Loki’s Family Tree Explained (MCU & Comics)

Loki family tree MCU comics

Loki never exactly fit the mold of your traditional Asgardian in the Marvel Comics, and there is a good reason for that. When he was an infant, Loki was left to die due to his small size, abandoned by his Frost Giant father, Laufey. Luckily, Odin discovered him, and in a strange moment of compassion and mutual interest, he took the babe in and raised him as his own son, for the most part. This is why Loki’s lineage is hard to trace since we know almost nothing about his race and forefathers. Still, let’s attempt to uncover at least part of Loki’s family tree in the MCU and Comics. 

Loki’s biological family tree in the comics

According to Loki’s old origin story, he was born as a son to Frost Giants Laufey and Queen Farbauti. Loki was born smaller than the rest of his kind due to unknown reasons (it was speculated that Farbauti was actually a goddess rather than a giantess, but this lacks evidence).

Loki family tree sons daughters grandsons
Loki’s family tree summarized to include only his blood relatives (and alleged blood relatives)

Seeing that Loki was smaller than the rest of his kind, this brought great shame to his biological parents, and Laufey left Loki to die in a temple, while Farbauti committed suicide by stabbing herself in the heart with an Ice Dagger. Some accounts claim that it was Laufey who killed her.

A newer origin story states that Loki was already a small child when Odin adopted him. Apparently, Loki shapeshifted into Odin’s father, Bor, and tricked him into adopting Loki, while the older version of Loki contacted his younger self and told him how to act in order to become the God of Mischief. The two versions of Loki then proceeded to kill their biological father, Laufey. 

Odin adopting loki 1

This is pretty much everything we have in terms of Loki’s biological ancestry as there is no information regarding Farbauti’s and Lufey’s lineage, but we do know that Loki had two brothers at some point, Byleistr and Helblindi, but not much is known about them except for the fact that they were born to Laufey and Farbauti. 


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Loki had plenty of children, some of them having children of their own. Loki’s wife in the comics was Sigyn, who married him by nothing but pure trickery when Loki shapeshifted into her current lover, Theoric. Sigyn and Loki had one son together under the name Narvi, who was subsequently murdered.

With Frost Giantess Angerboda, Loki proceeded to have Fenris Wolf, a genderfluid offspring also known as the Demon Spawn of Loki and Jormungand the Midgard Serpent. Fenris Wolf, in turn, had sons of its own, Hoarfen, Sturn, Drang, and Hrimhari.

Fenris Wolf Lokis child

Besides fathering numerous children, Loki also gave birth to the legendary eight-legged steed Sleipnir. According to the legend, a certain Frost Giant was tasked by Loki to build the walls around Asgard, and if he managed to do it on time, Loki would award him with the moon, the sun, and Freya herself. 

Loki angered the Asgardians with this deal, but the real panic settled when he saw that the walls would be completed by the deadline. Not wanting to give Freya away, Loki came up with a plan. Considering that the Frost Giant relied on his famous steed, Svadilfari, to do most of the hard work, Loki knew that he had to distract the steed in some way.

Loki used his shapeshifting magic and turned into a white mare right before The Frost Giant was about to lay the last brick. In the body of a beautiful white mare, Loki lured Svadilfari away and later gave birth to Sleipnir, Odin’s legendary favorite mount. 

Loki also had several short-term affairs with mortal women and women of otherwise unknown origins. They, in turn, gave birth to The Son of Satan, Vali Halfling and Tess Black. 

Loki children with mortal women

Loki has one known great-grandson, a lupine shapeshifter under the name Tier Sinclair. Tier Sinclair trances his lineage to Loki via Hrimhari, who was the son of Fenris Wolf. Like Loki and most of his descendants, Tier was a highly gifted shapeshifter notable for the Lupine features he got from both his father’s and mother’s sides. 


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Loki’s Family Tree in the MCU Explained

Now, as far as the MCU goes, Loki’s story is far more complicated as we know that we currently know about only one biological relative, his Frost Giant father, Laufey. Even the identity of Loki’s mother in the MCU is unknown, but we can assume that his parentage is the same as his comics. 

Loki doesn’t have any biological children in the MCU as well, considering that his comic-book counterpart is much older than the Loki we’re used to seeing in the MCU. Loki also doesn’t have any notable love interests in the MCU, except for Sylvie, but their romance is still uncertain, considering everything that took place in the first season of ‘Loki.’ 

We’re also quite sure that it would be difficult to adapt all of Loki’s confusing and magical children to the MCU since his story has somewhat taken a different turn at this point. 

are thor and loki brothers comics and mcu

So, with the current state of Loki’s story, we can only talk about his adoptive family at this point. Loki was adopted by Thor and Frigga, meaning that Thor is likewise his adoptive brother. We’re not sure whether Loki’s biological brothers are part of the MCU since almost nothing regarding Laufey has been covered in much detail. 

Loki traces his adoptive lineage back to Buri, the first King of Asgard and Odin’s grandfather. In the MCU, Hela is likewise Loki’s adoptive sister instead of being his adopted daughter. From Frigga’s side of the family, there are no known adoptive relatives of Loki. 

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