20 Most Powerful Female Jedi of All Time, Ranked

strongest female jedi

One of the things that we know about the world of Star Wars is that it is full of powerful Jedi that come from different parts of the galaxy. Of course, the Jedi Order doesn’t discriminate in terms of race and gender, and that’s why we have seen a lot of different Jedi Knights and Masters that are women. In fact, many of the Jedi that served the Jedi High Council were female. And some of the most prominent Force wielders in Star Wars are female.

Of course, not all female Jedi are incredibly strong, and that’s because being a powerful Jedi requires a combination of potential, training, and experience. As such, we’ve seen powerful female Jedi proving themselves as head and shoulders above all the other Force wielders in the galaxy. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the powerful female Jedi in Star Wars canon.

20. Finn Etray

finn 1

Finn Etray was one of the Jedi that served the Republic during the Clone Wars. She was a Twi’lek Jedi who worked together with a Nikto Jedi. However, she and her companion met the brothers Maul and Savage Opress while on a planet in the Outer Rim during the Clone Wars.

Of course, Finn engaged Maul and Savage in combat, only for them to realize that they were fighting two powerful opponents that they weren’t strong enough to defeat. Finn tried to save the life of her comrade, who got injured during the fight. However, she was impaled by Maul while her guard was down.

19. Leia Organa

leia lightsaber

The truth is that Leia Organa’s potential in the Force was on par with Luke’s potential, which meant that she could have been one of the strongest Jedi in history. That was why Luke decided to train her shortly after the defeat of Emperor Palpatine. Leia trained under her brother for one year, as she quickly progressed as a lightsaber duelist.


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But Leia decided to abandon her training when she saw a vision of her son dying in the future if she continued to become a Jedi. Leia also feared her inner darkness as she was unsure whether she could conquer it as Luke did. Nevertheless, she completed Rey’s training as a Jedi, although she wasn’t a proven Jedi. As such, Leia was a big “what if” story as she might have found herself as the strongest female Jedi ever if she continued her training.

18. Tiplar


During the events of the Clone Wars, there was a storyline involving the inhibitor chips that were stored in the heads of the clones. The story began when the 501st Legion fought together with Jedi Masters Tiplar and Tiplee, who were both twins. Tiplar was the yellow-skinned of the two Mikkian twins.


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Tiplar showcased her valor and strength against the Separatists while fighting alongside her twin. However, a clone named Tup was experiencing mental problems. He suddenly saw the Jedi as enemies he needed to kill because his inhibitor chip malfunctioned. Tiplar didn’t see it coming when Tup killed her, as this became one of the most intriguing storylines of the Clone Wars era.

17. Tiplee


As mentioned, Jedi Master Tiplar had a twin named Tiplee, who was a red-skinned Mikkian. Tiplee fought with her twin sister during the events of the Clone Wars as they were inseparable. She showcased her strength and power in that battle while fighting alongside the clones. However, Tiplee saw her sister getting killed by a clone, and she became more aggressive after watching Tiplar die.

Tiplee lived long enough to participate in a mission involving several other Jedi Masters. They ended up fighting the alliance of Maul and Dooku. However, Dooku quickly kills Tiplee by using the Force to pull her before stabbing her with his lightsaber.

16. Verla


While she was never officially a Jedi, Verla was an acolyte of the former Jedi Padawan named Ferren Barr, who started his own Jedi Order during the time of the Empire. Verla was the best of Barr’s students and was incredibly skilled in the ways of the Force despite receiving limited training from a former Padawan.

Verla showcased her skills when she and Barr could overpower the Inquisitors hunting them. In that regard, it was only when Darth Vader arrived that Barr was killed. Verla survived and ended up meeting Luke Skywalker before the events of ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.’ She wanted to kill Luke after sensing that he was Vader’s son but opted not. Instead, she was the one who directed him to the location of a yellow lightsaber.

15. Stass Allie


Stass Allie is a female Jedi that didn’t get much screen time during the events of the prequel movies, but she was one of the few Jedi that fought during the Battle of Geonosis and lived to tell the tale. She eventually participated in more battles after that because the Jedi were called to serve as generals during the Clone Wars.

Eventually, Stass became a Jedi Master, and offered a seat at the Jedi High Council during the final days of the Jedi order. However, she was killed during Order 66 while leading her troops into battle during the final stages of the Clone Wars.

14. Orla Jaleni


Orla Jaleni is one of the few High-Republic female Jedi on this list. She was one of the unique Jedi of her time because she was a lot like Qui-Gon Jinn in the sense that she preferred to follow her path instead of following the mandates of the Jedi Council. Of course, she tried to understand the Force in her way, much like how Qui-Gon did.


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Of course, one of the most unique things about Orla was the fact that she possessed a white lightsaber. In fact, she is only one of three characters in canon to possess a white lightsaber. And her saber was unique because it was double-bladed but had an axle that allowed her to connect the two blades together.

13. Avar Kriss


Another female Jedi living during the High Republic era is Avar Kriss, another character with a different viewing of the Force. Unlike other Jedi, she saw the Force as a song that guided her to tell whether or not someone was sensitive to the Force. That was why she was an incredibly unique character in her own right.

She was also an incredibly open-minded Jedi compared to the Jedi we met during the Skywalker Saga, as she was open to forming alliances with gangsters to defeat her opponents. In that regard, she was quite a renegade in her own right but was never someone who walked down the path of the dark side despite her unorthodox ways.

13. Ty Yorrick

ty 1

Of course, we have another High-Republic Jedi that followed her path in life as well, as this might have been very common during the High Republic. Ty Yorrick was a strong Jedi that left the Jedi Order to become a mercenary that primarily hunted down monsters. In that regard, she still served other people by using her skills as a monster hunter.

Ty Yorrick was an authentic Jedi in every sense of the word, even though she had a different path in life. That’s because her primary goal in life was to save others, as she believed that leaving the Jedi Order allowed her to better keep other people safe from monsters and other people that may want to harm innocent civilians. And she also carried a purple lightsaber, much like Mace Windu did.

12. Keeve Trennis


Keeve Trennis is another High-Republic Jedi whose story was told well in the High Republic publications. She started as a young Padawan who was unsure of herself and her training. While she may have struggled with self-doubt, Keeve eventually found her strength and faith in the Force as she became one of the strongest Jedi during the High Republic era.

One of the things that made Keeve so strong was her incredible skills with the lightsaber. She was one of the most skilled Jedi during that era and was proficient in using her dual-bladed lightsaber. And she showcased incredible skills in both the single-bladed and the double-bladed forms.

11. Jocasta Nu


She may have been old and semi-retired, but Jocasta Nu was not just a librarian that maintained the Jedi Archives during the final years of the Jedi Order. She was the most knowledgeable of the different Jedi before the Order fell, which was why the Jedi came to her for knowledge regarding any of the information the archives had.

While Jocasta was skilled with a lightsaber, she was better known for her intelligence. In fact, she was able to survive Order 66 and find a way to resist Vader while she wanted to get her hands on the Holocron that contained information on the Force-sensitive children. Ultimately, while attempting suicide, Vader prevents her from doing so and decides to kill her after she reveals to the clone troopers present at that time that Vader was Anakin Skywalker.

10. Aayla Secura


Aayla Secura was another one of the powerful female Jedi that fought during the Clone Wars. Unlike most of the other female Jedi of that era, she was able to live through many different battles and aided in several more fights that required her skills. In fact, she and Yoda fought together to distract the Zillo Beast that rampaged all over Coruscant during the Clone Wars era. And she was formidable enough to eventually get to the final stages of the war.


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Of course, like most of the other Jedi of that time, Aayla Secura was gunned down and killed by the clone troopers that she trusted. When Palpatine initiated Order 66, the clone troopers that fought alongside Aayla immediately complied without question as they shot her from the back before she could even fight back or tell what was happening.

9. Shaak Ti

shaak ti

Shaak Ti was one of the most respected female Jedi Masters of her time and was so strong and wise that she was the one who was placed in charge of training the clone troopers on Kamino. In that regard, the clone troopers respected her power and authority as she understood whether or not the clones were ready to go to war. But while she oversaw the training of the clones, she was also a veteran of several battles as well.

Unlike the other Jedi Masters, Shaak Ti uncovered clues related to the eventual betrayal of the clones. She was there in the Jedi Temple to meditate so Yoda could hear her thoughts. However, while she was meditating to attempt to deliver a message to Yoda and the other Jedi, Anakin Skywalker stabbed her from behind to prevent her from telling the other Jedi about Order 66. In that regard, she died without even having a chance to defend herself against the fallen Jedi Knight.

8. Depa Billaba


Depa Billaba was another Jedi Master that served the Jedi Council before the destruction of the Jedi Order. She was a prominent and powerful Jedi that once served as Mace Windu’s Padawan. In that regard, she was one of the few Jedi who knew how to use Windu’s Form VII: Vaapad, even though she preferred the more passive Form III: Soresu combat style.

During the Clone Wars, Depa became Caleb Dume’s master before the latter survived Order 66 and went on to live as Kanan Jarrus. Depa and Caleb were on a mission together during Order 66, as Depa sacrificed herself so that her Padawan could live. Crosshair of the Bad Batch was about to gun Caleb down before Hunter stopped him.

7. Adi Gallia


Adi Gallia was another of the most prominent Jedi Masters during the final days of the Jedi Order. She participated in many battles during the Clone Wars and was said to be one of the greatest pilots of the Jedi Order at that time. In fact, she was such a skilled pilot that she led several other Jedi pilots during skirmishes against the Separatists.

On top of being a skilled pilot, Adi also served as backup to many different Jedi, as she was best suited for that role. It was during the battle with Maul and Savage Opress that she served as backup to Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, due to the savagery of Savage Opress, she lost her life when the massive warrior gored her through her midsection using his horns.

6. Luminara Unduli


As one of the wisest and most disciplined Jedi Masters during the final days of the Jedi Order, Luminara Unduli was one of the most well-respected female Jedi of her time because she was seemingly very calm under pressure and was able to think rationally no matter what was happening. She taught the same mindset to her Padawan, Barriss Offee, who unfortunately betrayed the Jedi Order.

Luminara was so skilled that she could fight Asajj Ventress on par in their one-on-one battle. However, she was eventually killed during Order 66 when she was taken into custody in Kashyyyk. Luminara’s corpse was eventually used to lure Jedi into rescuing her as the Empire spread false news that she was still alive. In fact, Kanan Jarrus thought that she could have been a good master to Ezra Bridger if she were still alive.

5. Yaddle


As one of only three members of Yoda’s species, Jedi Master Yaddle was a respected member of the Jedi Council during the earlier part of the Skywalker Saga when she was seen sitting on the Council when Anakin Skywalker was brought to them. However, she was noticeably absent in the next two movies as people started speculating about what may have happened to her.


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Eventually, in ‘Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi,’ her fate is shown when she starts having reservations about Count Dooku’s loyalty to the Jedi and eventually follows him to Darth Sidious’ hideout, where she learns firsthand that the Sith Order is still very much alive. To prove his loyalty to Sidious, Dooku fought Yaddle. Considering that Yaddle was a member of Yoda’s race, she was strong in the Force as she could fight Dooku on par before the superior duelist eventually killed her.

4. Cere Junda

cere vs vader

Cere Junda was one of the Jedi Masters that survived Order 66 but was captured and tortured by the Empire. While she escaped the Empire, her Padawan turned to the dark side and became an Inquisitor. Cere lost her connection to the Force due to her despair but eventually re-established it during the events of the ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ video game, wherein she served as a mentor to Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis.

While we didn’t know how strong Cere was, she showcased her skills in ‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor,’ where she fought Darth Vader on par and nearly killed him. However, Vader was able to kill Cere with a last-second strike. The Sith Lord walked out of the battle badly wounded and weakened as he limped after killing Cere. But the fact that Cere was one second away from killing Vader was proof of her power.

3. Vernestra Rwoh


Vernestra Rwoh was a Jedi that lived during the High Republic era. She was such a unique Jedi that she became a Jedi Master at the age of 15. That means she showed incredible skills and power as a Jedi because she rose quickly through the ranks. And she had a lot of different feats during the events of the High Republic era, wherein she led her Padawan and other allies to defeat the Nihil on a hostile moon.

Another thing that makes Vernestra so unique is that she was allowed by the Jedi Council to convert her lightsaber into a lightwhip, a longer and flaccid lightsaber that can be used as a whip. Due to how dangerous a lightwhip is, only a skilled Jedi was allowed to use one. So, the fact that Vernestra was allowed to use a lightwhip proved her skill.

2. Ahsoka Tano


Arguably the most powerful female Jedi in the history of Star Wars, Ahsoka Tano is one of the few Jedi to have survived Order 66 and the reign of the Empire. She went on to live during the New Republic, where she appeared in ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘The Book of Boba Fett.’ Of course, she will appear in her show called ‘Ahsoka.’


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Ahsoka Tano is the only Jedi to have served as a Padawan to Anakin Skywalker. She showed incredible skill, resilience, and discipline during the latter years of the Clone Wars. By the time she reappeared in ‘Rebels,’ she was so strong that she could overpower two Inquisitors alone and even fight Darth Vader on par. And because she has improved since her last appearance in ‘Rebels,’ we can expect Ahsoka to be much stronger during the events of the ‘Ahsoka’ series.

1. Rey Skywalker

yellow lightsaber rey

Like it or not, Rey Skywalker is the strongest female Jedi in history and may even be the strongest Jedi currently alive. She has the same powers as Palpatine, considering she is her granddaughter. In that regard, she was born innately powerful in the Force and could showcase how quickly she learned to use her powers after becoming strong enough to fight Kylo Ren on par after training for only a short time.

Rey eventually completed her training under Leia Organa’s guidance as she defeated Kylo Ren. She went on to fight the Knights of Ren and confronted Palpatine. A revived Palpatine, who had the powers of all of the Sith, was strong enough to overpower the Resistance Fleet. However, Ren became empowered by all of the Jedi and used her newfound strength to defeat Palpatine once and for all.

Who is your favorite female Jedi? Let us know in the comments!

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