Kratos vs. Hulk: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?


There are a lot of different brutes in the history of the world of fiction, regardless of what fictional universe you look at. Of course, in God of War, the strongest brute and arguably the strongest character is Kratos, who is otherwise known as the Ghost of Sparta. Meanwhile, in Marvel Comics, the most popular powerhouse is Hulk, who gets stronger as he becomes angrier. So, in a fight between Kratos and Hulk, who would win?

The Hulk is going to win in a fight against Kratos. Both of them are incredibly strong and durable, but the Hulk is miles ahead of Kratos in terms of strength and durability. While Kratos is the better and more mobile fighter, he would have a hard time dealing with the Hulk’s strength and invulnerability.

We’ve seen Kratos going up against some of the strongest creatures and gods in God of War, but none of them are at the level of the Hulk in terms of strength. In that regard, it is difficult to see Kratos doing any real damage to the Hulk, but this should be a fun fight between two powerhouses. So, in that regard, let’s look at this fictional battle in greater detail.


Kratos and the other gods in God of War tend to be scaled differently when it comes to their strength but what we are sure of is that they are immensely strong and are far stronger than humans at their peak. In that regard, Kratos is strong enough to lift entire trees with ease and even push back the fingers of a titan that was trying to crush him. He has strength levels that allow him to overpower gigantic monsters and entities that are far larger than he is. On top of that, he is able to match the strength of some of the mightiest gods in the video game series.


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The Hulk is often considered the most popular powerhouse of Marvel Comics because of the fact that he is known to smash things on a regular basis. His strength comes from his anger, and that means that he will only become stronger the angrier he gets. This means that the Hulk’s strength is quite possibly immeasurable as he can destroy entire cities or even level continents at his angriest. This is why the Hulk is often the measuring stick in terms of strength in the Marvel Comics universe.

Both Kratos and the Hulk get stronger when they are angry, but the Hulk is strong enough to level entire cities whenever he is at his angriest. This isn’t a knock on Kratos’s strength, but the Hulk’s strength is simply immeasurable.

Kratos 0, Hulk 1


Despite being a large man, Kratos has the physiology that allows him to have incredibly strong and quick legs. As such, he is a very nimble fighter that could move on the battlefield quicker than almost all of the other gods, as he was able to defeat Magni by simply speed-blitzing him. Kratos also has enough speed to be able to keep up with other fast gods, such as Zeus, Thor, and Hermes. As such, his speed is quite deceptive, as he can clear a battlefield with ease, especially when he is in his Spartan Rage mode.

The Hulk is known to be able to move incredibly fast whenever he is running or swimming, as he can leap from one area to another using his strong legs. He is also known to be able to swim at incredible speeds that allow him to match Namor’s own speeds in the water. However, the Hulk is not known to be a very quick fighter in the middle of a fight, as he is better known for being able to move fast whenever he is on the go.

While the Hulk should be faster than Kratos when traveling from one area to another, Kratos should be faster in a straight-up battle as he has quicker feet and better reflexes compared to the green giant.

Kratos 1, Hulk 1


While Kratos is often known for being strong enough to easily brutalize his opponents, the thing about him is that he is better at taking punishment than dealing it. We cannot count how many times Kratos was hit with a devastating attack that should have been enough to kill any other god. He has survived powerful attacks and getting stabbed by swords. He has even taken a Mjolnir strike on his face at point-blank range but didn’t even have any significant injuries. In that regard, Kratos is an incredibly durable god that can handle almost any attack that his opponent could dish out.

On top of the fact that he is known to have immeasurable strength, the Hulk is also known for having a body that is basically impenetrable, as he is able to absorb any kind of damage without getting hurt or injured. The Hulk’s skin is almost impenetrable and is resistant to all sorts of attacks. Meanwhile, his muscle tissues are so dense that they are able to absorb the impact of any attack. As such, the Hulk is one of the most durable characters in Marvel Comics, as he is often said to be nigh-invulnerable.

Regular swords and powerful attacks can affect Kratos despite the fact that they probably won’t kill him. But it takes a stronger character to actually hurt or injure the Hulk. That’s why the green giant takes this round.

Kratos 1, Hulk 2


Kratos is by no means dumb, but he isn’t the smartest person in the world of fiction. He is quite intuitive when it comes to observing his surroundings and analyzing his opponents’ weaknesses, as these have become instinctive to him because of his experience. However, he was never known to be the most intelligent character in the storyline, as he often leaves the thinking and analysis to his son and to Mimir. 

The Hulk is supposedly a dumb brute, but there are iterations of the Hulk that are smart. One version of the Hulk is basically a combination of Bruce Banner’s mind and the Hulk’s body. Of course, the Hulk could always leave the thinking part to Bruce Banner, who is one of the smartest men on Earth in the world of Marvel Comics. As such, it really depends on the situation and on who is in the driver’s seat.

Of course, Kratos should be smarter than the Hulk. But when the Hulk cedes the thinking to Bruce Banner, then the gap between them tilts toward Banner’s favor.

Kratos 1, Hulk 3


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Fighting Skills

Kratos is one of the most fearsome fighters in the world of God of War because the Spartan training he underwent allowed him to develop fighting skills that allowed him to rise up as a Spartan general. He is a master of any kind of weapon, regardless of whether it is ranged or melee. Even if he didn’t have a weapon in his hands, he could brutalize his opponents with his fists because he is also known to be a master of many forms of unarmed combat. Kratos is also a very skilled grappler that knows how to manhandle his opponents.

The thing about the Hulk is that he is often seen as a simple brute that tends to simply brawl his way out of his fights. However, in the comics, the Hulk eventually learned to become a more skilled fighter, although he is still basically just a brute. Nevertheless, the Hulk isn’t a mindless brawler but is actually a fighter that often knows what he is doing out there. Just don’t think of him as a fighter that’s on the level of Captain America.

There is no doubt that Kratos is by far the better fighter when compared to the Hulk. As long as he has a powerful weapon in his hands, there is a good chance that he could actually make life incredibly tough for the Incredible Hulk.

Kratos 2, Hulk 3

Kratos vs. Hulk: Who Wins?

The Hulk, in truth, is so much stronger and more durable than Kratos. But the thing is that Kratos has the mobility and fighting skills that would make this tougher for the Hulk. As such, because Kratos is just as angry as the Hulk and has superb fighting skills and plenty of battle experience under his belt, he can actually have a chance at defeating the Hulk, especially if he has the right weapon. However, there is no doubt that the Hulk is going to win this battle more often than not because he is simply the superior physical specimen.

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