‘Madame Web’ Concept Art Reveals How Different the Movie Could Have Been

madame web concept art

‘Madame Web’ is the latest installment in the SSU, without Spider-Man in it, and it’s enough to say that the movie wasn’t successful at all. It was a commercial and critical failure with even the lead actress admitting that she would likely never do anything like this as well, and the rest of the cast “washing their hands” from the movie.

Back when the movie was first released, Dakota Johnson claimed that the script was drastically changed and that this wasn’t necessarily what she signed up for. We know that ‘Madame Web’ is set in its own standalone universe and takes place in 2003.

We’ve seen the birth of Peter Parker or at least one version of him, but according to some pre-release rumors and leaks, he was originally supposed to be featured in the movie. Leaked concept art from the movie somewhat confirmed those claims as we can see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man battling Ezekiel Sims.

The movie was supposed to originally feature web-slinger in a secondary role before the crew realized that the timeline was off and had to scrap every reference from the finished product. Fans already noticed how epic that concept art looks and pointed out that if the movie went in this direction, ‘Madame Web’ perhaps wouldn’t be one additional meme factory like ‘Morbius’ was for the SSU.

However, let’s take this “what could have been” with a grain of salt, according to some fans and critics (and in my humble opinion) Ezekiel Sims was by far the weakest part of the movie. The performance and the whole premise surrounding him were laughable at best. I’m not even going to comment on the costume.

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