New Details Reportedly Revealed About ‘Blade’ Reboot Plot

New Details Reportedly Revealed About Blade Reboot Plot

Marvel has plenty of projects bound to be released in the next few years, and we know that most of these projects have been stuck in a sort of limbo due to the historic SAG-AFTRA strike that paralyzed the whole industry as a whole, causing plenty of projects to be both delayed or altogether canceled. 

One extremely anticipated Marvel Studios project that had problems way before the strikes began is ‘Blade.’ It is an MCU-based movie following Eric Brooks, the most notable vampire hunter in comics, and a reboot of the already highly popular ‘Blade’ trilogy that contributed to paving the way for the MCU that we know today

Next to nothing is known about the ‘Blade’ movie besides the fact that Mahershala Ali proposed the project and will be playing the titular vampire hunter and that the story was supposed to focus on his daughter. Then the recent rumors pointed in the direction of ‘Blade’ no longer being a period piece and the filming being moved from Atlanta to London.

Now in his latest Q&A, Alex Perez discusses the upcoming reboot and he was directly asked whether it is still a period piece. Perez cleared up that the movie’s title will be connected to one of the most notable weapons in the Marvel Universe, but couldn’t answer in a straightforward way whether the movie will truly be a period piece or not.

The title Blade has a double meaning. It will be an origin story for both the character and the Ebony Blade. While I expect many of its elements to be set in the past, I do expect it to have a structure similar to how Eternals was handled.

Ebony Blade made a brief appearance in ‘Eternals’ post-credits scenes, and it is connected to Dane Whitman aka Black Knight. The weapon is confirmed to show up in the movie, and rumors point in the direction of Harington reprising his role as the Black Knight.

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