Lucifer vs. Trigon: Who Would Win in a Fight of Demons?


The world of DC is one that’s full of demons and demonic entities, as we know for a fact that some of the most ridiculously powerful entities exist in this fictional universe. Of course, we know for a fact that two demonic entities that rule their own versions of Hell exist in DC, as Lucifer is the ruler of the true Hell, while Trigon lives in a dimension that is similar to Hell. So, in a fight between these demonic characters, who would win?

Lucifer is far stronger than Trigon because he is an entity that is multiversal in terms of his level. In fact, as strong as Trigon may be in his own universe, Lucifer is a being that is second only to the Presence, who is known as the god of DC. In that regard, there is only one being more powerful than Lucifer.

While it may be true that Trigon looks scarier, Lucifer exists in realms that are far above the level of this hellish creature. We could even say that Trigon is but a mere ant to Lucifer’s entire existence, as the gap between them is just too wide. So, in that regard, let’s take a look at how a battle between Lucifer and Trigon would be and how wide the gap is between them.


Lucifer is a fallen archangel with capabilities that are said to be nigh-omnipotent as he can alter his biology at a cellular level and do things that are nigh-omnipotent. In that regard, he can be as strong as he wants to be, and that means that he can be so much stronger than any DC character if he wants to be. That’s because his power is nearly limited, and he can do almost anything he wants to do except create something out of nothing.


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Trigon is a dimensional being that has powers that are cosmic in terms of their level, as he was able to slay a group of cosmic aliens known as the Divine. In that regard, he obtained powers that are so incredible that he has strength that far surpasses whatever Superman has. In fact, Superman struggled to do any sort of damage to Trigon. Superboy even said that punching Trigon is similar to hitting a mountain with a spoon.

As incredible as Trigon’s strength level is, the fact is that Lucifer can easily surpass his strength if he wants to because he has nigh-omnipotence and is basically the strongest being in DC if he wants to.

Lucifer 1, Trigon 0

Powers and Abilities

One of the things that have always been true about Lucifer is the fact that he is nigh-omnipotent, and that means that he is capable of doing everything he wants to do except to create something out of nothing, which is a power that only Michael Demiurgos possesses. In that regard, Lucifer is the second most powerful creature in existence, as the only other characters that are equal to or stronger than him are Michael and the Presence himself. In fact, Lucifer is a lot more powerful than the Endless, which are important aspects of existence itself.

Trigon is a creature that was born from the Divine but ultimately became more powerful than these alien entities when he absorbed the Heart of Darkness. After he absorbed evil from a hundred galaxies, he became so powerful that he could destroy entire planets and defeat almost any kind of entity in his universe. He became a manifestation of evil and hatred in the universe and had enough power to make powerful characters like Superman look weak.


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Even though Trigon is indeed an incredibly powerful entity with powers that surpass what most superheroes have, the fact is that Lucifer is second only to the Presence, who is the god of DC. As such, there is no doubt that Lucifer is far more powerful. 

Lucifer 2, Trigon 0


Lucifer, as an entity that surpasses all of creation and is at a level that’s beyond the multiverse, possesses cosmic awareness that allows him to know what is happening in different parts of the multiverse. In fact, his intelligence is also at an incredibly high level that he was able to process the 20-billion-year history of a single universe in a mere blink of an eye. That means that he has the capacity to know everything there is to know if he truly wants to.

As powerful as Trigon may be, he isn’t the most intelligent character, even though he isn’t even dumb. He is a master of deception and is incredibly skillful at seducing women, thanks to his intelligence and charms. However, he was never someone who possessed infinite wisdom and cosmic knowledge. As such, he isn’t someone that could outsmart some of the smartest characters in the DC universe.

This shouldn’t even be something that is up for debate because Lucifer has the capacity to learn everything there is to know about multiple universes in a manner of mere seconds. And this isn’t something that Trigon is remotely close to being capable of. 

Lucifer 3, Trigon 0

Fighting Skills

As an archangel, Lucifer was trained in the art of fighting as he is excellent at handling all sorts of different weapons. He may not be an expert martial artist (as martial arts aren’t in the realm of his nigh-omnipotence). But he knows a thing or two about using weapons due to his time as an archangel. That means that he is a master swordsman and is able to overwhelm opponents using his skills with a sword.

Trigon may be large and powerful, but he was never someone skilled in a fight. He can brawl his way out of a fight, as he is capable of dishing out punishing punches against just about any other brawler in the DC universe. However, he isn’t someone close to the level of combat skills that characters like Batman and Wonder Woman have. But he never really needed to develop fighting skills because he can basically beat anyone in a fight.

Of course, Lucifer takes this round once more because he is a master swordsman and is a particularly skilled fighter.

Lucifer 4, Trigon 0


The fact that Lucifer possesses nigh-omnipotence has allowed him to perform unbelievable feats in the DC universe. Of course, the most amazing feat he was able to do was the fact that he used Michael’s power to create an entire multiverse out of nothing. This happened when Michael’s death released his powers of creation, as Lucifer used this power to create an entire multiverse instead of allowing it to destroy a multiverse. As such, this feat is something that only the Presence is able to achieve in DC.

Trigon has had a lot of feats in the DC universe, as he singlehandedly defeated the Divine, which are cosmic-level aliens that are incredibly powerful. He has also showcased the ability to take on the Teen Titans without showing any effort at all, as he also did the same to the Justice League. In fact, he has beaten Superman down and has taken the full might of the punches of both Superman and Superboy on separate occasions.

As impressive as Trigon’s feats are in terms of the universal level, the fact is that Lucifer’s feats are beyond the multiverse as he actually created an entire multiverse is a feat that no one can top except for the Presence.

Lucifer 5, Trigon 0

Lucifer vs. Trigon: Who Wins?

The truth of the matter is that Trigon isn’t even remotely close to Lucifer’s radar in the power level standings in DC because they both belong to different hierarchies. While Trigon is a threat to planets and galaxies, Lucifer is a being that is on the level of existence itself, as he surpasses not only the level of a universe but also an entire multiverse. This means that Trigon is perhaps a mere speck of dust to Lucifer’s entire existence as a nigh-omnipotent being that is second only to the one true god of the DC universe.

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