‘Blue Beetle’s 2 Post-Credit Scenes Explained: What Is in the Future of This Franchise?

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One of the most surprising superhero movies released in recent memory is ‘Blue Beetle,’ which allowed us to meet Jaime Reyes and the rest of the tight-knit Reyes family members in a movie that focuses on the importance of family. Of course, we already know what happened to Jaime and his family in the movie and how it ended. But like most superhero movies, ‘Blue Beetle’ also had post-credit scenes. So, what happened in the ‘Blue Beetle’ post-credit scenes?

In the mid-credit scene of ‘Blue Beetle,’ the scene shifts back to the hideout/laboratory of Ted Kord as one of the machines starts picking up a transmission signal coming from an unknown source. The transmission says that Ted Kord was alive. Meanwhile, the post-credit scene shows the cartoon that Uncle Rudy played using his machine.

The mid-credit scene of ‘Blue Beetle’ is kind of safe because it sets up the franchise’s future without being too sure about whether or not there will be a sequel to this movie. Of course, the post-credit scene was more of a gag meant to troll fans who stayed long to see if there was something more to watch after the final credits rolled. So, let’s look at the post-credit scene of ‘Blue Beetle.’

How many post-credit scenes does ‘Blue Beetle’ have?

If there’s one thing that we know about the current state of movies, it’s that there are now a lot of different superhero movies that rely on post-credit scenes. Popularized by the MCU, the post-credit scenes have become part of the things that fans usually wait for when it comes to superhero movies because they were made to tease the franchise’s future.

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In that regard, even the DC live-action movies have followed suit and have also started including post-credit scenes in their movies. Of course, we know the current state of the DCU, which means that some DC movies have post-credit scenes that may or may not matter due to how James Gunn will revamp the entire universe. And that includes ‘Blue Beetle.’

While we aren’t sure about the status of ‘Blue Beetle’ in the larger scheme of Gunn’s new DC universe, the good thing is that there were still post-credit scenes that were able to tease fans regarding the future of this film franchise. So, how many post-credit scenes does ‘Blue Beetle’ have?


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Similar to the usual standard in most superhero movies, ‘Blue Beetle’ comes with two post-credit scenes. Of course, the first one is a mid-credit scene that is more important, just like how most superhero movies have mid-credit scenes that are more important than the second post-credit scene. Meanwhile, the final credit scene also follows the usual standard in the sense that it really doesn’t matter when it comes to the franchise’s future.

What happened in the mid-credit scene?

As mentioned, the mid-credit scene is the only important post-credit scene in ‘Blue Beetle.’ This scene doesn’t explore the future of Jaime Reyes and his family but is more related to Jenny Kord and her family’s past.

Early in the movie, it was revealed that Ted Kord, Jenny’s father, had gone missing. This allowed Vicky Kord to take the company and turn it into a weapons manufacturing business. Not even Jenny was aware of her father’s whereabouts. However, she did say that her father was so obsessed with the Scarab and tried his best to find a way to activate its power. And she believed this was why he disappeared without a trace.

It was also revealed that Ted used to be the superhero named Blue Beetle and had developed technology based on the same tech that the Scarab used because the Scarab didn’t choose him as its host. In that regard, he had an entire underground hideout full of gadgets and tech he used to fight crime.

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So, going back to the mid-credit scene, the scene took place in the Blue Beetle hideout, which hadn’t been touched in so many years before Jenny brought Jaime and the other Reyes family members there. One of the computer consoles that Uncle Rudy worked on suddenly flashed and received a transmission.

The voice on the other end of the line prompted the receiver of the transmission to tell Jenny that he loved her. This very same voice also said that Ted Kord was alive, as it was probably Ted who was at the other end of the line. In that regard, the mid-credit scene teases the possibility of Ted becoming more involved in the storyline of ‘Blue Beetle’ in the future, especially when we consider that he used to be a superhero named Blue Beetle.


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This mid-credit scene was safe because it didn’t try to commit to a future storyline or even reveal a future plot. That’s because we know the ‘Blue Beetle’ franchise may or may not be part of James Gunn’s DCU reboot. As such, if it does become part of the DCU reboot, the sequel to the ‘Blue Beetle’ movie could work off of the mid-credit scene.

What happened in the post-credit scene?

The post-credit scene isn’t very important, so fans may want to skip it. Still, it’s an entertaining video for those who may have Mexican roots. And it’s related to Uncle Rudy and the machine he used to jam Kord Industries’ security.

During the middle portion of the film, Jaime and Jenny needed to infiltrate Kord Industries to get the key to the Kord Estate. That was when Uncle Rudy decided to bring out the machine that he thought would help jam the security of the building. He used a makeshift machine that could intercept security camera signals and replace their feed with a Mexican cartoon.


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In the post-credit scene, the very same Mexican cartoon was the focus. As such, the entire scene revolved around this Mexican cartoon skit that Uncle Rudy loved. That’s why it isn’t a very important scene regarding the plot or the future of ‘Blue Beetle.’

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