‘Blue Beetle’ Ending Explained: What Happens to the Reyes Family?


The release of ‘Blue Beetle’ introduced a new character into the DC universe, as Jaime Reyes and his family were at the center of this new superhero movie. Considering that there’s a good chance that Jaime will be a big part of the James Gunn-rebooted DC film universe, fans have been very excited about what Blue Beetle can do as a hero and how he will be a part of the future of DC.

That said, there were a lot of things that happened in ‘Blue Beetle,’ but the one thing that was sure was the fact that the movie is one of the most entertaining superhero origin films in recent memory. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in the ending of ‘Blue Beetle’ and how everything got to that point.

The main players are introduced

The first few scenes of ‘Blue Beetle’ started with the introduction of what Kord Industries has been doing for the last few years. We saw Carapax greeting Victoria Kord as she arrived at the dig site where the Scarab was said to be hidden. They were still trying to unearth the Scarab, all while Vicky was so excited to finally get her hands on the device that she knew would carry Kord Industries into the future.

Elsewhere, the scene shifted to the futuristic yet very diverse city of Palmera, Texas, where Jaime Reyes was about to be greeted by his family at the airport. Waiting at the airport were his sister Milagro, his parents, his grandmother, and his Uncle Rudy. Jaime had just graduated from college and was excited about what the future had in store for him. Considering that he came from a struggling immigrant family he knew he could help if he could get a good job.


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However, Jaime eventually discovered that his family was losing their home because Kord Industries was raising the rent. Moreover, his father had suffered a heart attack in the past due to overworking himself just so they could make ends meet. In that regard, Jaime was now looking to find a way to support his family, especially now that he was the first member of the Reyes family to graduate from college.

Jaime gets involved with Jenny’s mess

Soon after arriving in Palmera, Jaime got a job working on Victoria Kord’s mansion as both he and Milagro were starting out with this small job so that they could try to find a way to keep their house. Vicky Kord arrived with Carapax as they were looking at the preparations that were being done on the home before the big party that she set up for potential Kord Industries investors.


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However, Jenny Kord, Vicky’s niece, was at the mansion to discuss things related to the OMAC (One-Man Army Corps), a system Kord Industries designed to revolutionize the weapons and security market. It was clear that the OMAC was based on the same technology that the Scarab was using, as Jenny knew that her aunt already had possession of the Scarab. And because Jenny didn’t want Kord Industries to become a weapons manufacturing company, she was vehemently against the OMAC.

As Vicky was about to strike Jenny after their misunderstanding, Jaime came in to try to stop things from escalating. This led to Vicky firing Jaime and Milagro from their job. However, Jenny was quick enough to offer Jaime a spot in Kord Industries if he would go to their HQ the very next day.

While Jaime was already at Kord Industries, the problem was that Jenny had prioritized stealing the Scarab and had forgotten about the promise that she had made to Jaime. So, when she saw Jaime during a massive security alert in Kord Industries, she gave the Scarab to him out of sheer desperation.

Of course, when Jaime got home, he and his family tried to check the Scarab out, only for it to eventually bond with Jaime. It entered Jaime’s body and bonded with his spinal cord as he eventually transformed into the hero that was eventually going to be named Blue Beetle.

After struggling to use the suit when it took him on a joyride throughout the entire city, Jaime eventually found his way home to his worried family.

The nature of the Scarab

Jaime returned to Kord Industries to learn more about this thing that he had gotten himself into. That was when he found Jenny just outside the building as she was running away from Kord security. Jaime took her back to their home, where she tried to explain what the Scarab was. She told them that it was supposed to be a planet-conquering weapon that had to choose its host, and it just so happened that it chose Jaime as its next host.

Jenny said she could help Jaime if they could return to Kord Industries to retrieve a key. But because they knew that security would be tight, Uncle Rudy decided to use a machine he had been working on for a long time. And when they got to Kord Industries, Rudy used the machine to jam the security footage of the building by replacing it with a Mexican cartoon to ensure they couldn’t spot Jaime and Jenny sneaking into the building.

After Jenny acquired her father Ted Kord’s watch, which was supposed to be the key she was talking about, she and Jaime got into a scuffle with Carapax, who showcased the power of the physical enhancements he received from Kord. Jaime’s more advanced suit and weaponry had the advantage, only for him to lose it when he made it clear to the Scarab’s system that he wasn’t willing to take a life. And Jaime could only escape that fight thanks to the timely interference by both Rudy and Jenny.


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Jenny took Jaime and Rudy to the Kord Estate, the large mansion where she grew up. However, the estate had been abandoned ever since Ted Kord disappeared. Using the watch as the key, Jenny opened a passageway that led to a secret underground base full of gadgets and tech. And that was when Rudy realized that Ted Kord used to be the classic superhero named Blue Beetle, who tried to emulate the same tech that the Scarab had because he wasn’t chosen as its host.

While Jaime and Jenny bonded, Rudy looked into the files of Ted Kord’s database to learn more about the nature of the Scarab, which Jaime learned was called Khaji Da. That was when Rudy discovered that the only way to remove the Scarab was to kill the host, as it was supposed to bond almost entirely with the host’s cellular makeup. And Jaime had to live with the fact that he had to die if he wanted to get the Scarab out of his body.

The Reyes family gets involved

Eventually, Vicky and her armed security found out about Jaime and rushed to his home even though he wasn’t there. Jaime saw this and decided to use the suit to get home, where he found Vicky’s men rounding up the Reyes family.

Before the Kord henchmen could do anything to the Reyes family, Jaime could neutralize them. However, Jaime’s father and sister got caught by one guard, who they could fend off. Jaime’s father got injured in the process, eventually leading to him suffering from cardiac arrest.

Distracted by his father’s condition, Jaime got caught by Carapax using a claw that neutralized Khaji Da’s power. This allowed Kord to capture Jaime as the Reyes family home burned down. Meanwhile, the first responders were already too late to revive Jaime’s father, who died from a heart attack.

Jaime’s family to the rescue

Even though they had lost an important part of the family and the very man that allowed the entire Reyes family to get to the United States, the remaining family members didn’t have time to grieve because they needed to rescue Jaime from Kord. That was when Jenny told them she could help them get Jaime back.

Jenny took the Reyes family back to the Blue Beetle hideout as they boarded a beetle ship to Pago Island, a remote base that Kord Industries used for the OMAC experiments. While the family was on its way to Pago, Vicky and her chief scientist, who she called Sanchez, started the procedure that would transfer the source code of the Scarab to Kord so that they could use it to power up the OMAC system, which was the very same system that powered Carapax’s suit and cybernetic enhancements.


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On the island, the Reyes family relied on the Beetle ship to defeat the guards outside the facility. After doing so, Jenny and Milagro infiltrated the base and started setting up bombs that would allow them to catch the security off-guard. Meanwhile, Vicky started the transfer procedure, which allowed Jaime to dream about his father, who told him he needed to embrace his destiny.

This moment with his father in his dream allowed Jaime to complete the bonding process with Khaji Da, which had now fused with him to a cellular level. However, the transfer process had already been completed, which meant that Carapax’s OMAC suit was now stronger than ever because it used technology similar to the one that the Scarab used.

Jaime was able to escape the facility while the Scarab was still rebooting. Meanwhile, Jenny and Milagro successfully set up the bombs that disrupted the entire security. And this also allowed them enough time to find Jaime to get him onboard the ship.

Jaime vs. Carapax

While Jaime was able to get to the ship, thanks to the help of his grandma, who revealed that she had a deep guerilla past, he needed to go back because Milagro was not yet on the ship. As such, Carapax was able to get to Jaime as they fought in an all-out battle that showcased the technological capabilities of their suit.

Carapax showed just how much stronger his suit had become as he matched Jaime’s attacks and weapons with his own arsenal. During the fight, he also claimed that Jaime’s love for his family was his weakness, as he often hesitated when his family was involved. In fact, while Jaime had the upper hand in the fight, he lost it as Carapax was about to finish him off.

Rudy arrived to distract Carapax, who seemingly killed him by blasting him. An enraged Jaime started going all-out on Carapax until he could neutralize him. Jaime was about to kill his enemy before Khaji Da, which had already bonded with Jaime’s personality, told him to stop. The Scarab, which also got a portion of Carapax’s memories, showed him what Carapax went through during his younger years. That was when it was revealed that he was a product of the different wars waged on his home country and that Vicky Kord’s manipulative ways turned him into what he eventually became.


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In that regard, Jaime decided to spare Carapax before telling him that his family was his source of strength. Touched by this gesture, Carapax realized he needed to right the wrongs he had committed. As such, he sacrificed himself and Vicky Kord by overloading the power in his suit to destroy the entire facility on Pago Island.

A sense of community

After Jaime and the Reyes family escaped Pago Island, they returned to their old home, which had been burned down. But while it may be true that they had lost the family patriarch and the house, the Reyes family saw support from the rest of the community, who gathered on their property to host a small feast for the Reyes family.

After Vicky’s death, Jenny, now the head of Kord Industries, arrived on the scene to greet the Reyes family. She promised that Kord Industries would rebuild the Reyes family home and give back to the community their homes. Jenny also promised that Kord Industries would never return to weapons manufacturing.


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However, Jenny had to bolt because she wanted to return to the Kord Estate to reminisce about her childhood. Jaime offered to ride her using his suit, and they shared a romantic moment before flying into the air. Meanwhile, the rest of the Reyes family spent time with the other community members, showcasing its solidarity in one of the roughest moments that some of their own members faced.

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