Rumors: ‘Black Panther 3’ in Development, the Movie May Introduce Doctor Doom

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MCU has quite a lot of projects lined up for the next few years, some of those projects are confirmed and in active development, and some remain on a speculative basis like ‘Thor 5,’ and ‘Eternals 2.’ One franchise within the MCU that’s seen incredible popularity is the ‘Black Panther’ film series with so far 2 installments, the movies introduced some of the most popular characters in the MCU.

Wakanda will be the focus of many projects in the Multiversal Saga, starting with Ryan Coogler’s Wakanda-Set Television Series, Untitled Okoye Series, and the animated series ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ set to be released sometime in 2024. Now according to MCU News & Updates on X, ‘Black Panther 3’ is in development and it’s set to star Letitia Wright as Black Panther.

At first, the studio refused to recast the later Chadwick Boseman, but ultimately his in-universe sister took on the powers of Black Panther in everything but name, so it’s fitting that she will continue his legacy. The Midnight Angels will reportedly tie into this project, and much of the focus will be on Vibranium, a valuable resource that will lead to war between the US and Wakanda.

There’s also the question of Doctor Doom. With Majors arrested and Kang’s status as the main villain under huge question, there have been recent rumors that Doom might replace him. Apparently, according to the same source, Doctor Doom won’t make the appearance in ‘Fantastic Four’ as speculated but definitely be a part of ‘Black Panther 3’ although unknown to what extent.


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I gotta admit I’m not sold on these rumors since there are far too many Wakanda-oriented projects in development already, and there are quite a few superheroes that appeared only once and now their characters are suffering from a lack of focus so perhaps introducing more characters to the already established franchise is not the best way to go. Disney has been confirmed to take place on CinemaCon on April 11th and hopefully, we will get more news regarding their upcoming projects.

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