What Is the Clock From ‘Loki’? Miss Minutes Explained


When Loki was captured by the Time Variance Authority and was taken to their headquarters to face the trial for the crimes against the Sacred Timeline, he genuinely had no idea what was happening. And when a talking clock explained where he was, he thought it was all a joke. That talking clock is called Miss Minutes, and in this article, you can find out what actually she is.

Miss Minutes is an artificial intelligence created by He Who Remains. She is TVA’s mascot and most valuable assistant, doing various tasks politely and cheerfully. Miss Minutes also spreads TVA’s propaganda across the organization and among the workers so they always know their goal and how to behave. She also poses as a mediator between He Who Remains and other parties.

The first season of ‘Loki’ presented many interesting characters, but Miss Minutes was probably the most unusual. Now that you know who and what she is, let’s see in more detail what else is there to know about this AI.

Miss Minutes is TVA’s mascot and most valuable assistant

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When the TVA captured Loki after stealing the Tesseract and causing the Nexus Event, one of the first things he met in the TVA’s headquarters was Miss Minutes, an artificial intelligence created to help the TVA with various tasks. He Who Remains created Miss Minutes, and she not only spread the TVA’s propaganda across the organization but was also a link between He Who Remains and Ravonna, the TVA’s Judge.

Miss Minutes was the one who welcomed Loki to the TVA, and it was her job to introduce him to everything he needed to know before facing the trial for the crimes he committed against the Sacred Timeline. Miss Minutes informed Loki about the Multiversal War that happened long ago and with the dogma that the Time Keepers were the ones to stop the war and created the Sacred Timeline.

Loki learned from Miss Minutes what kind of people are considered Variants and what is TVA’s role in securing the timeline. She also tutored Loki before he became TVA’s consultant on the mission to capture his Variant. Her personality makes her likable, and many fans agree that a famous voice actress, Tara Strong, did a great job voicing this AI.


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As a liaison between He Who Remains and Ravonna, Miss Minutes is at Ravonna’s every service, and the two of them cunningly plotted to stall long enough that Minutemen gather and capture Sylvie. Even though that failed, it was still interesting to see how AI can think of something like that and fast. It’s worth noting that Miss Minute’s true loyalty lies with He Who Remains, and he’s the one that comes first in the hierarchy of giving this artificial intelligence orders.

He Who Remains created Miss Minutes, and she often poses as his mediator

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Miss Minutes is not restricted to TVA’s headquarters; she also spends time at The Citadel at the End of Time as He Who Remains’s assistant. She was there to welcome Loki and Sylvie when they arrived. She congratulated them for finally reaching the Citadel since their journey was difficult. Even He Who Remains was proud of them. Miss Minutes also introduced He Who Remains to them, briefly explained who he is, and told them about the offer he has for them.

In this instance, Miss Minutes was a mediator between He Who Remains and the two Lokis. She explained how He Who Remains could bring Sylvie and Loki back into the timeline in a way that wouldn’t disrupt things. They could have anything they ever desired. For example, Loki could win the Battle of New York, kill Thanos before he kills him, or even have the Infinity Gauntlet and the power that comes with it. He could even be the King of Asgard.

Miss Minutes offered Sylvie something she had never had since she spent many years on the run, desperate and alone. That’s why the offer was a possibility of her living with Loki in the same timeline. That way, she would not have to be alone anymore. When they refused the offer, the AI vanished.

Even though Miss Minutes’s personality is always cheerful and polite, she can also make calculated decisions. For example, when Ravonna asked for some specific files, Miss Minutes gave her the other ones because she knew that the request Ravonna made could put He Who Remains in potential danger.

This artificial intelligence is a hologram that can also access the TemPads. This is important for Minutemen since she can inform them that way about important stuff like when the batteries in the devices are low on energy, etc.


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It is fair to admit that Miss Minutes is an unusual character, but interesting nevertheless. Her presence in the TVA makes everything there run smoother, and the way she treats everyone makes her an almost perfect assistant. Her primary devotion was always to He Who Remains, but now that he is gone, it will be interesting to see where her allegiance lay.

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