20 Most Iconic Asian Superheros (Ranked)


We’ve seen many iconic Asian superheroes over the years, mostly in comics and rarely on the big screen. In the past couple of years, there has been a push for diversity in the film industry, and we are starting to see the change coming together slowly. Many Asian characters have certain parts of their culture intertwined with their powers, which is always nice to see. In deciding about different character designs, it’s always important for the writers to do their research or include someone who does understand the culture well on the project they are working on. With that said, let’s take a look at the 20 most iconic Asian superheroes.

This article will probably introduce you to some new characters you have not encountered. If you stick with us and keep reading for more, we can guarantee you will find exciting new comic series led by amazing characters!

20. Hisako Ichiki aka Armor (Japan)

Hisako Ichiki, also known as Armor, is a part of the Marvel Universe, specifically The X-Men Universe. Before she joined the Xavier institute, she lived with her family in Tokyo. She has immense durability thanks to her armor power, which is also why it became her superhero name.

During her training with Wolverine, she found out that her mother and brother had died, which devastated her. She went back to Japan to attend the funeral and to try and reconnect with her distant father.

19. Raju Rai aka Chakra The Invincible (India)

Raju Rai is the main character of the Chakra The Invincible series. The character was developed by Stan Lee, and it follows the story of a young Indian boy from Mumbai. Raju has a scientist mentor who developed a special type of suit that uses Chakras from the body and turns it into a weapon.

The suit powered by the Chakras becomes Raju’s weapon against all kinds of villains. After Dr. Singh gave him this suit, Raju swore he would protect the people of Mumbai. If you are interested in seeing more of this character, you can check out the animated movie that was released in 2013.

18. Tara Virango aka Enigma (Bangladesh)

Tara Virango, also known as Enigma, is the first Bangladeshi Marvel character. Her story started with wanting to get revenge on the people who infected Malpura, a village in Bangladesh. There was some kind of corporate scheme that created this chaos in her village.

Tara managed to survive, but the infection caused by the virus gave her supernatural abilities. Some years later, she moved to New York, where she contacted Spider-Man by giving him visions. She showed him the disaster that happened to her village, which later inspired him to help Tara.

17. Cindy Moon aka Silk (South Korea)

Cindy Moon, also known as Silk, is one of the main characters from the Spider-Man Universe. Her story starts at the same place as Peter Parker’s. When a radioactive spider was accidentally released at an exhibition, first, it bit Peter, and then it went for Cindy’s ankle.


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Cindy couldn’t control her power in the beginning, and she caught her parents in a web. At that point, she was introduced to a man named Ezekiel Sims, who became her mentor for a while. He showed her how to control her powers, but eventually, he had to lock her away because a very dangerous predator Morlun was looking for her.

16. Rina Patel aka Timeslip (India)

Rina Patel, also known as Timeslip, is another character from the Marvel Universe. She was a superhero and a part of the New Warriors group. The first time she experienced her time-traveling powers, she was in college. On accident, she swapped her consciousness with her younger self.

When she tried to reverse the effect, she traveled into the future, where she could see herself as a superhero, wearing the outfit and being a part of a superhero group. Her character was created by Evan Skolnick and Patrick Zircher, and her first appearance happened in the New Warriors comic in 1995.

15. Kimiyo Hoshi aka Dr. Light (Japan)

Kimiyo Hoshi or better known as Dr. Light, is a character from the DC Universe. She was a part of the Justice League Europe and the Justice League America. Hoshi was an astronomer who supervised an observatory in Japan.

One time she decided to stay on her own and study an antimatter cloud, which other scientists wouldn’t want to do. Part of the reason is that they were scared of the damage the antimatter could create. Hoshi wasn’t interested in the petty fear of men, so she decided to do it alone. This would later result in her gaining her superpowers because of the accident that happened with the antimatter.

14. Aruna Shende (India)

Aruna Shende is one of the characters from the DC Universe. She lived with her parents in a very underdeveloped area of India called Madras. She developed her superpowers very young, and she could shapeshift. Interestingly, because of this, her parents never knew what her gender was.

She adopted the name Shende after getting a job in the film industry, where she worked as a stuntperson. Batgirl needed help finding a kidnapped boy, with which Aruna helped her, and later on realized that helping people was her true calling.

13. Faiza Hussain (Pakistan)

Faiza Hussain is a character from the Marvel Universe. After being attacked by a Skrull war machine, she was left unconscious. When she woke up, she awakened her powers, and later she discovered the sword of King Arthur.


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She seemed to have been the chosen one, and when she pulled out the sword from the stone, it became her weapon. The Excalibur was a powerful weapon, and she would go on to help many with her powers. Many of her skills would later help her to become an agent for the MI13.

12. Red Feather (Philipines)

Red Feather is the leader position for the Philipino superhero team called the Triumph Division. These characters are a part of the Marvel Universe, and their team has a generational tradition of existing. The team was very well known for their community aid. During the tsunami crisis that the Philipino people went through, the team was able to help out a lot.

They are respected in the community, and the Red Feather is their leader. Unfortunately, a group of terrorists went and attacked the Triumph Division. They succeeded in killing them, and the team tried to stop them, but they didn’t make it in time.

11. Adam Park (South Korea)

Adam Park is one of the main characters from the Power Ranger series. He was a very skilled fighter, and he was recognized by many enemies. He met his other friend Rangers back when he was younger. The first time he met his friends was an incident in which he saved a baby.

Since his skill was immediately recognized, he became the prime target for Lord Zedd. Ultimately, he chose his friends over going to the dark side. This did get him into a lot of trouble, and he even got kidnapped, but fortunately, his friends came to his aid.

10. Zhao Tang, aka Auric (China)

Zhao Tang, Auric, is a character from the Marvel Universe. From a very early age, he discovered his mutant powers. The powers manifested in him and his twin brother Jhimon. They lived in China under the Communist Government, which would later provide them with training.

When both of them finished their training regime, they joined a sponsored superhero team called China Force. This team was formed essentially to defend against other countries, which later didn’t fit Zhao’s plans.

9. Sun, Chang, Ho, Lin and Han Tao-Yu aka The Collective Man (China)

Sun, Chang, Ho, Lin, and Han Tao-Yu are all characters from the Marvel Universe. These identical quintuplets are a part of a singular body of the Collective Man. Similarly to Zhao Tang, they were also trained by their Government.


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Later they would become an agent for the government; however, after some time, they decided to leave. One of the reasons was because of their mother’s sickness, which affected them pretty hard. The second reason was that the government mistreated all the mutants.

8. Seong Barclay aka Mystek (South Korea)

Seong Barclay is one of the characters from the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately, her character arc was not as popular after it was released. Her character appears more masculine because of the fact she is wearing her father’s special uniform. The suit has certain powers that use technology as a gateway into different devices. Seong, or Mystek, was a part of the Justice League Task Force.

7. Master Izo (Japan)

Master Izo is a character a part of the Marvel Universe. Originally Master Izo is from Japan, where he honed his skills in martial arts. His teacher, Kagenobu Yoshioka, was especially talented as he was a blind martial artist. His hyper-awareness of his surrounding made him stand out.

Master Izo wanted to achieve the same level of skill, or rather he wanted to train like his master, so he decided to blind himself. After his teacher Yoshioka died, he had to move on somewhere else, and on his way, he found an enemy martial arts group that he fought against.

6. Takeshi Matsuya (Japan)

Takeshi Matsuya is a character a part of the Marvel Universe. He was a very talented student growing up. Everyone regarded him as a genius, but something happened that changed his life forever. He got into a car accident with his parents, and both died.

Takeshi lost the ability to walk, and for a long time, he blamed his parents for leaving him like that. He went on to become a computer genius and a novice inventor. He even developed mutant powers. This gave him the ability to technoform materials to fit his specifications.

5. Wong (Nepal)

Wong is another character from the Marvel Universe. You might remember him from the Doctor Strange movies, as he was Doctor Strange’s sidekick. His backstory is quite interesting. Even as a child, his appearance reminded everyone of a Tibetan monk who lived a thousand years ago.

Wong served the Ancient One as a young child. It was his duty as the heir to his father, who also served him. After celebrating his tenth birthday, his father brought a young couple to his monastery. His father, Hamir, explained to Wong that he is going to be engaged to the couple’s daughter once she is born and of appropriate age.

4. Monica Chang aka Black Widow (China)

Monica Chang is another character from the Marvel Universe. Monica is also another Black Widow from a different timeline. She was an American soldier fighting in Bosnia when Nick Fury came and helped her escape the enemy forces.


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Monica fell in love with Nick, and he was with her. They even got married soon after that. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted only six months because Monica found out that Nick had slept with all her friends and family.

3. Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel (Pakistan)

Kamala Khan is another character from the Marvel Universe. She always loved superheroes, and when she gained her powers, she inherited the title of Ms. Marvel. She is part of a special lineage, and her powers are activated by the Terrigen Bomb.

After she was exposed to the Terrigen Mist, she activated the ability to stretch her body in any shape or form. A person who can use this kind of power is called a polymorph.

2. Yukio (Japan)

Yukio is a character from the Marvel Universe. Specifically, she is a part of the X-Men Universe, and there are two different timelines she is a part of. In the original timeline, she possesses the power of prediction. She can see how another person will die.

In the revised timeline, she is much younger, a teenager, and she can manipulate electricity there. You have most likely seen her in the Deadpool movie, where she and Deadpool always have a certain funny moment together.

1. Shang-Chi (China)

The final character on this list is Shang-Chi, another character from the Marvel Universe. Shang-Chi’s father was a deadly assassin who wanted Shang-Chi to follow him on that path. Fortunately, Shang became aware of his father’s intentions and decided to go against them.

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