especially when we know that the shows set during the era of the New Republic will see an Avengers-like movie that will conclude the “Mando-verse.” This opens up the possibility of Ahsoka dying during the events of ‘Ahsoka’ or the Mando-verse movie set to hit theaters in a few years.

ahsoka white sabers

Ahsoka’s connection to the Daughter, however, might be one of the things that fans would want to look at to determine her ultimate fate. We know she is one of the few Jedi to have undergone an amazing spiritual journey, especially when she found a doorway to the World Between Worlds and stayed there throughout the original Star Wars trilogy.

We also know that Ahsoka has a portion of the Daughter’s spirit, which explains why she could form a strong bond with Morai, a bird with spiritual ties to the Daughter. That’s why it is possible that Ahsoka won’t die conventionally but would, instead, become one with the Force through her connection to the Daughter, who represents the light side of the Force.

How old was Ahsoka when she died?

Ahsoka was just around 16 when she died for the first time. This happened on 20 BBY. Ahsoka was born on 36 BBY, meaning she was only 16 years old when the Son killed her.


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Meanwhile, we aren’t sure how old Ahsoka is when she ultimately succumbs to death. We know she was 17 at the end of the Clone Wars and around 40 when Anakin Skywalker killed Emperor Palpatine. 

She is currently around 45 years old because the events of the Mando-verse take place five years after the fall of the Empire. That would mean that Ahsoka would probably die between 45 and 50, depending on when she dies.

Did Baylan Skoll kill Ahsoka?

Episode 4 of ‘Ahsoka’ allowed us to see an epic fight between Dark Jedi, Baylan Skoll, and Ahsoka. Ahsoka, unfortunately, lost the fight when she got burned on the starmap leading to Thrawn. We’ve seen Ahsoka going over the ledge, but Baylan Skoll did not kill her, and Ahsoka is not dead. Ahsoka woke up in the World Between Worlds yet again, being greeted by her former master, Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin will probably guide Ahsoka on her journey to exit the World Between Worlds. We don’t know what will happen to her by the end of the series, but as of episode 4, Ahsoka is still alive.

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