Is ‘Blue Beetle’ for Kids? Parent’s Guide & Age Rating

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We’re only a few days away from the release of ‘Blue Beetle‘ a penultimate movie in the DCEU following Jaime Reyes, who, in a twist of destiny, becomes the superhero known as ‘Blue Beetle.’ Preliminary screenings were a success, and we can’t wait to see how ‘Blue Beetle’ is going to perform with larger audiences, and inevitably parents are wondering whether the movie will be appropriate to see. This is why we decided to put down this guide to explain what you can expect. Now let’s see if ‘Blue Beetle’ is scary, gory and what its age rating is.

‘Blue Beetle’ is rated TV-14 and PG-13 per MPA guidelines, meaning that it will be appropriate for kids aged 14 and up. You can expect moderate levels of violence and a light level of adult themes, but this is nothing that teens can’t handle. For kids younger than 14, it depends on the parents, but official guidelines strongly advise against letting younger children watch ‘Blue Beetle’ without parental guidance. 

Now that we’ve covered the official rating for ‘Blue Beetle, ‘ it’s time to analyze what exactly to expect in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Is ‘Blue Beetle’ Scary? What can you expect? 

‘Blue Beetle’ is a superhero movie, meaning you can expect next-to-nothing horror elements in the story. It revolves around young adult Jaime Reyes who gets bonded with Blue Beetle Scarab by pure accident and somewhat reluctantly assumes the mantle of superhero under the name Blue Beetle. This is, in a way, a coming-of-age story, so central themes will be mostly related to newly-acquired superpowers, building strong relationships with other characters, and the conflict between good and evil. The movie is classified as an action-adventure. There is no place for horror themes in these types of movies, especially in superhero movies. 

Jaime Reyes bonding with Blue Beetle

Will’ Blue Bettle’ be violent & gory? 

You can expect a moderate degree of violence in ‘Blue Beetle’ but no gore. Since the movie is an action-adventure, expect a moderate amount of fighting and light levels of guns. Bad guys will be hurt in the movies, as one of the central themes is overcoming evil. There will be weapons shown on-screen, mostly as a part of the Blue Beetle suit. 


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As far as blood and gore go, this will be kept to a minimum with almost no gore. So if you are uncomfortable with the sight of blood and or body mutilation, you don’t have to worry about shocking scenes. 

Strong language & ‘Blue Beetle’: What to expect 

You can expect teen language in the series and light levels of cursing. Most of the words that you “have to” worry about are a**, d***, and such. Don’t expect hard profanities, as this is a family movie, first and foremost, and such language doesn’t have any narrative value in the grand scheme of things. There may be some milder insults included as well, but nothing that you don’t hear in real life and nothing especially shocking and inappropriate for 14-year-olds and older kids. 

It’s perfectly fine for such shows to include somewhat strong words, especially when it’s not overused, and it’s context-appropriate. 

Will’ Blue Beetle’ have adult themes? 

Expect light levels of adult themes in the movies, mainly connected to the main conflict. There will be a low amount of themes connected to the main conspiracy and some mention of murder and/ or betrayal. As far as sexual references go, once again, this is a teen movie with the family at its center, there will be a budding romance included in the premise, but it’s nothing too inappropriate for teens, and it wouldn’t be a huge and integral part of the narrative. The movie is not a romance by any means, and it wouldn’t make too much sense to include explicit scenes in the show. 

Jenny Kord Blue Beetle

So, is ‘Blue Beetle’ appropriate for kids?

‘Blue Beetle’ is, per official guidelines, appropriate for kids 14 and up. If you’re worried about your teen seeing the movie, you can rest easy as there will be a moderate amount of action and violence, low levels of strong language, and almost no sexual references and adult themes. Children younger than 14 should watch the series with parental guidance, mostly due to fighting scenes, and quite frankly, they might not be able to understand the nuance of what they see on the screen, and some things might go over their heads.


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