Superman vs. Supergirl: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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The Supergirl hype has never been higher since the character is set to make her DCEU debut in the upcoming The Flash movie. In that regard, we know that she will be the one to face General Zod in this alternate universe, as Superman probably doesn’t exist in this timeline. Of course, now we are wondering whether or not Supergirl will be able to take Superman’s place as a powerhouse, considering that Clark Kent has always been the poster boy of DC’s powerhouses. So, who is stronger, Superman and Supergirl, and who would win in a fight? 

Superman should win in a fight against Supergirl because he has more control over his powers and is far more experienced in fighting villains and using his powers. While they have the same strengths, powers, and weaknesses, the fact that Superman is more experienced gives him the edge.

While it might be true that Superman and Supergirl have the same powers and abilities, the fact is that Superman has been doing it longer than his cousin. This is why he has always been portrayed as the stronger of the two in serious fights. So, with that said, let’s look at who between Superman and Supergirl would win in a fight.


The one thing that people know about Superman is that he has superhuman strength that allows him to lift incredibly heavy objects, as it is often said that he can lift up to 2 billion tons. In that regard, he is one of the strongest characters in the entire DC universe in terms of pure strength, as he can lift entire buildings and even push planets out of orbit due to his incredible strength. And Superman has also overpowered some of the strongest characters in DC using his strength alone.

Like Superman, Supergirl’s Kryptonian physiology allows her to lift incredibly heavy objects after gaining superhuman strength when exposed to a yellow sun. As such, she is possibly capable of lifting the same weight that Superman can lift because they are quite similar in terms of their standard physical abilities. However, she lacks the same kind of control over her strength that Superman has because she hasn’t had superhuman strength as long as her cousin has.

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While both Superman and Supergirl are just as strong as each other due to their similar physiologies, Superman should win this round since he has more control over his strength and has had more feats.

Kal 1, Kara 0


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On top of the fact that he is also super strong, Superman also possesses superhuman speed thanks to the physical enhancements he gains when he is exposed to the yellow sun. This allows Superman to be fast enough to stop a speeding bullet in its tracks. He has also beaten the Flash in a race a few times despite how the Flash has always been faster at his full speed. Superman can also reach speeds that exceed lightspeed whenever he is in outer space.

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Like all Kryptonians, Supergirl is also incredibly fast due to the effects of getting exposed to the yellow sun. She can move faster than a speeding bullet and can cover vast distances in seconds. Supergirl is also known to be able to reach or exceed the speed of light whenever she is flying in outer space. And like all Kryptonians, her speed also carries over to her perception.

Superman and Supergirl are just as fast as each other whenever they are at full speed because their physiologies are very similar.

Kal 1, Kara 0

Powers and abilities

Superman also gained incredible powers and abilities due to the effects of getting exposed to the yellow sun. His most important power is his flight, which allows her to manipulate graviton particles that allow her to defy the laws of gravity and move through the air at will. Superman’s most dangerous power is his heat vision, which allows him to blast lasers of concentrated heat that can reach 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit (nearly five times hotter than lava). He also has a super-breath, which allows him to expel strong gusts of wind from his mouth or use his breath to freeze targets.

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Supergirl possesses all of the standard powers and abilities that all Kryptonians gain whenever they get exposed to the yellow sun. This means that she can also fly and shoot laser beams out of her eyes, and her heat vision is so hot that she once evaporated an entire ocean. On top of that, she also has her cousin’s other powers, including super-breath and X-Ray vision.


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Even though Superman and Supergirl have the same powers and abilities, the fact that Superman has more control over those powers allows him to have the edge over his cousin.

Kal 2, Kara 0


While there isn’t an exact account of how old Superman is, we know that he is a grown adult who has worked as a superhero for a long time; he may have been fighting crime and villains for at least two or three decades already. Throughout that time, he has fought and defeated some of the greatest threats that the Earth has seen. Of course, he has had his powers since he was a child, which means he knows how to use them better than any other Kryptonian.

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Technically, Supergirl is older than Superman, but she stopped aging when her escape pod was in an accident while it was on its way to Earth. As such, Kara arrived on Earth no older than she was when she left Krypton, which means that she was still just a teenager when she finally met Superman and gained her powers. That is why she hasn’t had a lot of experience in the use of her powers and abilities. At one point, her lack of control over her abilities was questioned by Batman and Superman.

Despite having the same set of powers and abilities that her cousin has, Supergirl lacks the experience and finesse of Superman.

Kal 3, Kara 0

Fighting skills

Initially, a brawler that used his fists and superhuman strength to overpower his opponents, Superman eventually learned how to hone his fighting skills after learning from great fighters like Wonder Woman and Batman. He also became a better hand-to-hand combatant through experience, especially after fighting great warriors such as Mongul and Darkseid. In that regard, he isn’t an unrefined brawler but is actually a pretty good fighter.


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Before Supergirl left Krypton, she was working hard to join the military academy on her planet, which meant that she needed to learn how to fight as part of her trials. In that regard, even though she and the other Kryptonians on Krypton did not have any powers due to their red sun, she learned how to fight and was trained in the martial arts of Krypton. This allowed her to become an adept and skilled fighter even before she gained her powers.

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While Kara learned how to fight at a young age, Superman eventually became just as skilled through experience and training. As such, we can’t say who, between Superman and Supergirl, has the better fighting skills.

Kal 3, Kara 0

Superman vs. Supergirl: Who wins?

Yeth Superman and Supergirl are almost the same in terms of their overall powers and abilities because all Kryptonians have the same standard powers and abilities when exposed to the yellow sun. However, the difference maker here ct that Superman has been doing what he does best for a long time and was able to learn how to control and master his powers and abilities since he was a child.

On the other hand, Supergirl had to learn how to control her powers during her teenage years. As such, Superman’s experience and refined control over his powers would allow him to win a fight against Supergirl.

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