‘Secret Invasion’: Who Is Skrull Gi’ah? Meet Emilia Clarke’s Character


The release of the MCU’s ‘Secret Invasion’ is almost upon us, and this is the first of the Phase Five series that are going to be released this year. In that regard, there are many things to be excited about for what’s next to come in the MCU, especially when much of the events of ‘Secret Invasion’ is still a mystery. But while that may be true, we do know that Emilia Clarke will play an important character named Gi’ah. So, who is Gi’ah in ‘Secret Invasion’?

Gi’ah is a Skrull with radical beliefs and is looking to keep her people safe from any outside threat in the events of ‘Secret Invasion.’ She is the daughter of Talos, who we know is the leader of the Skrulls residing on Earth. That means that her motives probably have personal reasons behind them.

There were early speculations that Emilia Clarke’s character could be an agent of S.W.O.R.D. named Abigail Brand, only for us to learn that she is a Skrull named Gi’ah. Of course, we don’t know much about Gi’ah as of this writing because Marvel tends to be quite secretive regarding their characters and storylines. Now, let’s try to learn more about Gi’ah based on the information that we have.

Gi’ah’s background explained

When ‘Secret Invasion’ was announced, there were already characters speculated to make appearances based on the rumors of the actors in the series. Emilia Clarke, the star of ‘Game of Thrones,’ was one of the actresses that were rumored to be in the series. The rumors were true when she appeared in the trailer of ‘Secret Invasion’ as a character seemingly working with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

Because she looked like an agent in the trailer, Clarke’s character was rumored to be Abigail Brand, a commander working for S.W.O.R.D., a powerful government agency that was tasked with protecting the planet. Of course, we saw this agency in earlier MCU shows, such as WandaVision. And the fact that Clarke’s character carries the same agent vibes that have been kind of stereotypical in Marvel allowed fans to believe that she could be Abigail Brand.

But the most recent trailers revealed that Clarke wouldn’t be playing Brand. Instead, she is set to portray the role of a Skrull named Gi’ah, who some fans might not be too familiar with. So, who is Gi’ah in ‘Secret Invasion?’

Gi’ah, as the trailer depicts, doesn’t seem to be similar to any of the Skrulls we’ve seen in the past. Talos, the leader of the Skrulls on Earth, seems to be quite friendly and are very open to working with Nick Fury and his people, as that was the case in numerous instances, such as during the events of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ when he was disguised as Nick Fury.


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However, Gi’ah is portrayed as a Skrull on the more radical side of her beliefs because she has a strong stance against the lack of progress of her kind on Earth. After all, the Skrulls were still forced to live secretly on Earth and weren’t given their own identities even though they’d been living on the planet for decades already.

The possibility of Gi’ah portraying a radical character opens up another possibility regarding the things she’s willing to do to ensure that her people are safe and that she gets her message across. That means that she might cause some trouble in the show, especially regarding the relations between the humans and the Skrulls.

Some fans might not remember this, but Gi’ah isn’t exactly a new character in the MCU because we’ve seen her before. Yes, Gi’ah showed up in the past when we met the MCU Skrulls for the first time during the events of ‘Captain Marvel.’ In that movie, we learned that Talos was simply trying to keep his family safe while boarding a space station. We saw Talos reuniting with his family as it was revealed that he had a wife and a daughter.

The daughter that was shown in ‘Captain Marvel’ was the young Gi’ah. Of course, she wasn’t played by Emilia Clarke back then because she was still just a little girl. And because decades had passed since the events of ‘Captain Marvel,’ she is already all grown up now.

We can also see this as a more personal matter to Gi’ah because she grew up as the leader of the Skrulls on Earth. That means that she was privy to what Talos did while they were on Earth. Of course, she might have decided to follow her own path in life after realizing that whatever her father was doing wasn’t working to help her fellow Skrulls.

According to Emilia Clarke, Gi’ah is a determined woman who merely wants to help her fellow Skrulls, and that’s why she is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure they are safe from any threats. But because Nick Fury was yet to follow through on his promise to help the Skrulls and their situation as a race that did not have a permanent home, she might have developed some sort of resentment toward humanity.

Gi’ah’s role in the comics

Of course, like many of the different characters in the MCU, Gi’ah isn’t an MCU-exclusive character. That’s because she was inspired by the Skrull of the same name in the comics. They are also very similar because the comic version of Gi’ah is also a strong agent herself. However, she has a family of her own as she raised three daughters together with Klrr, an agent also assigned on Earth.


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However, one of Gi’ah’s daughters was killed by a secret organization called Project Blossom, tasked to uncover the secret behind the Skrulls. As such, Gi’ah decided to try to gather information related to this organization due to the belief that it was responsible for the death of one of her daughters. Klrr died in the process of finding the truth as he was betrayed by a fellow Skrull named Moloth. Gi’ah avenged her husband as it was later revealed that her daughter was alive.

The version of Gi’ah in the comics portrays a vengeful mother that’s only trying to live in the middle of a tumultuous relationship between the Skrulls and the humans on Earth. Like most Marvel characters, she lived a tragic life that helped shape how she viewed things. And while Gi’ah in the comics isn’t related to Talos, there’s a good chance that the MCU version of the character will also have a similar story shaped by the traumas of tragic experiences.

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