Killmonger vs. Namor: Who Would Win in a Fight?

killmonger vs namor
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Two of the most popular names in the world of Black Panther are Killmonger and Namor, as they were the two main antagonists of Black Panther movies of the MCU. However, while the MCU films are based on the comics, the comic book counterparts of Killmonger and Namor are a bit different compared to their movie versions. But they are still incredibly strong. So, in a battle between Killmonger and Namor, who would win?

Namor would win in a fight against Killmonger because he is simply stronger and more durable and has more powers at his disposal. Despite the fact that Killmonger is smarter and more skilled than Namor, the Sub-Mariner is simply a powerhouse that could stand up to the likes of Thor and the Hulk.

It might be true that Killmonger is cooler and is quite prominent in the story of Black Panther. But the thing is that Namor is simply stronger than him because of his unique and superior physiology. In that regard, it would take a lot for Killmonger to be able to contend with Namor’s capabilities. that said, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.


Killmonger has strength that has been enhanced by the Heart-Shaped Herb and by other mystical methods. As such, he possesses enough strength that allows him to kill an entire adult bull elephant with his bare hands. Right now, in the comics, his strength is actually greater than that of Black Panther, who is only right around peak human levels in terms of his strength. As such, Killmonger is a powerhouse and a threat to T’Challa due to his physical capabilities.


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Namor’s physiology is a combination of his human mutant side and his Atlantean side. As such, he is a lot stronger than regular Atlanteans and possesses strength that could be right around 100 tons in terms of its upper limit. In fact, Namor has shown in multiple instances that he is strong enough to fight on par with the likes of Thor and the Hulk, who are both two of the most prominent powerhouses in the world of Marvel Comics. And Namor can even lift an entire ship.

namor hulk

While Killmonger is slightly stronger than Black Panther, Namor is several times stronger than both of them as he is near the level of Thor and the Hulk in terms of his strength.

Killmonger 0, Namor 1


Killmonger, despite his enhanced strength, is not a lot more durable than Black Panther, as his durability is just a tad above peak human level. However, his Vibranium equipment allows him to enhance his durability, as he is able to survive attacks that would have severely injured or even killed other characters. As such, in the comics, it is said that he is a tad more difficult to injure or kill compared to Black Panther.

Namor’s unique physiology allows him to have bodily tissues that are so tough that he is incredibly difficult to injure or kill. He is durable enough to be able to withstand attacks from the likes of Thor and the Hulk. It is even possible that his body is so durable that he could match the durability and resiliency of someone like Thor. He even has the ability to withstand bullets from high-caliber guns and is capable of healing his injuries whenever he is in the water.

namor thor

Normal weapons are still capable of harming or killing Killmonger, although doing so is very difficult. However, Namor is resilient or even resistant to most weapons and is capable of surviving power energy blasts and blows from incredibly strong characters.

Killmonger 0, Namor 2


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Powers and Abilities

Unlike some of the other prominent villains in Marvel Comics, Killmonger has no powers at all, as he is only capable of things that are physical. He is simply an extremely strong and skilled character that has no powers at all. As such, he cannot do things that are beyond the limits of what his physical body is capable of.

While Namor isn’t known for producing energy blasts, he is capable of flight because of his mutant side. He doesn’t even need to use any tool for flying as long as the wings on his ankles are still working. On top of that, he can communicate with marine and aquatic life to a degree. He even has aquatic healing, which allows him to heal at an incredibly fast rate whenever he is in the water.

namor fly

The fact that Killmonger has no powers means that Namor takes this round quite easily.

Killmonger 0, Namor 3

Fighting Skills

One of the things that Killmonger has always excelled at was fighting, as that was what made him a threat to Black Panther in the comics. He has superb fighting skills that were honed by his training and experience as a mercenary. Killmonger has mastered a lot of different disciplines of martial arts and possesses skills that allow him to defeat T’Challa in a fight. In that regard, he is an extremely gifted fighter that rivals some of the best that Marvel has to offer.

Killmonger Black Panther

Namor may not be the most gifted and skilled fighter in Marvel Comics, but he is still an expert combatant that is trained in the art of using his weapons and fists in close combat. He is extremely skilled in the art of using his spear or trident in a fight and is also capable of going toe-to-toe with some of the best fighters in Marvel. This is due in large part to his experience as a fighter and the training he received in Atlantis.


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It might be true that Namor is a skilled fighter, but Killmonger could bridge the gap between their physical capabilities through his superior skills as a combatant.

Killmonger 1, Namor 3


Killmonger was always an extremely intelligent character in the comics because he comes from the royal bloodline of Wakanda. As such, he was always a master of different fields and disciplines. He was known as a great inventor and engineer and was also a superb tactician in a fight. Killmonger also has well-rounded skills and knowledge in the fields of politics and industry.

killmonger sitting

Namor isn’t an incredibly scientifically intelligent character, but he isn’t dumb as well. He was always known for his abilities as a leader, as he seems to know what was best for his people. However, when it comes to outsmarting his opponents in any kind of field, Namor doesn’t have much to offer at all.

It isn’t that Namor is dumb. It’s just that Killmonger is incredibly smart and is only a level lower than the likes of Tony Stark and Reed Richards, who are two of the most intelligent men in Marvel Comics.

Killmonger 2, Namor 3

Killmonger vs. Namor: Who Wins?

As you can see, Namor takes three out of the two rounds in this fight, as his physical capabilities and powers are just too much for Killmonger to handle. It might be true that Killmonger is a more skilled fighter and a more intelligent person. But his skills and intelligence could only get him so far if he is up against a person that could actually go toe-to-toe with powerhouses like Thor and the Hulk.

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