Is Captain Britain Coming to the MCU? Who Could Play Him?

Is Captain Britain Coming to the MCU? Who Could Play Him?

Marvel Cinematic Universe is already beginning Phase Five, starting with the new Ant-Man movie that stirred the odds with Kang the Conqueror and the addition of Adam Warlock, who will definitely feature in future movies. However, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 marks the end of the notable superhero group, which means we will lose some great characters in the MCU. Marvel Studios work really hard to introduce new comic book characters before moving on to new storylines, and one character seems like a perfect addition to the Universe – Captain Britain. But the question stands – is Captain Britain coming to the MCU, and who will portray him?

At the moment of writing this article, news of Captain Britain joining the MCU was not confirmed; however, there is hope. The Multiverse Saga finally kickstarted in the MCU, and Captain Britain seems like a perfect character to enter the universe. Brian and Betsy Braddock will most likely enter the MCU at one point in the future. Possible actors portraying the British superhero include Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Henry Cavill, and Orlando Bloom, among others. Nothing is confirmed, but let’s speculate more about the possible entrance of one of the Braddock siblings into the MCU.

We will discuss this topic more by introducing Captain Britain’s character, his part in Marvel Comics, and which actor could give a great portrayal of the British superhero.

Short introduction of Captain Britain in Marvel Comics

In the usual comic book style, Captain Britain had several wielders of the mantle, but in this superheroes case, the mantle stayed in the family. But let’s start from the beginning. Brian Braddock was born and raised in the small town of Maldon, Essex, and was educated in Scotland.

Braddock’s family was prestigious and aristocratic, meaning they only fraternized with “special” people, and Brian used that to isolate himself and focus on his studies.


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When his parents died, Brian took a fellowship at Darkmoor nuclear research center that was eventually attacked by Joshua” The Reaver” Stragg. Brian tries to escape on his motorcycle but fails and almost dies. However, an ancient wizard Merlyn, with his daughter, the Omniversal Guardian, Roma, offers him two artifacts – an Amulet of Right or a Sword of Might. Brian chooses the amulet since the weapon is not his style and becomes Captain Britain.

Is Captain Britain Coming to the MCU? Who Could Play Him?

Now, Captain Britain, Brian discovers Captain Britain Corps and realizes he is one of many versions of Captain Britain’s living in the Multiverse and protecting their “Earth.”

As Captain Britain, Brian Braddock was part of many great superhero groups, like the Secret Avengers and Champions of Europe, but has eventually taken over the mantle of Britanic and Captain Avalon. Brian’s fraternal twin, Betsy, took over her brother’s mantle and continued to work as Captain Britain.

Is Captain Britain Coming to the MCU? Who Could Play Him?

However, like her brother, Betsy changed her mantle to Psylocke and joined X-Men. Betsy’s origin story changed several times in Marvel Comics. Still, the final “remake” of the character came after 30 years of being Psylocke when she changed her body back with Kwannon, who became Psylocke we know today. Betsy Braddock returned to her mantle of Captain Britain and is currently the acting member of the Captain Britain Corps and an important part of Marvel Comics. Since there are two versions of the character, we will list male and female actors for the role of Captain Britain.

Fans have favorites for the portrayal of Captain Britain in the MCU

Since 2018, there have been rumors of Captain Britain entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. People speculated some easter eggs or cameos in Spider-Man: Homecoming, while others “heard” rumors of Captain Britain and Black Knight getting a solo movie with Guy Ritchie as a director – one can dream, that’s for sure.

Nevertheless, fans cannot wait for Captain Britain to enter the MCU, especially since Phase Five mainly revolves around Multiverse. However, when Peggy Carter dropped the name “Braddock” in the Avengers: Endgame, fans were excited and started speculating which actor would be the best option for portraying this great British superhero. Let’s find out.

Anya Taylor-Joy

Is Captain Britain Coming to the MCU? Who Could Play Him?

In recent years, Anya Taylor-Joy has been one of the best young actresses in Hollywood. Her appearances in Peaky Blinders, Queen’s Gambit, and The Northman propelled the British actress into stardom, and her unique aura and regal appearance made her “a target” for many good film roles.

Taylor-Joy hasn’t been confirmed to be in any huge superhero projects, but her portraying Betsy Braddock could be something that Marvel Studios consider. She is talented, charismatic, and, most importantly, British. Just kidding, she is an amazing actress.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando bloom

The star of notable film franchises, Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, Orlando Bloom, is still regarded as one of the coolest actors in Hollywood. His experience in big franchises is remarkable, but his acting and charm could really be a great option for the actor to portray Captain Britain.

Once upon a time, Bloom jokingly mentioned that he would portray a British superhero in the MCU, meaning Captain Britain, and frankly, he would be a great choice. However, nothing is confirmed; until then, we should only dream about it.

Maisie Williams

Is Captain Britain Coming to the MCU? Who Could Play Him?

Another actor with experience in the fantasy genre is Maisie Williams. Game of Thrones star shined in the HBO hit and propelled herself as one of the great young actresses who can portray badass characters.


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If Marvel Studios decides to adapt Betsy Braddock into MCU, Maisie Williams will be a great option for the role. Arya Stark might have a lot in common with Betsy, especially during her Psylocke days, and frankly, some fans would pay good money to see Williams in action.

Charlie Hunnam

Is Captain Britain Coming to the MCU? Who Could Play Him?

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunman established himself as a great actor, but his portrayal of King Arthur in the movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword propelled him as a great option for the portrayal of Brian Braddock in the MCU. It also helps that Hunman has experience with King Arthur mythology and would fit perfectly within the lore of Captain Britain.

Besides the experience, Charlie Hunman is similar in looks and physique to Brian Braddock, and he would be a perfect candidate for the mantle of Captain Britain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hunman is Guy Ritchie’s “favorite” actor; frankly, he would become one for Marvel fans.

Henry Cavill

Henry cavil

The one that got away; is DC Extended Universe’s savior, and the best part of the project is Henry Cavill. After the last failed project of Snyderverse, Henry Cavill focused on his work on the popular Witcher series, Enola Holmes, and more, gaining massive success and following from the fans. Cavill mentioned in the interview with Hollywood Reporter that he would be interested in playing Captain Britain in MCU, and fans got hyped.

However, the brief return as a Superman to DCEU in 2022 crushed the dreams of Cavill’s portrayal of Captain Britain.

Man of Steel has been the best part of the DCEU for years, but after the last appearance in Black Adam, which was disappointing, James Gunn confirmed that Henry Cavill would not return to DCEU for the foreseeable future. New CEO James Gunn decided to do some “shake up” in Warner Bros. studios and DCEU and focus on the younger version of Superman.

This news is promising because there is still a chance to see a British actor portray the most notable British superhero, Captain Britain.

Hayley Atwell

Is Captain Britain Coming to the MCU? Who Could Play Him?

Finally, we have Hayley Atwell on the list for a good reason. Peggy Carter is an essential part of the MCU and one of the franchise’s legacy characters that most people love (not like Steve Rogers, but you get my point). The Multiverse Saga, specifically Doctor Strange 2, presented us with alternate versions of characters, including Peggy Carter, under the mantle of Captain Carter.

The alternate version of Captain America is essentially Captain Britain without force fields and energy beams. Still, if MCU wants to keep Atwell for future projects, they could literally use her character and remake her into the alternate version of Captain Britain and a member of the Captain Britain Corps. Easy, right? Maybe not, because Marvel Studios are getting new faces with every new project, and they will probably reach for a new face to portray a British superhero.

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