‘Nova’ Reportedly To Be Reworked as Feature Film Instead of a Limited Series

Nova Reportedly to Be Reworked as Feature Film Instead of a Limited Series
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Marvel Studios has more than 20 projects in the works, focusing on both big and lesser-known characters from the comics, and in the last few days, rumors have been going around that the execs are looking into more characters to expand the Disney+ selection of the shows. 

And even though the historic SAG-AFTRA strike affected productions across the board, and some previously announced and rumored projects are stuck in limbo, we occasionally get a piece of news or rumors confirming that they are still happening. In the last seven or so years, one project involving Nova was heavily rumored. It made sense to introduce him earlier due to the Guardians of the Galaxy connection to Xandar and the heavy involvement of Nova Corps with issues surrounding Ronan and Thanos. 

Now, at first, the project featuring Nova was supposed to be a movie until it was rumored that it’s going to be a Disney+ series; now Daniel Richtman, a source of reliable scoops and rumors from behind the curtains, claimed that the project involving Nova will be a feature film after all. 

What we know about the upcoming show or series is minimal at best, but we do know that it’s going to introduce one Nova character. It could be Richard Rider or Sam Alexander, but apparently not both, and fans are torn on who they would love to portrayed.


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From a narrative standpoint, I already mentioned how the general consensus was that it made much more sense to introduce Nova in the previous phases instead of now that the MCU is crawling with cosmic-powered superheroes, and if the rumors are to be believed, more are on the way. However, introducing Nova with a movie might be a better idea than introducing him with a half-baked Disney+ show due to his iconic status. 

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