Lucifer vs. Superman (Including Cosmic Armor): Who Would Win in a Fight?

lucifer vs cosmic armor superman
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When it comes to DC characters, a lot tend to be unimaginable in terms of how powerful they are. Of course, there are DC characters that are omnipotent and incredibly powerful to the point that they can do anything they want, as is the case for Lucifer, who is a being that has powers that allow him to be a godlike being beyond the multiverse. Then there’s Superman, who has a lot of different versions, including the Cosmic Armor version, that’s said to be the strongest Superman variant. So, in a fight between Lucifer and Superman, who would win?

Lucifer will win in a fight against Superman and his Cosmic Armor version. That’s because Lucifer is second only to one being, and that’s the Presence, the omnipotent god of DC. As such, Lucifer is essentially the most powerful being in DC besides Presence himself.

Lucifer is a being that transcends anything that Superman could ever be, as he is beyond the multiverse. Meanwhile, Cosmic Armor Superman is, at best, multiversal in terms of his power level. As such, Lucifer should be able to defeat Cosmic Armor Superman without any trouble, as he can shape entire realities according to his will.


One of the things that Lucifer is known for is his seemingly limitless power. As an almost omnipotent being, he can be as strong as he wants, depending on the situation. That is why Lucifer can overpower any character in DC, regardless of how powerful that character may be. After all, Lucifer Morningstar is known as the strongest of God’s children, meaning no DC character could match his strength other than God (the Presence himself).


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Always the poster boy of strength in the DC universe, Superman is capable of strength feats that are said to exceed 2 billion tons. That means he can push entire planets at will and is stronger when he is the Cosmic Armor version of himself. This is because Cosmic Armor Superman can become stronger when he is in a situation wherein he has to adapt. As such, if he were to find himself facing a stronger opponent, his body would reconstruct itself to make him even stronger.

superman lifting

Of course, while Cosmic Armor Superman is supposed to be capable of becoming stronger than any opponent, Lucifer is inherently stronger than anyone else in existence, except for God. That’s why he wins this round.

Lucifer 1, Superman 0


Of course, as an angel, Lucifer is a being with no end, as he is immortal in every sense of the word because he is a being beyond the normal confines of life and death. However, there have been instances wherein beings as powerful as he is were killed, as was the case for Michael Demiurgos, who was the only one strong enough to match Lucifer’s power. But Michael was killed by a fellow angel, which means that only someone at the level of an angel could kill Lucifer. There’s also the fact that Lucifer can survive the Overvoid effortlessly.

Superman is known as the Man of Steel for a good reason: he can survive attacks that would kill regular people or even other superheroes. But his durability is exponentially higher than Cosmic Armor Superman because this character was meant to grow stronger when facing a tougher opponent. As such, if Cosmic Armor Superman were to face someone who could hurt him, he would only adapt to become more durable than ever. His best durability feat was surviving an attack with the power of more than 50 universes.


Even though Cosmic Armor Superman is extremely durable and can only be killed by characters beyond cosmic in terms of their powers, Lucifer can only be killed by a fellow angel or the Presence.

Lucifer 2, Superman 0

Powers and abilities

Omnipotent, Lucifer can do anything he wants as he shares half of the power of the Presence. That means he can create entire realities and shape universes as he pleases, and he can change reality whenever he wants as he is a being that’s beyond the multiverse itself. The only limit to Lucifer’s power is that he can’t create life, as the Presence granted only Michael Demiurgos that power.

lucifer and the presence

Superman has all of Kryptonians’ standard powers and abilities in that he has superhuman physical capabilities, flight, heat vision, and superhuman breath. However, Cosmic Armor Superman has all of those but is exponentially stronger than the regular version of the Man of Steel. On top of that, he is a plot device that will only get stronger when facing stronger opponents. Cosmic Armor Superman is also so powerful that he is a being on the level of a multiverse, as he can communicate with different universes at will.


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Cosmic Armor Superman has godlike abilities that make him multiversal in power. But Lucifer is beyond the multiverse and is God, except that he doesn’t have the power to create life.

Lucifer 3, Superman 0


Because he is closer to the Presence’s power than anyone else in DC, Lucifer possesses boundless knowledge, as he knows almost anything from start to finish. He can also know whatever is happening throughout the multiverse, as that is what it means to be nearly omniscient. As such, there is hardly anyone smarter and more knowledgeable than Lucifer, although there may be characters that could outwit him.


Superman was already smart as he was as Kryptonians evolved to become inherently smarter than regular human beings. But Cosmic Armor Superman takes that to a new level as he is a character with enough intelligence to understand what is going on and happening throughout the cosmos. Although not omniscient and omnipresent, Cosmic Armor Superman can know and understand what’s happening in the multiverse due to his transdimensional awareness.

Cosmic Armor Superman is a robot that can know what’s happening in a different dimension or even throughout the multiverse. Then again, he is not omniscient. On the other hand, Lucifer’s omniscience is second only to God.

Lucifer 4, Superman 0

Fighting Skills

Even though Lucifer never needed to be a good fighter due to his incredibly powerful strength, he trained in many different weapons, as angels are known to be capable fighters. That’s why Lucifer is a trained swordsman and can even stand his ground against any other angel regarding his combat skills. He may not be the most skilled combatant in DC, but he is well-trained enough to hold his own against great fighters if he loses his omnipotent powers.

lucifer vs gabriel

Superman may have started as a brawler, but he is known to be a great fighter and learned to fight while training with Batman and Wonder Woman. However, Cosmic Armor Superman is a learning robot that will only improve when facing a better fighter. For example, if Cosmic Armor Superman was fighting a character with superior fighting skills, he would learn to adapt and become a better fighter. That is how overpowered this robotic version of Superman is.


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Lucifer may be all-powerful and all-knowing, but fighting is a skill that cannot be obtained through any godly power. In that regard, Cosmic Armor Superman should win this round as he can become a better fighter when needed. 

Lucifer 4, Superman 1

Lucifer vs. Superman: Who wins?

No matter how strong Cosmic Armor Superman may be, the thing is that Lucifer is simply an entirely different being when it comes to how powerful he is. It might be true that Cosmic Armor Superman can become stronger when needed, but Lucifer can erase his entire existence with a single thought due to how his powers are second only to one person. As such, there is no denying that the difference between these characters is night and day, as not even the most overpowered version of Superman is close enough to the power of a man who the supreme god of the DC universe only surpasses.

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