Jon Favreau Reveals the Inspiration for ‘Iron Man’ Banter

Jon Favreau Reveals The Inspiration for Iron Man Banter

Back in 2008, comic book movies were in their infancy. Movies like ‘X-Men’ and ‘Spider-Man’ began to pave the way for what a comic book movie, when properly done, could be. After Marvel Studios entered the fold, everything changed. ‘Iron Man’ is the first installment in the MCU and since it made its debut, the studio has been on fire. The movie has a massive legacy, it kickstarted the entire superhero phenomenon that changed the landscape of cinema forever.

It’s been a box-office success, critical success, and garnered plenty of awards for the studio, this is why decades later, it’s still being talked about and looked back at fondly. In a recent interview with People, John Favreau revealed some details involved in making ‘Iron Man’ particularly how he was inspired by real-life banter between Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow.

I was a very good student where I would take notes as they would talk, and whether it was improvising or even just talking about the scene, I would write stuff down that they would say.

Because we were reading the script and it said, ‘This looks like Jackson Pollock’s spring period.’ And then she corrected us in rehearsal. She says, ‘No, it’s actually The Springs period. The Springs is the part of the Hamptons where Jackson Pollock lived and worked, not spring, not the season.’

Favreau commented that the veteran actors complemented each other perfectly, which made the dialogues so natural and well-flowing:

So I wrote down every word, and she’s correcting him in the movie when he says, ‘the spring period.’ So it just adds to their sort of nippy banter. I find it thoroughly compelling and entertaining to watch the two of them on screen together because they had this banter that has an edge to it.

Both RDJ and Paltrow made their last appearance in the MCU in 2019 ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with Paltrow recently admitting that she never watched the movie as she finds it difficult to navigate the complex cinematic universe. In recent times, RDJ is rumored to return to the MCU, with Feige debunking the rumors saying it’s absolutely out of the question since it would undermine the severity and emotional impact that ‘Endgame’ had.

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