Star Wars: 12 Most Powerful Female Sith, Ranked


When it comes to the Sith Order, the people we often remember are the men that ruled as powerful and dominant Sith Lords that terrorized the galaxy and put millions or even billions of people under their command. But while that may be true, it is important to consider that the Sith’s history is so vast that there have been a lot of different members of the Sith Order in the thousands of years that it has existed.

Of course, we are talking about the female Sith Lords/Ladies that became some of the most powerful users of the dark side of the Force. Most of the Sith Ladies in the history of Star Wars were written as part of the Legends storyline. Of course, some were also canon, even though there aren’t a lot of them. So, with that said, let’s look at the most powerful Female Sith we’ve seen in Star Wars.

12. Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress

The thing about Asajj Ventress was that she wasn’t a Sith Lady at all because the Rule of Two during the Skywalker Saga mandated that only two Sith Lords could exist at any given time. In that regard, the Sith Lords of that era were Darth Sidious (Sheev Palpatine) and Darth Tyranus (Count Dooku). But Dooku trained Ventress to be his apprentice, meaning she could have been a Sith Lady if Dooku had overthrown his master.

Whatever the case, Ventress was likely trained to become the Sith apprentice to Dooku’s Sith master status if he overthrew Palpatine. From what we saw from Ventress, she was a powerful and very acrobatic duelist that could hold her own against both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker a few times. She even found a way to overpower Jedi Master Luminara Unduli. As such, she was a gifted duelist with enough power to become a Sith if the Rule of Two didn’t exist.

11. Darth Zannah

Speaking of the Rule of Two, Darth Bane created this rule over a thousand years before the events of the Skywalker Saga. The reason for this rule was to minimize the infighting among the Sith and to make sure that every generation of Sith was stronger than the last one because the apprentice was supposed to become strong enough to overthrow the master. And Darth Zannah happened to be the first Sith apprentice of the Rule of Two.


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As a Sith Lady, Zannah learned a great deal about the dark side of the Force from her master, Darth Bane. She was exceptionally skilled as a duelist and even more powerful in using the Force. In fact, Darth Zannah could create illusions using the Force, allowing her to drive her enemies to insanity. And, of course, she had to be strong enough to overthrow her master.

10. Darth Shaa

As one of the few canon characters on this list, Darth Shaa was a Sith Lady that lived years before Darth Bane and the Rule of Two and was the Sith responsible for rescuing Darth Momin and indoctrinating him into the Sith Order as her apprentice. And Shaa was an exceptionally skilled duelist that could use two lightsabers at a time with skills that were on par with some of the other powerful duelists of that time.

While she was lethal in combat whenever she was using her two lightsabers, Darth Shaa was also so powerful in the Force that she was able to help Darth Momin create a powerful superweapon with the knowledge she shared with him. However, Shaa was eventually killed by Momin, who realized that it was antithetical for any Sith Lord to have a master.

9. Visas Marr

One of the many Sith Lords featured in the Old Republic video games of Star Wars is Visas Marr, who became a contemporary of Atris, a Grey Jedi during the time of the Old Republic. Visas was also the apprentice of the powerful Darth Nihilus, who had an insatiable hunger for the Force. And one of the things that we know about Nihilus was that he consumed all of the Force on the planet of Visas, thereby killing everything in that world except for Visas.

While she may have survived, Visas was traumatized by that event, as Nihilus removed her eyes. Eventually, Visas became the apprentice to the powerful Darth Nihilus, who taught her a great deal about the nature of the dark side of the Force. Though blind, Visas could see the physical world through the Force and sense all life around her. And even though she was trained to be a Sith, she could use the dark side of the Force to heal others.

8. Darth Mekhis

Darth Mekhis was a human Sith Lady that lived during the era of the Old Republic. However, the thing about her was that she was different from many of the Sith during her time because she was a scholar and a brilliant scientist who was powerful and smart enough to become part of the Dark Council. In that regard, she was a renowned leader among the Sith during her time and was known for developing powerful weapons that allowed the Sith to battle the Jedi on par. Such weapons included the Javelin Dreadnought, a superweapon capable of mass destruction.

In fact, Mekhis was so strong that she survived an encounter with Satele Shan, one of the strongest Jedi Masters during her time. She was also the one who developed the Sith Knights, which were known as cybernetic Sith slaves. However, Darth Mekhis died at the hands of Theron Shan, who was the secret son of none other than Satele Shan.

7. Darth Nyriss

During the days of the Old Republic, one of the most prominent members of the Sith Empire was Darth Nyriss, a Pureblood Sith that sat on one of the seats of the Sith’s Dark Council back then. That means that she was powerful and well-respected among the Sith. She was so strong and intelligent that she was one of the longest-tenured members of the Dark Council during the days of the Old Republic. Given that the Sith often fight one another for a seat at the Dark Council, the fact that Nyriss could hold on to her seat meant that she was stronger than any of the other Sith Lords and Ladies that wanted to take her seat from her.

One of the specialties of Darth Nyriss was her ability to develop all sorts of Sith rituals that were known to rely on the power of the dark side of the Force to perform all manners of unnatural feats of power. In fact, Nyriss was so powerful that she even dared to try to assassinate the Sith Emperor, defeating Lord Scourge and Meetra Surik. In trying to defeat Revan, she conjured up a powerful storm that she directed toward him. However, Revan absorbed the power of the attack and redirected it toward Nyriss, incinerating her in the process. 

6. Vestara Khai

In the Legends storyline of Star Wars, we saw that the Sith were able to continue their existence long after the defeat of Emperor Palpatine. Sith Lords existed in different parts of the galaxy, and Vestara Khai was one of them. Khai was the daughter of a Sith Lord whom Luke and Ben Skywalker met during one of their travels. It was during their travels that the Skywalkers found a Sith tribe that they had to ally with to defeat a powerful Force entity called Abeloth.


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Vestara Khai got romantically involved with Ben Skywalker, and the two fell in love. This relationship allowed her to temporarily embrace the light side of the Force. Of course, as a Sith Lady, she was powerful in the dark side of the Force as she could wield Force Lightning and was exceptionally skilled in using two weapons, with her other weapon being a short sword instead of a lightsaber.

5. Darth Maladi

Darth Maladi was a Sith Lady that became a Sith Lord during the era that followed the defeat of Emperor Palpatine. As such, she is a Legends character who may not be introduced into the canon storyline. Nevertheless, she was a powerful Sith Lady in her own right and was part of Darth Krayt’s One Sith, based on Korriban’s Sith homeworld. 

Maladi was the daughter of the Jedi father, who Darth Krayt killed. However, Krayt sensed the power inside Maladi, which was why she trained her to become a Sith Lady that ultimately became one of the smartest and brightest among all of the younger Sith at that time. She was a master of Yuuzhan Vong bioengineering and an exceptional practitioner of Sith alchemy. Through her expertise, she found herself getting involved in many of the different functions of Krayt’s One Sith, as she was a scientist, physician, and assassin. In that regard, Maladi was an all-around Sith because she was smart, powerful, and incredibly cunning.

4. Darth Noctyss

Darth Noctyss was an ancient Sith Lady that lived thousands of years ago and was known for using a unique lightsaber shaped like a sickle instead of the usual straight saber. While not many things are known about her, she was said to be so powerful that she had enough strength to conquer the entire galaxy. But she first devoted all of her time to achieving immortality because she believed that conquering the entire galaxy would be useless without immortality.

In that regard, she spent her entire lifetime ravaging planets across the galaxy. She learned more about immortality on Exegol, where she discovered a lab established by Darth Sanguis, who was said to have achieved immortality. She went through the same immortality ritual Sanguis went through, as she sacrificed him to become a decrepit and twisted creature with immortal life. As such, Darth Noctyss was one of the strongest Sith in history, even when compared to all the other known Sith Lords of her time.

3. Darth Zash

Another Sith Lady that lived during the Sith Empire during the Old Republic era is Darth Zash, known for being more of a magician, sorcerer, and researcher during her time as a Sith. She was known for her hunger for power and knowledge, which was why she was tasked with training Sith acolytes in the Sith Academy in Korriban. As such, her knowledge, strength, and wisdom were well-respected among the Sith alive during that time.

One of the things that Zash was known for was her expertise in Sith rituals. Nevertheless, her health failed because of her insatiable obsession with Sith rituals, and that was why she ended up becoming a decrepit individual that needed to use Sith illusions to hide the fact that she had become ugly and weak. Nevertheless, in an attempt to transfer her consciousness to another person, Zash lost her physical body but successfully took over the body of Khem “Shadow Killer” Val.

2. Darth Traya

Darth Traya, in many ways, was the ancient Sith female counterpart of Palpatine because she was an expert in hiding her true nature as a powerful user of the dark side of the Force. Initially introduced as a woman who had embraced the grey side of the Force, Traya manipulated the main character of ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II’ into doing her bidding while hiding her true nature as a sinister and evil being with incredibly dark powers.


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As a schemer, Traya had a way of making people do her bidding, as she was known to be quite influential in terms of the way that she used her words. In fact, Traya manipulated the events of KOTOR2, only for her to reveal her true nature near the end of her life. And her power was unbelievable because she was strong enough to become a threat to all life in the galaxy before her ultimate death at the hands of the game’s protagonist.

1. Darth Rey

The truth is that Darth Rey or Dark Rey only existed in theory as she was the version of Rey that Palpatine wanted her to be. Rey, who was actually the granddaughter of Emperor Sheev Palpatine the entire time, was supposedly strong in the dark side of the Force and was set to become Palpatine’s successor. But the truth was that he only wanted Rey to fall to the dark side to use her body as his new vessel and return to power once more.

Darth Rey, of course, has all of the power of Rey and Palpatine because she is basically Palpatine’s consciousness in Rey’s body. From what we’ve seen, Rey is one of the strongest Jedi in history due to her innate talents in the Force. But because Rey was able to reject the temptation of the dark side of the Force, Darth Rey never existed. And that’s why she remains a “what if” Sith Lady that could have been the strongest Sith in history.

Who is your favorite female Sith? Let us know in the comments!

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