Who Is Kara Danvers, AKA Supergirl, in ‘The Flash’? Meet Sasha Calle’s Character

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We know that the DCEU is looking to shake things up with the upcoming The Flash movie, which will be released later this year. During the Super Bowl, a new trailer was released, showing the movie would see familiar faces set to return to the DC universe. But the most surprising part was that we saw a new face in the form of Kara Danvers, who is most notable for her identity as Supergirl. So, who is Supergirl in The Flash?

Played by Sasha Calle, Kara Danvers, or Supergirl, is the stand-in for Superman in The Flash movie as quite possibly an alternate version of the character in the different universe Barry Allen finds himself in. Like Superman, Supergirl is Kryptonian and possesses the same powers as her cousin.

We know that many things tend to be questionable when it comes to the DCEU, and some of the questions that people have may get answered in The Flash, as this could serve as a way of rebooting the DCEU. As such, the alternate universe that Barry finds himself in could have Supergirl instead of Superman. So, with that said, let’s talk more about Kara Danvers in the upcoming The Flash movie.

Who is Kara Danvers in The Flash?

The upcoming The Flash movie just got more exciting with the release of its Superbowl trailer. Of course, while we already know that there are a lot of things that we can expect from this movie, as it quite possibly takes inspiration from the Flashpoint storyline in the comics, what we know is that there are characters that are set to return in this film. This movie will have two versions of Batman, as we know that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are set to reprise their iconic roles.

But while we know that there are going to be characters that are set to return in this film (the Batmen and General Zod), what we saw in the trailer was that there is going to be a new character that is set to make her DCEU debut. We are talking about Kara Danvers, who was seen in the trailer as one of the highlights of this reveal. But who exactly is Kara?

Kara Danvers is Kara Zor-El, which means she is a relative of Superman in DC’s comic book universe. Like Clark, Kara is a Kryptonian that ended up on Earth and realized that the planet’s yellow sun enhanced her physiology and capabilities to a level that is on par with Superman. As such, Kara took on the Supergirl nickname and became her cousin’s sidekick and protégé before becoming her own hero.


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Supergirl’s origin story tends to vary in the comics because the character has gotten so many updates throughout the years. However, the usual storyline is that she was born to Superman’s uncle and aunt in Krypton but was sent to Earth before the destruction of their homeworld. Some versions of her show that she was frozen in stasis for decades before she came to Earth, which explains why Clark is physically older than her despite Kara being born before him.

What is Supergirl’s role in The Flash?

Played by Sasha Calle, Kara doesn’t look like the conventional Supergirl that we often see in the Of course, at this point, we don’t know a lot about The Flash’s version of Supergirl, but we know that Barry Allen ends up using his powers to get to a different universe that isn’t quite familiar to him. He ends up in the middle of the time when General Zod is invading the planet.

It is possible that Kara doesn’t have the same kind of role she has in the comics but still plays the role of the foil to Zod’s plans of conquering and terraforming the entire planet. And there’s a good reason to believe that she is a stand-in for her cousin in The Flash.

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We know for a fact that Superman and Supergirl coexist in the same universe in the comics because Kara serves as some sort of an apprentice or even a sidekick to his cousin. But it seems as if the Supergirl in The Flash is meant to be the Superman of that universe, considering there was never any news of Henry Cavill or a new Superman donning the red cape in this movie.

In the trailer, it was clear that Barry was shocked to see that the Kryptonian fighting Zod was not Clark. He is in an entirely different universe, so there is a good chance that the Clark he knows never existed in this universe. Instead, the one who landed on Earth and took on the role of the Kryptonian protector of the planet was Kara. And because she has a look that’s similar to Cavill’s Superman instead of the classic skirted blonde Supergirl that has always been popular in the comics.


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This is where it gets interesting because many theories point to the possibility of Kara Danvers being the Superman of the Flashpoint storyline. While it is its own story, the upcoming The Flash movie seems to have been inspired by the Flashpoint storyline that reset the DC comic book universe after Barry Allen traveled back in time to save his mother but changed the course of history.

In the Flashpoint storyline, Superman was held captive by the government after he crash-landed on Earth. As such, he never became the champion of justice on Earth because he never had a normal childhood. Instead, he became a lab rat that the government experimented on so that they could learn more about his physiology and what makes him as powerful as he is.

As we saw in the trailer, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl was also held captive, which seems to indicate that she will suffer the same fate as her cousin in the comic book storyline of Flashpoint. This implies that Kara might have been forced to suffer through the early part of her life as a guinea pig or a lab rat to scientists before she broke out of her prison and went on to live a peaceful life as a hero.

Of course, considering that General Zod is set to make a return in The Flash, Kara may be the one to face him so that she can protect the planet. This could be Supergirl’s introduction to the world as a superhero after spending a good part of her life as a prisoner. As such, she might become one of that universe’s main heroes and could even be one of the allies that Barry Allen needs to solve whatever problem or issue he is set to face in this storyline.

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