Reports Reveal Reasons Why ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Is Undergoing Last-Minute Reshoots

deadpool 3 with logan 1

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ trailer recently dropped, and we’ve seen everything from nods to comic storylines to an overwhelming amount of cameos about to appear in the movie.

The movie sees Deadpool as he is set to return to his crime-fighting tendencies after he is recruited by the TVA to stop his reality from collapsing. Wade will attempt to talk Wolverine into helping him, but judging by the trailer Wolverine will be more than reluctant. The movie will introduce Cassandra Nova to the MCU as the primary villain as well as continue the Multiversal Theme of the MCU.

Considering that the reactions to the second (and the first) trailer were overwhelmingly positive plenty of fans were surprised that ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is set to return to filming, undergoing a last-minute round of reshoots. Naturally fans worried, but such things are extremely common and so close to the release date, it doesn’t necessarily reflect that some major changes to the story are being made.

Industry insider Daniel Richtman revealed that the movie is undergoing reshoots to add additional cameos, nothing regarding the story is being changed as they are supposedly happy with the movie.

But, and there’s always a but, some part of the community thinks that a large number of cameos being added just for the sake of might signal that the movie has a weak story and that it will rely on comedic effect to keep it afloat.

I have to partially agree with this, plenty of names have been rumored or confirmed to appear in the movie, and I would hate for the next Deadpool installment to basically be a gag reel of former X-Men franchise characters. I’m certainly however not the only one who considers that the movie has to have plenty more than merely the presence of multiple variants or cameos to make it good.

In any case, it doesn’t surprise me that Marvel Studios is trying to monopolize various rumors and nostalgia once again, after all, they already showcased that they are going to play on cameos and variants in ‘Secret Wars’ as well via exclusive video showcased during CinemaCon.

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