Is ‘My Adventures with Superman’ for Kids? Age Rating & Parents Guide

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‘My Adventures with Superman‘ is an animated series that centers around Clark Kent, Louis Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as they deal with various threats in Metropolis, all while trying to succeed as reporters in Daily Planet. Superman is at the center of it all, as his sudden emergence in the city makes everyone wonder who he is and where he came from. Man of Steel also makes some enemies that are up to no good. Let’s see if ‘My Adventures with Superman’ is for kids and what is its age rating and parents’ guide.

‘My Adventures with Superman’ is categorized as TV-PG, but it is a kid-friendly animated series better suited for children than adults. There are some scenes where high-tech weapons are used with blasts and explosions, but nothing over the top. There is no nudity or profanity with mild violence and intense scenes.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll discuss the answer presented above in more detail and provide some additional information about the show’s content, whether there is violence, nudity, vulgarity, etc. We’ll also try to get the reader more familiar with the show’s tone and overall atmosphere so that after you’re done reading, you’ll know whether your kid should watch this series or not.

What age is ‘My Adventures with Superman’ appropriate for?

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According to the official rating, ‘My Adventures with Superman is rated as TV-PG, meaning that some parents might consider this show inappropriate for younger kids, most notably under ten years old. At first, it was unclear why the show was not rated TV-Y7, but as the few episodes aired, it became clear that some of the content might not be appropriate for younger children.


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‘My Adventures with Superman’: Sex & Nudity

This animated series has almost no nudity, and there are no sex scenes. There are some romantic scenes, mostly between Clark and Louis, and are all depicted in a natural and nonvulgar way. At first, they show their sympathy for each other in the form of blushing when near each other, and that later culminates in a kiss, but nothing over the top. Overall, romance is depicted as cute and cringy at moments, and not in a sexual way.

‘My Adventures with Superman’: Violence & Gore

In this series, Superman faces various villains, so some violence is included. It can be said that there is mild violence and gore present. Each episode brings us a different villain, and all episodes have some action scenes in them. Violence is not brutal and does not last long, just enough for Superman and his friends to save the day in most cases.

There are minor scenes of torture and similar scenes that present some characters being in pain, but nothing that should scare the kids away. Some characters use high-tech gadgets, so we can see the usage of laser beams, electric powers, and sound waves. These things are presented as kid-friendly.


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As far as violence goes, action scenes are interesting, but not scary or over the top. They are suitable for animated series like this one. Blood scenes are non-existent so far, and that most likely won’t change in the future.

‘My Adventures with Superman’: Profanity

As far as profanities go, it is fair to say that this series is free of it. There is no swearing or cursing but for comedic purposes. Some name-calling is existent.  Examples of words that can be heard are ”dummy”, ”heck”, and some other similar words, but they are not considered heavy insults or anything that could be described as hurtful or mean. And it is not often that those words are used either.

These kinds of words only improve the show’s overall atmosphere, as they are usually used when laughter is needed to decrease some tension or when some surprising moment emerges, and even the characters are shocked. Overall, you can be assured that your kid won’t learn any new curses or foul words from this show.

Should you allow your kids to watch ‘My Adventures with Superman’?

‘My Adventures with Superman’ is a great animated series for children; Superman adult fans can enjoy it. In the main center is Clark Kent, and we follow his first appearances as Superman and a reporter in Daily Planet. He is accompanied by his best friend Jimmy, his crush, and then-girlfriend Louis Lane. Their interactions are witty, cute, and interesting, and nothing children wouldn’t like seeing.

On the other hand, Superman faces various villains in different episodes, so there are some action scenes present, with blasts, explosions, and fights. But it would not be interesting any other way, and this only makes the show better. So, with everything mentioned in the paragraphs above, you get to decide whether your child wishes to see the show, but we recommend it as appropriate.

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