‘Loki’: Miss Minutes Programmed Herself To Love Kang, Now She Wants To Kill Him

does miss minutes love kang

Miss Minutes was always one of the central characters in relation to He Who Remains. She was his personal assistant, his confidante, and hardly ever something happened in the TVA that she wasn’t aware of. What initially started as a computer for He Who Remains to play chess eventually progressed into an almost human with its own wants and desires. And those wants and desires, in the last few episodes of ‘Loki,’ showed their ugly face. 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Miss Minutes obviously can’t love Kang, Timely, or He Who Remains because she is artificial intelligence. 
  • However, she did handle most of her programming, so she convinced herself that she felt something toward him, which borders on the obsession. 
  • Miss Minutes eventually turned on the Kang variant because she felt slighted by him for not providing her with the real body.

Miss Minutes started as a relatively simple AI 

The story of He Who Remains, Kang variant, and Miss Minutes goes a long way back. She was initially created so He Who Remains could play chess with someone, but as her programming got more complicated, so did her tasks. She eventually started serving as a “benevolent” and quirky mascot of the TVA, but in reality, her tasks ranged from espionage, brainwashing, and maintaining the Temporal Loom ever so often. 

He Who Remains was so pleased with how Miss Minutes performed that he decided to give her authority to write her own code, and her full personality took shape right then and there. And if we’ve learned anything from one famous franchise involving AI, you never ever give them autonomy. 


Miss Minutes eventually wrote her code in such a way she was able to simulate desires and attachments, and her attachment to He Who Remains was already too strong to be healthy. 


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Miss Minutes thinks that the only thing that stands between her romance with He Who Remains is her lack of body

Miss Minutes showed her true “feelings” in the third episode when she confronted Victor Timely with a cringy rant related to her lack of physical body. Of course, Victor Timely had nothing to do with that. He Who Remains was the one who decided to grant Miss Minutes all the freedom of a human but decided not to grant her a real body.

Miss Minutes obviously wanted to use that body to get closer to Timely / He Who Remains, as she was convinced that the two of them belonged together. She also considered Ravonna to be a threat and worked with Timely behind her back to get her ousted from “their” plans. 

miss minutes with a body

Everything was going smoothly before Timely decided to turn off the AI projector. Miss Minutes took that as a personal insult and decided that Timely is not He Who Remains after all. 

Miss Minutes doesn’t truly love Timely or He Who Remains she is attached to him 

As an AI, Miss Minutes can’t truly feel anything. She can simulate certain things and form attachments, but no matter how attached she becomes to anyone, this doesn’t change the fact that she is a bunch of code, just like your smart microwave is.

Miss Minutes forms an unnatural attachment to He Who Remains because he is the only person who is able to understand her (because he literally created her). She confused his polite manners and ambition in utilizing her with real emotions that never existed in the first place. He Who Remains was using Miss Minutes to accomplish his goals, and there’s nothing wrong with that because she was never supposed to develop that attachment to him. 

He Who Remains was probably unaware of that rogue piece of programming. Victor Timely, on the other hand, after Miss Minutes’ rant is aware of it.

Miss Minutes doesn’t see things that way; however, instead of coming to terms with who she is and what is possible for her, she decides that Timely doesn’t reciprocate her feelings because he is not He Who Remains and is clearly inferior to him in every single way. After being rejected, she ran back to Ravonna and started forming different plans with her.  

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