‘Loki’ Season 2 Episode 1 Summary and Ending Explained: Loki’s Time-Slipping

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Back in the ending of season 1 of ‘Loki,’ we saw how Loki and Sylvie disagreed on the matter related to what they needed to do with He Who Remains, and this ended in Sylvie kicking Loki through a time door and seemingly killing the man at the end of time. In that regard, Loki woke up in the TVA, only to notice that things weren’t what they were supposed to be after he saw that Mobius didn’t know him and that there was a huge statue of He Who Remains.

Many people attributed the rise of the multiverse to the events of Loki season 1, as the death of He Who Remains brought forth the branching of the Sacred Timeline. As such, the popular belief was that Loki found himself in another different timeline where Kang became the leader of the TVA. But that wasn’t the case, as revealed by season 2. And that’s what we are here to look at.

Loki appearing and disappearing out of nowhere

Season 2 of ‘Loki’ started where the last season ended, as Loki was trying to run away from Mobius and the members of the TVA, who were wondering who he was and where he came from. Loki eventually crashed into a room where he found Casey, who was trying to apprehend him and didn’t recognize him. However, Loki suddenly disappeared and then reappeared in the same room.


This time, everything was in order, and Casey recognized him. But Loki saw that the logo of the TVA on the floor was cracked. He recognized this as the crack that came from when he crashed into the room just moments ago. He realized what was happening, and that was when he demanded to see Mobius. But before he and Casey got to Mobius, he disappeared again.

After he disappeared before he got to the war room, he entered the war room from where he was, and that was when he saw statues of the face of He Who Remains in the room. Loki listened to the recordings of the room, and that was when he discovered that He Who Remains and Ravonna Renslayer had met and were partners in everything happening regarding the TVA.


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Meanwhile, Mobius and B-15 were in the same room but in their own timeline as they were talking to the Council of Judges, who were wondering what was happening and what they needed to do. Dox, one of the judges, wanted to continue to prune the branching timelines that came from He Who Remains’ death. However, some judges were against it as they were killing countless lives by pruning the branches.

Loki reveals the truth

While that happened, Loki appeared in the same room and spoke to Mobius and the judges about what happened. He used a timestick to reveal that the painting in the room used to be a statue of He Who Remains’ face and that this was the man responsible for everything happening. Loki also revealed that he was uncontrollably traveling between the past and the present.

After that, Mobius and Loki spoke privately as the god of mischief revealed to his friend that he and Sylvie met the man at the end of time and learned about what was happening within the TVA. Loki also told Mobius that the reason why he wasn’t able to remember him was that their memories had been erased at some point in the past by He Who Remains and Renslayer.

loki timestick

But the bigger problem was that Loki constantly disappeared and appeared out of nowhere. As such, Mobius needed to get his friend some help to resolve the issue related to Sylvie. While that happened, Dox ordered some hunters to go after Sylvie.

Meet OB

Mobius took Loki to one of the deeper levels of the TVA to get some help regarding Loki’s situation. That was when they met a man named Ouroboros, who wanted to be called OB instead. The thing is that Mobius didn’t remember who OB was even though OB told him that they had met around 400 years ago. This opens up the possibility that OB never got his memories erased because this was the first time that someone in 400 years visited him.


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Loki disappeared yet again as OB realized that he was time slipping but was unwilling to believe this was possible because it was impossible to time slip in the TVA. As he appeared in the past, Loki met the past version of OB and revealed his condition to him. In the present, Mobius asks what OB can do, and that is when OB suddenly remembers who Loki is. This meant that whatever Loki was doing in the past affected the present-day events in the TVA, especially because OB’s memories were never wiped.

The fix to Loki’s problem

The present-day Mobius asked if OB had something that could help Loki, and OB said that a Temporal Aura Extractor could help. The OB in the past had the same device, and that was when Loki told him to hold on to it until Mobius came to get it from him in the future. As such, the present OB gave Mobius the Temporal Aura Extractor, which can only be used on the Temporal Loom.

ob past

Loki returned to the present time, and that was when they found out what they needed to do. Mobius needed to use the device on the Temporal Loom, while Loki needed to prune himself so that he would return to the present timeline. But there was a bigger problem because the power outages in the TVA were caused by something bigger.


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OB and the rest of the gang found out that the Temporal Loom, which was the one responsible for transforming raw time to physical time, was overloading because it couldn’t handle all of the different timelines branching from the Sacred Timeline. That’s why they needed to close the blast doors to keep the TVA safe. But that also meant that Loki’s time to fix his time slipping was limited as they needed to close the blast doors within five minutes. The worst part was that Loki time-slipped into the future and lost the timestick he was supposed to use to prune himself.

Loki and Mobius come through in the clutch

Time was of the essence as Mobius was on his way to the Temporal Loom to use the Temporal Aura Extractor. Meanwhile, Loki was looking for a timestick to prune himself just as soon as Mobius successfully used the device on the Temporal Loom.

While Mobius was successful on his part, Loki was trying his best to find a way to prune himself. He found himself in a corridor where a telephone was ringing. Meanwhile, time was up for Loki because OB needed to close the blast doors to keep the TVA safe. He told Mobius that Loki was now lost in time and that he needed to return for his own safety.

As Loki approached the telephone, Sylvie appeared at the door in front of Loki, using her brute strength to open the door. But as that was happening, someone pruned Loki as he disappeared.


Mobius was trying his best to return to the TVA as the blast doors closed. He was nowhere near the doorway when he saw Loki flying out of the Temporal Loom as they successfully fixed his time slipping. But while that was happening, B-15 noticed that Dox had gathered a lot of hunters and made them go through different time doors, as it was clear that this wasn’t just about Sylvie.

Post-credit: Sylvie and a normal life

There was a post-credit scene in episode 1 of Loki season 2. Sylvie passed through a time door and found herself in 1980s Oklahoma, where she entered a McDonald’s food chain and started ordering. But she didn’t know anything about ordering in a fast-food restaurant as it was clear that she never got to live a normal life at all.


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As she observed how much fun the people around her were having while living their regular lives, Sylvie said she wanted to “try everything.” The McDonald’s employee seemingly thought she was referring to everything on the menu. But what was clear was that Sylvie wanted to try the things that normal people got to try regularly, as this was a life that she was robbed of when the TVA took her from her own timeline for being a variant.

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