All 11 ‘Loki’ Season 2 Episode 2 Easter Eggs Explained


There is no doubt that the MCU is full of different easter eggs that you can’t help but notice in the many different projects that we’ve seen. Of course, the Disney+ MCU shows also have their fair share of easter eggs. And this was clear in season 2 of ‘Loki,’ which has already allowed us to see a lot of different easter eggs.

Episode 2 of season 2 featured more easter eggs than the first episode because there were a lot of different references made in this episode. There were a lot of different new names mentioned in this episode, and some of these names were quite familiar. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the different easter eggs we saw in today’s episode.

1. 1977 is the Star Wars release year

Episode 2 opened up with Loki and Mobius traveling to 1977 London because they could track X-5’s Tempad to that timeline. It is also interesting to note that they went to the Sacred Timeline instead of any other timeline in the multiverse. That means that everything that happened during that timeline is canon.


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For those who don’t know, 1977 is also the release year of the first Star Wars movie, which launched an entire franchise. This is interesting to mention because Star Wars is also under the Disney banner, the same banner that the MCU belongs to. That’s why it isn’t too odd for the MCU to reference Star Wars.

2. Kingo cameo

As Loki and Mobius made their way to the theater where they believed X-5 would be, a familiar Eternal made a quick cameo. We are talking about Kingo, who we know is an eternal who made a living out of making Bollywood movies. But because Kingo is an Eternal, he was able to continue to make Bollywood movies by passing himself off as a family of different actors who passed on their legacy to the next generation.

Of course, Kingo wasn’t there in episode 2. What can be seen, however, was a movie poster of one of his films. This was likely the current Kingo’s “grandfather,” as far as the general public was concerned.

3. Brad Wolfe and Zaniac

Upon reaching the theater, Loki and Mobius discovered that the movie premiere X-5 was attending was called Zaniac. Of course, X-5 has rebranded himself as an actor named Brad Wolfe, who is the very same actor starring in Zaniac. And comic book fans will be able to pick the connection up.

In the comics, Brad Wolfe was also an actor exposed to radiation. He mutated and became a superpowered villain called Zaniac, the very same villain in one of the movies he was filming then. In the comics, Zaniac was a classic Thor villain who never became as popular as the other Thor villains we’ve seen throughout the character’s history.

4. Brigitte Bardot

During the Zaniac movie premiere, X-5 (or Brad Wolfe) was making small talk with the different people in attendance. One of them asked whether or not the rumors about him and Brigitte Bardot were true. However, Brad laughed at the question while declining to answer whether or not the rumors were true.


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For those too young to know, Brigitte Bardot was a model and popular actress during the 70s. She was a known sex symbol from the 50s to the 70s. During the latter part of her life, Bardot eventually became an animal rights activist.

5. Brad references Loki’s mother

After Loki and Mobius captured Brad and brought him back to the TVA, they had to question him regarding the location of Sylvie and what General Dox and the other TVA Hunters and Minutemen were doing. Of course, Brad wasn’t willing to talk immediately because he was loyal to Dox. He also knew how to navigate himself through the good cop, bad cop game that Loki and Mobius were playing.

To get Loki riled up, Brad talked about how he read his file and how he was never a hero. He talked about the many atrocities that Loki committed in his life and how his actions may have caused his mother’s life. We all know that Loki was a big momma’s boy, as he loved his adoptive mother more than anyone else in his family.

6. “Mobius, you were clearly ahead of me”

One of the newest TVA locations introduced in season 2 was the curved hallway featuring different filing cabinets. This hallway leads to the location of OB’s facility. Of course, while Loki and Mobius were navigating through the hallway in episode 2, Loki asked Mobius where they were going, only for Mobius to tell him that he was following him. But it was clear that Mobius was the one who was ahead of Loki as the god of mischief told his friend that he was ahead of him.

What Loki said about Mobius being ahead of him and about what Mobius said when he was following Loki is a reference to Mobius’ name. A Mobius strip is basically the infinity symbol because it is an endless curve that folds back on itself. So, because the hallway they were in was curved—just like a Mobius strip—what Mobius said about him following Loki makes sense because Loki was the one in front of him from his perspective due to the looping nature of a Mobius strip.

7. Automat

After the short argument between Loki and Mobius in the seemingly endless looping hallway, they decided to go get some pie. They ended up in Automat, which is a self-serve restaurant that was quite popular decades ago.


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Automats were restaurants that allowed people to get some food without going through the usual ordering process, as these were self-service places. But they went out of style when fast-food joints became more popular during the 70s and 80s.

8. Avengers reference

While Loki and Mobius were talking about how Brad was able to rile them up, Loki opened up about the things he did in the past and how these actions were able to help him become a better person. He was specifically talking about how he got so angry at his father and brother that he held the entire city of New York hostage before attempting to control Tony Stark’s mind using the Mind Stone.

Of course, Loki was referencing the fact that he attacked New York and tried to become the king of the world during the events of the first ‘Avengers’ movie. In retrospect, Loki has gone a long way from being the crazy brother who wanted his own throne after his father didn’t give him the throne to Asgard.

9. Broxton, Oklahoma

After Loki finally made Brad Wolfe crack and squeal about Sylvie’s location, Loki, Mobius, and Brad went to Broxton, Oklahoma, the very same place where we saw Sylvie in the post-credit scene of episode 1. Loki reunited with his variant inside a McDonald’s chain as Sylvie was an employee.

The interesting part here is that Broxton, Oklahoma, was the place where the Asgardians relocated after the events of Ragnarök in the comics. So, while Asgard didn’t relocate to Broxton in the MCU, it was a nice touch to see Loki going to the place where the Asgardians of the comics re-established their new home in the comics.

10. Sylvie, the TVA Hunter killer

Before Loki and Mobius went inside the McDonald’s chain to see Sylvie, they wondered why Brad hesitated to enter. Of course, there was a very good reason why he wasn’t willing to enter, as he eventually revealed that General Dox and the other Hunters and Minutemen would bomb all of the branches of the Sacred Timeline. However, he said a different reason why he didn’t want to see Sylvie.


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Brad, who used to be a Hunter himself, said he was afraid to go see Sylvie because he wouldn’t come near a person who had killed 400 of his colleagues. That means that Sylvie has killed a lot of different TVA employees in the many years she spent running away from them. Of course, it is perfectly understandable why no Hunter wants to capture Sylvie alone.

11. Sylvie’s mysterious device

At the end of episode 2, Sylvie decides to return home to Broxton as she doesn’t think that the TVA will effectively stop the Kang variants, which will become problems in the future. She was seen sitting on the trunk of her pickup truck parked outside the McDonald’s she was working at.

After a brief scene with one of her coworkers, Sylvie could be seen holding a mysterious device that may be familiar to some fans. This was the same Tempad that He Who Remains owned before Sylvie killed him. Of course, Sylvie took this device because it was a lot more powerful than any other ordinary Tempad. And she will likely use it in the future, especially against the other Kang variants.

Have an easter egg to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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