Will Loki & Sylvie Get Together? Their Relationship Explained


If Loki knew what was about to happen to him, he would probably think twice before stealing and escaping with the Tesseract. But that event also led him to meet Sylvie, whom he became fond of. The first season of ‘Loki’ showed us how these Loki variants met and became fond of each other. But will Loki and Sylvie get together again in the show’s second season? Let’s explain their relationship and see what to expect.

Loki and Sylvie fell in love in the first season of ‘Loki.’ The two of them met unexpectedly and spent time together in unusual places where they faced apocalypse and almost certain deaths. And all of that while they tried to find out who was behind the creation of the TVA. The season finale confirmed that these Loki variants love each other but have different ambitions in life. They will reconnect in the second season of the show.

Now that you know what kind of relationship Loki and Sylvie have, let’s see in more detail how they met and what led to their affection for each other. Keep reading to find out more about it!

Who is Loki’s love interest in ‘Loki’?

Loki has been a part of the MCU for over a decade, but not much was known about his love life until the ‘Loki’ show was released. As you probably know, in the show, Loki is arrested by the Time Variance Authority because he stole the Tesseract and escaped. This created the Nexus Event that interfered with the proper flow of the timeline.

Instead of being pruned and erased from existence, it was decided that Loki would be a valuable asset in tracking down one of his variants that’s been killing Minutemen, the TVA’s employers. Loki found his variant and was so surprised when he realized she was an attractive female Loki, Sylvie Laufeydottir.

At first, Loki wants Sylvie to join him to overthrow the Time Keepers so they can rule over the TVA. This does not come as a surprise since he was always power-hungry. Sylvie had other plans and wanted to bring the TVA down. They spent some time on the run from the TVA and ended up on a moon called Lamentis-1. There, they started talking more about their lives and learned much about each other.

Sylvie revealed that she’d been just a child when the TVA captured her, but she managed to escape and has been on the run ever since. She never got the time and opportunity to meet anyone long enough to fall in love and have a meaningful relationship. On the other hand, we finally learn more about Loki’s love life. He confirmed that he is bisexual and, as Prince of Asgard, had many lovers, but nothing that could be considered real and meaningful.


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Loki’s and Sylvie’s interactions were interesting from the start. Sometimes, they fought. Sometimes, they had meaningful conversations and occasionally called each other names. Step by step, all of that led to Loki falling in love with Sylvie. When Lamentis-1 faced imminent destruction, the two Lokis held each other’s hand, and their romantic connection was evident.

Does Loki love Sylvie romantically?

Love and romance are not something that we would typically associate with the God of Mischief, but ‘Loki’ show changed that. When Loki and Sylvie held their hands, that event alone created a Nexus Event so big that it almost destroyed the timeline. This was proof of what a power couple these two might be. However, the TVA found them and captured them in their headquarters.

The TVA separated Loki and Sylvie because that made the integration easier. When Loki was talking with Mobius, he was trying so hard to find faults in Sylvie. He called her difficult and irritating, but when Mobius lied to him about Sylvie being pruned, it was obvious that Loki was hurt. At that point, it was clear that the God of Mischief was in love with his variant. And it was the kind of love that could break the reality.

When Loki and Sylvie reached the CItadel at the End of Time, He Who Remains offered them to take his place and become the leaders of the TVA. Two Lokis had difference of opinions on what to do, and their dispute ended in a fierce fight. Loki stopped the fight, calmed himself and Sylvie, and confessed his feelings to her. He said he did not want to hurt her and only wanted Sylvie to be okay.


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This was a confession of love – Sylvie felt the same toward Loki, and she demonstrated her affection by kissing him. So, yes, they love each other, but Sylvie is also aware that she and Loki want different things and have different goals. That’s why she pushed Loki through a portal leading to TVA’s headquarters, and after that, their paths separated.

Sylvie and Loki meet again in ‘Loki’ season 2

The timeline was left in chaos after Sylvie killed He Who Remains at the end of the first season. In the second season, Loki also faces new problems because he is timesliping, and no one seems to know how to resolve that issue. He’s being pulled through time, between the past and the present.

The second season’s trailer shows that Mobius and Loki travel to various time periods in the timeline and are trying to repair the timeline. In different time eras, Loki also encounters Sylvie, who is presumably on a similar mission. At some point, Loki and Sylvie team up again, and it is not wrong to presume that their feelings will emerge once again, especially since not much time has passed after the events in the first season.

It is still unclear if their relationship will stay platonic, but with all the chaos around them, it is fair to conclude that their main focus will be restoring the timeline balance while that is still possible. We’ll have to wait and see what the second season has in store for us, and October 6 is the date when we’ll get some of the answers.

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