Is Drax Gay, Bi or Straight? Explained

Is Drax Gay, Bi or Straight Explained

Drax the Destroyer is one of the fan-favorite characters of Marvel Comics. Of course, the Marvel Cinematic Universe helped a lot for the character’s popularity, but since the standalone comic book run from 2005, titled Drax the Destroyer, this member of the Guardians of the Galaxy has been part of every big comic book event. Even in the Bronze and Gold Age comics, Drax has arguably been a more important character for cosmic Marvel superheroes, but he fell into the background in the last few years. Nevertheless, we have already written about his origins and powers, and now it’s time to discuss his love interests or, better yet, preferences.

In Marvel Comics, Drax is straight because his only true love is his wife, Yvette Douglas. Arthur Douglas’s life essence was transferred into a humanoid superpowered body, eventually creating Drax, who couldn’t remember his past life. However, in the comic book story Infinity Wars, Arthur Douglas’ life essence and Drax are split from each other and sacrifice themselves to save Guardians, Avengers, and other superheroes. They stayed in the Warp World inside of Soul Gem, which granted them their dreams, desires, and wishes, with one including Arthur Douglas, living with his wife Yvette forever.

Infinity Wars comic book story from 2018 had many issues, but Drax’s ultimate happy ending was an emotional and nice farewell for the old version of the character “replaced” by his clone during the Universal Church event. Let’s dissect Drax’s character more.

Drax’s romantic relationships in the comics

First of all, Drax the Destroyer didn’t have that much romance in the Marvel Comics. Since the day Mentor and Kronos created him, Drax has only one mission: kill the Mad Titan, Thanos.

He was merely a tool of Titans and gods, one being afraid of his own son and the other just wanting to destroy his dangerous grandson. Yes, even the Eternal feared his grandson, who was wreaking havoc across the galaxy.

Is Drax Gay, Bi or Straight? Explained

Anyway, Mentor and his father, Kronos, created Drax to kill Thanos, and the former family man who loved playing saxophone was now in the body of a superpowered being called Drax the Destroyer. Of course, Drax went on his journey to hunt Thanos, but on the way strumbled upon his daughter Moondragon, formerly Heather Douglas, but his wife Yvette was nowhere to be seen – she really died in that car crash in the Mojave Desert, so many years ago.

Drax never truly recovered from his wife’s death which drove him to truly avenge her death. He did, especially during the Annihilation event that saw Drax snatching Thanos’ heart from his body, but that was never enough once again.


Why Is Drax So Weak in the MCU Compared to Comics?

However, in 2018, the Infinity Wars comic book story sees Gamora acquiring new Infinity Stones to create a new and better universe, but everything goes awry when reality only affects the Earth, which is transferred to Soulworld/Warp World with Earth’s superheroes, where the cosmic entity Devondra waits to feed on the newcomers.

This is where the original Drax is no more. During the event, Drax is split in two – Drax and Arthur Douglas – who proceed to sacrifice themselves for other superheroes to escape the Warp World.

Because of their heroics, the Soul Stone awards the two individuals with anything they desire the most – Arthur finally has his happy ending with his wife, Yvette, while Drax destroys his enemies for the rest of eternity.

The comic book panel where we see Arthur Douglas playing saxophone and dancing with his true love, his wife, is probably the best part of the Infinity Wars comic book run.

So yes, Drax is most likely straight, and since we don’t know the new version of Drax nearly enough, we will have to stay with this conclusion.

Drax is most likely straight in MCU as well

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we hear glimpses about Drax’s family in the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, where the Destroyer talks about his deceased family. Despite the origins of MCU Drax differing from his version on Earth-616, Drax is devoted to his deceased wife wholeheartedly.

Is Drax Gay, Bi or Straight? Explained

Once upon a time, Drax lived on his home planet Kylos with his wife, Ovette, and daughter Kamaria, until Thanos decided to “balance” the whole universe. The Mad Titan sent a Kree, Ronan the Accuser, to murder half of the planet’s population, which included Drax’s wife and daughter. Since then, Drax vowed to destroy both the Accuser and Thanos, which he eventually succeeded, but because of his revenge, Drax was never shown to be with anyone.

This is something Drax of Earth-199999 is similar to his Earth-616 counterpart, which makes him a canonically straight character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His relationship with Mantis was strictly platonic, which only confirmed that Drax was loyal only to his wife, Ovette, and no one else.

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