Where Does Miles Morales Live? Is It the Same Borough as Peter Parker?

Where Does Miles Morales Live Is It the Same Borough as Peter Parker

When it comes to Spider-Man, our first thought goes to Peter Parker. However, after the success of ‘Spider-Verse’ movies and good stories focused on Miles Morales, more and more people associate Web-Slinger with the teenager originally from Earth-1610. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Peter Parker is suddenly forgotten, but it’s worth noting that Miles Morales is getting more popular. Of course, as with any version of Spider-Man, Miles and Peter are similar yet so different from each other, including their respective boroughs in ubiquitous New York City. So where does Miles Morales live?

Miles was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the most populated borough of New York City. Peter Parker was born on the other side of New York City, in a borough called Queens. It’s also important to note that Miles wasn’t originally from the same universe as this version of Peter Parker – during the ‘Secret Wars’ comic book event, Miles Morales and a few of his closest people got transported from destructed Earth-1610 to Earth-616 by Molecule Man and continued to live his life as nothing happened. Since then, there have been two Spider-Men in one city.

Despite living in the same city, Peter Parker and Miles Morales have vastly different upbringings. We will discuss the technicalities of their whereabouts and what they mean to their characters.

Where does Peter Parker live?

Peter Parker is THE original Spider-Man, who first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1962. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created him, and the first version of the character was a high school student who became an orphan and was raised by Aunt May and Uncle Ben. From the beginning, Peter was a genius, a wonder kid with an affinity for science, yet his other talents expanded to photography, mostly working for Daily Bugle.

Where Does Miles Morales Live? Is It the Same Borough as Peter Parker?
Queens, New York.
source: pods.com

Of course, the character had many updates since his first release, but what was never changed about Peter’s origin story was his place of birth and hometown – it was always New York.

This notable city is the hometown of many Marvel superheroes, including Captain America, Doctor Strange, the Fantastic Four (at least some of the members), Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and many others. New York is Marvel’s go-to city for the biggest stories in their universe, hence the jokes about the city’s enormous budget for many misfortunes and catastrophes.


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However, New York is so big that fans and Marvel distinguish their superheroes by the boroughs or counties where millions live. For example, Defenders are famous for their home district, Hell’s Kitchen (located in Manhattan), which is where more poor and working-class people of Irish descent live, while Ororo Monroe, known as Storm, was born and raised in Harlem, which was famous for high rates of crime, but in the 21st century, the district started to gentrify.

Where Does Miles Morales Live? Is It the Same Borough as Peter Parker?

Peter Parker is from Queens, the largest borough located in New York City. From his first appearance, Spider-Man became a cultural symbol of the county and the most notable superhero from that area. Queens is the second most populated county in New York State, just behind Kings (Brooklyn) – it is one of the most linguistically diverse places on Earth and one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the United States of America.

Peter was specifically born and raised in Forest Hills, a neighborhood in the center of Queens. One of Peter Parker’s best parts is that his hometown, or county, really influenced his character. He enjoys Romeo’s Pizza, listens to local artists, and is a New York Mets fan.

He is Queens, hence why he is such an iconic and interesting character. Fans and causals recognized Peter’s character and related to him immediately because he was just a boy from Queens who was bestowed with powers that he would use to protect the people.

Where does Miles Morales live?

Miles Morales first appeared in Marvel Comics in 2011 as part of the Ultimate Print; from the beginning, he was unique. He was a Hispanic, African-American teenager living in the most populous county in New York City – Kings, also known as Brooklyn. This notable county in New York is iconic for popular culture because it “produced” many famous musicians, actors, athletes, and superheroes for this article.

Before Miles, there were other notable Marvel superheroes from that area of New York City, like Captain America and Bucky Barnes, but Miles’ character really popularized the county even more (as Brooklyn could become even more popular than it is).

Brooklyn is the most populated county in New York State, and if it’s an independent city, Brooklyn would be the third most populated U.S. city behind Los Angeles and New York City, just ahead of Chicago.

Where Does Miles Morales Live? Is It the Same Borough as Peter Parker?
Brooklyn Bridge, New York.
source: wallsdesk.com

Brooklyn is home to many ethnicities and religions, and its official motto is “Unity makes strength.” It’s unbelievable how this county is the nest of so many different people, and as Peter represents Queens, Miles represents Brooklyn’s culture to the fullest.


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He listens to rap, and Latino music, hangs out with peers from many different backgrounds, and lives and breathes Brooklyn.

‘Spider-Verse’ movies really showcased that particular part of Miles’ character, especially with accompanied supporting characters and great soundtracks. Nevertheless, Miles Morales was born and raised in Brooklyn, which shares borders with Queens. So yes, Miles and Peter live in the same city (New York) but don’t share the same county.

brooklyn 2

Discussion of two Spider-Men in the same city was huge when ‘Secret Wars’ brought Miles Morales to Earth-616, with some fans saying that New York City is too small for two Spider-Men. However, the city is so big that Miles and Peter don’t have to bump into each other at all, and there are too many threats to the city that need to be taken care of.

Miles and Peter represent New York, but they also represent their respective counties, Brooklyn and Queens, in the best possible way.

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