Is Peter Parker Italian? What Is His True Ethnicity?

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Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, is among the most popular superheroes ever. There’s hardly a comic book or superhero fan that doesn’t know all about the nerdy kid from Queens that a radioactive spider bit. The one thing people still get confused about is Parker’s ethnicity. So, is Peter Parker Italian, as mentioned in the MCU? What’s his true ethnicity?

There’s nothing in the comics to point at Peter Parker being Italian. Although it was never explicitly stated, the Parker surname originates from England, so it’s safe to assume that Peter is a Caucasian American with English roots. Even if MCU’s Aunt May was Italian, she wasn’t Peter’s blood relative.

And, in fact, she isn’t Italian either – at least not in the comics. Her maiden name was Reilly, which has Irish roots, but we’ll get to it. To break the myth and the mystery once and for all, here’s everything you need to know about Peter Parker’s true ethnicity.

Is Peter Parker Italian?

The idea about Peter Parker being Italian stems from a short conversation featured in the MCU.

In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ Peter walks into a small local store Mr. Delmar owns. Mr. Delmar asks Peter how his Aunt is, and Parker answers that she is alright. Mr. Delmar then turns to his assistant, speaks in Spanish, thinking Peter wouldn’t understand him, and says, “She’s a very hot Italian woman.”

Peter, of course, understood what Mr. Delmar said, so he also replied sarcastically in Spanish: “How’s your daughter?”

spider man delmar

That short, funny, and punny interaction made countless fans believe that Peter Parker was actually Italian or at least of Italian descent. But, it just isn’t the case, and for several reasons.

If we take a look at the comics, there’s not a single issue where it was suggested that Peter had anything to do with Italy or having Italian ancestry. We never actually get a clear answer where he originates from, but if you look at his family name, he is more likely an Irish-English-American blend rather than Italian.

Even the actor portraying Peter, Tom Holland, has Irish-English roots. He was born and raised in London, England, and still lives there to this day. His surname, Holland, originates from a part of Britain called Essex, where the surname ‘de Holande’ first appeared in 975. It derives from Old English hōh (‘heel spur of land’) + land (‘land’).


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Finally, even if May Parker had Italian roots in the MCU, that doesn’t mean Peter has them either. In the comics – and presumably in the MCU as well – Auntie May wasn’t Peter’s blood relative – it was her husband, Ben Parker.

So, the definitive answer is – no, Peter Parker isn’t Italian. Here’s what his true ethnicity is.

What’s Peter Parker’s true ethnicity?

So, Peter Parker isn’t Italian, but the fact that his roots or ethnicity were never explicitly defined in the comics makes it a bit hard to determine unless you go deeper into the analysis.

On the surface, one can easily say that Peter Parker is primarily a Caucasian American. His parents lived in the US, and so did his Uncle Ben Parker, who raised Peter as his own. Peter was born and raised in Queens, New York, meaning that he is absolutely an American. However, those aren’t his roots.

Again it was never explicitly stated, but it’s safe to assume that Peter has British – specifically, English roots, just like Tom Holland, the actor portraying Parker in the MCU.

The surname Parker originates from the English county of Somerset (also known as Somersetshire), where the surname Parcher first appeared in 1086. It actually derives from the Old French word ‘parquier,’ which roughly translates to ‘keeper of the park.’ Parker was also a nickname given to gamekeepers in Old England.

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As for his Auntie May, it’s possible that Mr. Delmar mistakenly called her Italian – or her ethnic roots were changed for the MCU. Her comic book roots, however, are not Italian at all.

Her maiden name is May Reilly – which actually has Irish roots. The first appearance of the surname came from the County Cavan in northeastern Ireland in 981. It was spelled in Gaelic as Raghallaigh, or O’Raghallaigh, which means ‘the descendant of Raghallach.’

Ergo, Peter Parker is an English-American blend, whereas his Auntie May is an Irish-American blend.


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Is Peter Parker religious?

Another question that is often raised about Peter Parker – and all other superheroes, for some reason – is the question of their religion. So, is Peter Parker even religious?

Well, some sources suggest that Peter Parker was created as a sort of stereotypical Jewish immigrant kid, but in reality, there was never anything to suggest that Parker was Jewish in the comics.

If anything, we could follow his ethnic roots in England and determine that they are mostly Christians – Catholics or Protestants. His Christianity could be corroborated by the fact that Spidey often appeared in Christmas edition comics.

spider man christmas

That being said, almost every single superhero ever appeared in a Christmas storyline in one way or another.

Again, it was never explicitly stated that Peter Parker was Jewish, Christian, or any other religion, for that matter. As far as we know, Pete likes to celebrate Christmas and make people happy but isn’t really religious at all.

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