Star Wars: Is Finn a Jedi & Will He Become Rey’s Padawan?


Introduced as one of the three main characters of the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, Finn was supposed to be one of the most important figures of the Resistance as he became an unlikely hero after deserting the First Order. As a former stormtrooper, his path of redemption started when he got himself involved with Poe and Rey, and that was when he became a hero in his own right during the events of the sequel trilogy. But the thing about Finn is that he seems to have a deep connection with Rey that no other character seems to have. So, does that mean that Finn is a Jedi and that he will become Rey’s Padawan?

There were hints throughout the entire sequel trilogy that Finn could be sensitive to the Force. That means that he has the potential to be a Jedi due to how strong he is in the Force. However, it is unlikely that Finn will be a Jedi because John Boyega, the actor playing him, said that he is done with Star Wars.

The thing about the sequel trilogy is that some issues were going on behind the scenes that some fans may not be privy to. Namely, Finn was not seemingly utilized properly as a character, as Boyega himself admitted. As such, the actor no longer wants to be a part of Star Wars, which doesn’t bode well for Finn’s character.

Finn’s Force sensitivity has been teased since Episode VII

One of the most intriguing characters in the world of the Star Wars sequel trilogy was Finn. That’s because he was unlike most of the characters we’ve seen. He was raised to become a stormtrooper, and that was why he appeared during the opening scenes of ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens’ as one of the stormtroopers that Kylo Ren ordered to massacre the people of a small village in Jakku.

finn 1

However, when he didn’t even fire his blaster during the massacre, he quickly realized that this was not the kind of life he wanted to live. He understood that he didn’t want to kill innocent people for an ideology planted into him since he was old enough to walk.

As such, he defected from the Frist Order and assisted Poe Dameron in his escape. And this eventually led him to Rey, who he was quick to befriend and become attached to during the events of ‘The Force Awakens.’

We even saw Finn going toe-to-toe with an injured Kylo Ren using Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber. In that regard, while nothing was confirmed, Finn was strong enough to be someone who could be sensitive to the Force. And this part of his character was set aside during the events of ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi’ because he had a different story arc.


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But in the final movie of the sequels, Finn showed that he had the makings of a Jedi. There were several instances in ‘Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker’ that he was able to give hints about the possibility of him being sensitive to the Force. There were moments wherein he simply knew where things were and what he needed to do, as if the Force was guiding him. And when Rey died as a result of the exhaustion that she felt after defeating Palpatine with all of her power, Finn felt that as well.

finn senses rey

In that regard, it was clear that Finn was always meant to be sensitive to the Force because those who are strong in the Force are born with this ability. His innate power was only given more screen time in ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ where he learned to trust his feelings and the will of the Force without even noticing that he was being guided by the Force the entire time.

John Boyega is done with Star Wars

Of course, when it was revealed near the end of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ that Finn was sensitive to the Force, people started thinking that he might become one of the new Jedi of the next generation of the Jedi Order. After all, Rey was seemingly clear in her path as a Jedi and had likely decided that she was going to rebuild the Jedi Order by training a new generation of Jedi.

We also know that Rey is set to star in a new Star Wars movie set years after the ending of the sequel trilogy so that we could get a closer look at what she has been doing since defeating Palpatine and the First Order once and for all. And it has been hinted that this new movie starring Rey will feature her Jedi Order.

So, with that, most people would logically conclude that Finn would become part of Rey’s Jedi Order because of how close they are. After all, they have always been good friends that care about one another. And if Rey found out that Finn was sensitive to the Force, she would have asked him to be her first Padawan.


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But the fact is that it is unlikely that this would happen. That’s because John Boyega didn’t exactly like the way that he was treated while filming the sequel trilogy. At one point, he also felt that the writers and directors mistreated Finn because they wasted what could have been one of the best character arcs in the sequels.

Boyega also said that he has already moved on from his issues with how he and Finn were handled during the filming of the sequel trilogy. He was always a fan of Star Wars but felt he needed to move on from this issue and this part of his life. And that is why he said that his current goal as an actor is versatility, as he doesn’t want people to box him into the Finn role like how actors like Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were boxed into their Star Wars roles.

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With that, Boyega is likely done with the world of Star Wars and will unlikely return to this side of the galaxy. While he probably no longer harbors ill feelings for how he and his character were treated, he no longer wants to be Finn or even return to Star Wars. So, if Lucasfilm doesn’t want to recast Finn, it is unlikely that we will ever see him in Star Wars again.

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