Is Ravonna Renslayer Kang’s Wife? Here Is What the Comics Say

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One of the things that we know about the events of season 2 of ‘Loki’ is the fact that the TVA is still actively searching for Ravonna Renslayer after she escaped Mobius and the other Hunters during the events of season 1 when they confronted her about the lies happening within the TVA. Season 2 also revealed something surprising about Renslayer as she may have been involved with He Who Remains’ entire control over the TVA. So, was Ravonna Renslayer Kang’s wife?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the comics, Kang the Conqueror fell for Ravonna Renslayer’s tenacity and inner fire when he was about to conquer her kingdom.
  • Ravonna initially rejected Kang but eventually fell for him at the very last moment before Kang’s general, Baltag, killed her.
  • In the MCU, there is a good chance that He Who Remains and Ravonna were romantically linked, as evidenced by the recording that Loki found in the past TVA.

Kang the Conqueror fell for Ravonna in the comics

While it may be true that the MCU versions of Kang the Conqueror and Ravonna Renslayer differ a bit from the ones in the comics, one of the things that we know is that they used to be involved with one another. This all stemmed from the fact that Kang went on to conquer different kingdoms in his timeline.

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The last bastion of human civilization standing in Kang’s way was the kingdom of Carelius. King Carelius had a daughter named Ravonna Renslayer. When Kang was about to conquer the kingdom, he fell for Ravonna almost at first sight and was smitten by her fire and tenacity. As such, he spared Ravonna’s kingdom from destruction because he wanted to pursue her heart.

But because Kang was not of royal lineage, Ravonna refused his love. Kang, however, did not give up. He used his technology to call the Avengers to his timeline so that he could battle them and try to impress Ravonna with his might, even though he was a commoner. But the Avengers teamed up with Ravonna and her kingdom.

Angered that the woman he loved teamed up with his foes, Kang had no choice but to launch a full-scale invasion of Ravonna’s kingdom, defeating her and the Avengers in the process. Kang forced Ravonna to marry him even though she didn’t want to.


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The fact that Kang married Ravonna angered Baltag, one of the generals working under him. That’s because Kang’s code was to kill all the monarchs and leaders of the kingdoms and nations they conquered. But Kang broke his code for the sake of Ravonna, and this act angered Baltag and the other soldiers under Kang.

Baltag betrayed Kang and decided to try to destroy him. Kang had no choice but to work with Ravonna and the Avengers to defeat Baltag. They were successful in doing so, but Baltag, out of desperation, fired a blast toward Kang. However, Ravonna got in between Kang and Baltag’s attack to save the Conqueror.

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Ravonna told Kang she had fallen for him after working together to defeat Baltag. In that regard, Kang was angered by the loss of his wife as he only managed to win her heart at the last possible second, only for him to lose her before they could even spend more days together.

Of course, Kang embarked on a quest to try to resurrect Ravonna. This led to several incarnations of Ravonna appearing. At one point, she even took on the name Terminatrix to fight Kang himself. But the point here is that Kang and Ravonna were married and romantically involved in the comics.

Was MCU Renslayer in love with He Who Remains?

While we know that Kang and Ravonna Renslayer were romantically involved and even married to one another in the comics, the MCU hasn’t been quite straightforward in its approach to telling the story of these characters. That’s because the adaptations of Kang and Ravonna in the ‘Loki’ series tend to differ from their comic book counterparts. Nevertheless, there’s a good chance that the relationship is romantic.


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We know that Ravonna worked as a judge with the TVA, an organization created secretly by a Kang variant named He Who Remains. Ravonna was the only person in the TVA aware that the Time Keepers were not real and that the one in charge of everything was none other than He Who Remains. That was why Mobius decided to confront her back in season 1, only for her to escape from the TVA using her Tempad.

In episode 1 of season 2 of ‘Loki,’ we saw that Loki ended up in the past of the TVA because he was slipping between the past and the present. Back then, the TVA was aware that it was serving He Who Remains and that everyone in the TVA, including Mobius, knew who their leader was. 

Loki found himself in the meeting room of the Council of Judges. He played a recording that involved He Who Remains and Ravonna Renslayer. In that recording, He Who Remains voiced how fascinated and impressed he was by Ravonna as he told her they could win “this war” together.

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This implies that He Who Remains and Ravonna worked together at one point in time and conspired with one another to run the TVA together. This explains why Ravonna was the only one who knew the truth about He Who Remains and why they needed to maintain the Sacred Timeline as the only timeline in the universe.

But nothing in that recording was conclusive about the possibility that He Who Remains and Ravonna were romantically involved. Still, it is more than likely that they were in love or married, as He Who Remains was clearly fascinated with Ravonna in the voice recording. As such, we are not dismissing the possible romantic link between the two characters in the MCU.

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