Is Grant Gustin in ‘The Flash’ Movie? Here’s What We Know

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The Super Bowl trailer of The Flash surprised many fans of the character and the DCEU as we are set to see Ezra Miller wearing the iconic red suit for what could be the final time. Of course, the appearance of old and new faces, such as Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, made the trailer surprising. This made fans think that another Flash, like Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, could make an appearance. So, is Grant Gustin in The Flash movie?

Grant Gustin is unlikely to make an appearance in The Flash movie, and that’s because the trailer hasn’t hinted that he will be in it. Instead, another version of Miller’s Barry Allen was included in The Flash, as we are getting two versions of the character played by the same actor.

Even though Grant Gustin has always had a special place in the hearts of those who watched his version of The Flash in the Arrowverse series, it is unlikely that he will be making an appearance in the upcoming DCEU movie. There is still a good chance that a short cameo might happen, but we don’t see any room for Gustin in this movie. So, with that said, let’s explore this topic in greater detail.

Is Grant Gustin in The Flash movie?

One of the things that we know about the live-action version of the DC world is that there have been a lot of actors that have played the roles of their iconic characters. We can’t even count how many characters have played Batman. And the next person to wear the iconic Superman cape is still in the air.

Of course, we know that the DC shows that form part of the Arrowverse have their versions of the iconic DC characters that we all know and love. One of the most popular is Barry Allen, who Grant Gustin plays in The Flash series, which has been around for more than a handful of seasons due to its popularity. Before Ezra Miller even took on the role of Barry Allen in the DCEU, people already saw Gustin as a great Barry Allen.

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When the upcoming The Flash movie trailer came out, we saw many things about what was to come for Miller’s Barry Allen. Of course, we saw new and familiar faces in Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman. Heck, even General Zod will be returning. But another interesting note is that we have two Barry Allens in this movie.


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Sadly, the other Barry Allen isn’t Grant Gustin but is Ezra Miller as well as his version of the Flash might have messed the timeline up and caused him to return to a time where he was yet to return to the past to change the course of history. This could explain why this movie has two versions of Ezra Miller’s Barre. But is that conclusive proof that Grant Gustin won’t be around in this film?

In the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, we saw Ezra Miller making a cameo appearance as he met Grant Gustin’s version of Barry Allen in one of the most ambitious crossovers we’ve seen in a superhero TV show. Miller’s cameo proved that the Arrowverse and the DCEU belong in the same DC multiverse. And this also increased expectations of future cameos involving characters from the two universes.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Gustin will be part of the movie’s cast, and he isn’t even part of the official cast, so there’s a good chance he won’t be in it. But, of course, we won’t dismiss the possibility of him appearing in the movie.

After all, the movie already teased us about the fact that there will be big appearances. We know that Michael Keaton will be back as Batman, and so is Ben Affleck. Antje Traue will also be back as Faora, alongside Michael Shannon’s General Zod. And that means the DCEU isn’t pulling any punches regarding returning characters and cameo appearances.

There’s also the fact that movies don’t necessarily bring out their big guns as early as the trailer. The recent Batman movie hid Barry Keoghan’s role as the Joker. Of course, in the MCU, Marvel Studios tried to hide that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were part of Spider-Man: No Way Home.


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The fact that The Flash focuses on a storyline with an alternate timeline is why we can’t help but hope that Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen will be in the movie. After all, anything can happen in a storyline where characters are capable of traveling through time and space. As such, let’s just cross our fingers that Gustin will reprise his Arrowverse Barry Allen role in The Flash movie.

Why should Grant Gustin be in The Flash movie?

There are clear indications that The Flash will be diving into the DCEU multiverse because Barry Allen is known to be capable of traveling through time. In the Flashpoint storyline, the Flash reset the entire DC universe when he traveled through time. And there’s a good chance that The Flash will be the movie to “reset” the DCEU, especially after the announcement that James Gunn will be rebooting the entire franchise.


So, why does Grant Gustin needs to be in the movie? Well, for starters, we already know that there will be two versions of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen in the movie, as established by the trailer. But having two Barry Allens might not be enough for the threat that is to come to the world in this movie. And having an extra Flash might be a good idea for the film, especially considering that Grant Gustin’s Flash still has to thank Miller’s version of the character for the assist in the Arrowverse storyline.

Of course, we’ve seen multiple versions of the Flash interacting with one another in the comics. This happened when Jay Garrick, the original Flash, interacted with Barry Allen for the first time in what was an iconic moment in the comics. As such, having Grant Gustin playing the role of Arrowverse’s Flash in a movie with multiple versions of the character could be a good way for The Flash to give the fans a feel-good moment before the inevitable reboot that is to come to the DCEU.

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