James Gunn Debunks Rumors Related to Harvey Dent Casting

Boyd Holbrook Reportedly Cast in a Major Role in The Batman Part II

Recently rumors have been going around that Boyd Holbrook has been cast as Harvey Dent in the upcoming ‘The Batman Part II,’ which was recently delayed for over a year due to unknown reasons (so far).

Due to the widespread nature of the rumor, fans have asked James Gunn directly for information regarding the casting. Gunn, who is pretty active on Threads and often shares insights and debunks rumors on the social network, obliged and simply wrote “fake.”

james gunn debunks harvey dent

Gunn has a tradition of debunking rumors connected both to his upcoming projects such as ‘Superman’ and other related universes such as Elseworlds label that gathers both the upcoming ‘The Batman’ sequel and ‘The Penguin’ show scheduled to be released in 2024.

Regarding ‘The Batman Part II’ casting, the rest of the cast remains largely unknown, save for the few names that were confirmed to reprise their roles when the sequel was first announced such as Robert Pattison who will reprise the role of Batman.

Harvey Dent also known as Two-Face is one of the most notable antagonists in Batman’s Rogue Gallery and has appeared in several live-action adaptations so far, being portrayed by the likes of Billy Dee Williams, Tommy Lee Jones, and Aaron Eckhart.

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