Miss Minutes Was Not Originally a Comic Character, but She Is Now & Here’s How 

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Miss Minutes was originally introduced back in Season 1 of the ‘Loki’ series. She is an AI created by He Who Remains and originally had a small role compared to what it is today. Naturally, the “good-hearted” AI turned into a mass murderer by the end of the ‘Loki’ series and even conspired against her former master, pursuing her own goals. As we know, most characters in the MCU are from Marvel Comics in one way or another, or they were at least inspired by the comics. But this wasn’t the case with Miss Minutes until recently. Let’s see whether Miss Minutes appears in Marvel Comics. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Miss Minutes is an original MCU character, meaning that she never appeared in the comics before her debut in ‘Loki’ Season 1. 
  • Miss Minutes did, however, appear on several variant covers, her first debut being Marvel’s ‘Timeless’ #1 one-shot released in 2022, a collection of the greatest 2022 stories. 
  • She, however, didn’t play an active part in any of the comic stories and didn’t properly debut as a character but merely as a reference. 

Miss Minutes is an original MCU creation

MCU is the largest cinematic Universe to date, combining 33 movies and dozens of shows in its main continuity, and most of the stories and characters on the big screen are directly taken from Marvel Comics or at least partially inspired by them. 

‘Loki’ show is one of the most successful series so far and the first series to get a second season, and with it came a slate of original characters that were never before seen in Marvel Comics. Miss Minutes was one of them. 

She is a benevolent AI created by He Who Remains to play chess with. Over time, He Who Remains figured out the potential such AI had, and she slowly turned into the mascot of the TVA and its ruler from the shadows, as Miss Minutes had authority over everything and everyone. Of course, this was presented as Miss Minutes merely “assisting.” 

miss minutes1

He Who Remains also gave Miss Minutes the ability to write her own code and develop her personality in any way she wanted, and unfortunately, Miss Minutes programmed her affections toward He Who Remains and started to hold a grudge toward him because he never gave her a body. 

miss minutes with a body

This eventually led her to conspire against him with Ravonna, who was also disappointed with him. The two wanted to take over the TVA, leading the organization directly. They went as far as to kill notable hunters in a cruel way, torturing them after they refused to help them in their goals. 

In any case, Miss Minutes was ever as they come, which makes it worse. Being AI, means that Miss Minutes actually had to program that evil into her self consciously.

AI eventually rebooted her and is still a part of the TVA, although most likely, she doesn’t have the permissions she used to have, and her memory has probably been wiped of all the evil she caused. 


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Miss Minutes appeared multiple variant covers

Miss Minutes doesn’t exactly have stories in the comics, and neither is she some secondary and background character, but she did appear on the variant cover of 2022 ‘Timeless’ a one-shot focusing on Kang the Conqueror, her creator, and the best stories the readers, could enjoy in 2022 including the battles against Ashen Combine.  In 2023, throughout August, she appeared on variants of ‘Astonishing Iceman’ #1, ‘Children of the Vault’ #1, ‘Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha’ #1, ‘Alpha Flight’ #1, ‘Uncanny Avengers’ #1, ‘Immortal Thor’ #1, ‘Jean Grey’ #1, and ‘Marvel Unleashed’ #1. In the efforts to promote the upcoming season.

Miss Minutes variant covers

Miss Minutes might get her own stories in future comics, but nothing has been confirmed as of now. We do know that ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ got their “expanded” origin stories in the comics following the success of the movies, which were more like the ones we saw in the movie than the ones we saw originally in the comics. 

In any case, it would be interesting to find out more about Miss Marvel’s descent into madness and evil, at least in the comic format. 

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