Sentry vs. Hulk: Who Wins & How?


Hulk is often used as a gold standard when it comes to strenght in the Marvel Universe, but how does he measure up against Sentry? Both are known as the strongest superheroes in Marvel, and both have seemingly limitless potential when it comes to strenght, stamina, and durability. If it ever came to a fight between Hulk and Sentry, who wins, and why?

Sentry wins against Hulk. Taking into account all of Sentry’s powers and abilities, Hulk has nothing except brute strength to match it. Sentry also has superior durability and speed, which means that Hulk is out of his league on several fronts. The only scenario in which Hulk wins is if he matches with a mentally unstable Sentry, this is what happened during the World War Hulk storyline. Sentry’s powers and abilities are greatly affected by his mental state, and if Hulk catches him on his bad day, it can easily go in Hulk’s favor. 

Now that we’ve given you the short answer, it’s time to analyze both Hulk and Sentry in a bit more detail. Let’s see what kind of powers, strenght, equipment, and weakness both superheroes bring to the table, and finally, let’s see who would win realistically. If you’re interested, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Hulk is best known for his incredible strenght. But he does a few tricks up his sleeve as well. Hulk has a limited ability to control and manipulate gamma radiation. The angrier he becomes, the more gamma radiation he can emit and consequentially absorb. Hulk can also sense astral projections and seems completely immune to several types of mind manipulation. Even though those abilities are impressive, considering that some of his team members do not possess any type of superpowers, they still seem like cheap parlor tricks compared to what Sentry brings to the table. 

Sentry is an incredibly unbalanced character, and there’s virtually nothing he can’t do. Every time the character appears, it seems like he gains another set of godly abilities. He was shown to have powers of molecular manipulation, photokinesis, darkness manipulation, energy manipulation, biokinesis, and psionic abilities. Sentry can also mimic and train himself to “learn” any type of superpower out there, and his molecular manipulation abilities are arguably the biggest danger not only to Hulk but to most other entities in the Marvel Universe since it can be weaponized to disintegrate just about anything.

In the true sense of the way, Sentry’s powers are largely unexplored, and he has no idea of the full scope of his powers. Sentry also has great difficulties controlling those powers, and the matters are further complicated by his ability to merge with the Void. 

With everything said, taking on Sentry is no joke considering that only a few characters from Marvel can match his powers. This point obviously goes to him. 

Points: Sentry (1:0) Hulk


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Strength and Stamina

Hulk’s exposure to gamma radiation and consequential alteration of his physical molecular structures left him with unlimited reserves of strenght and stamina. His strenght is uncharted territory, and it is possible that his upper limit is nothing that can be conventionally measured. The angrier he gets, both his stamina and strenght are augmented. And only a few characters in Marvel Universe can match his resolve and physical abilities. 

Sentry likewise produces no fatigue toxins and has limitless stamina. He requires no sustenance and can use his powers and physical abilities without tiring for the most part. When it comes to strenght, like with Hulk, his upper limit is not known, and it’s likewise immeasurable. I would have given this point to Sentry, but considering the fact that Hulk only gets stronger the angrier he gets, it is possible that, at one point, he could theoretically surpass Sentry’s strenght. 

Points: Sentry (1:1) Hulk


Even though Hulk is bulky, his altered physical structure gave him super-strong muscles with which he can leap, jump and run at incredible speeds. He managed to match the aircraft’s speeds while running on land and successfully matched Namor’s speed while swimming which is an incredible feat in itself. Hulk’s combat speeds are also greatly enhanced, and he can wrestle with the best of them, catching them off guard. 


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We’ve seen that Hulk’s speeds are impressive, but they can’t measure with Sentry’s speeds which are nothing short of unbelievable. His speeds are massively faster than light. He can fly, teleport, and bend space-time around him while he’s flying so he can reach incredible cosmic distances in no time. Sentry’s combat speed likewise matches that of Thor and Hulk, but in every other aspect, he is superior. This point goes to Sentry. 

Points: Sentry (2:1) Hulk


Hulk is extremely durable and, as a consequence, extremely hard to kill. His enhanced body physiology makes him extremely hard to injure physically. When it comes to conventional weapons, only Vibranium and Adamantium are known to break his skin. But, and this is a huge but, even if you do manage to injure Hulk, break his skin, and make him bleed, his healing factor is so aggressive, potent, and fast he would likely recover near-instantly, and then you would be in some serious trouble.

Hulk, after being literally pulled apart, managed to put himself back together. Hulk survived hits from Marvel’s strongest beings. He survived being beheaded and having his muscle mass extracted, so really the only approach Sentry can use is molecular manipulation to hurt him. 

Sentry is in a similar position. His healing factor can do everything Hulk does and can even surpass it. Sentry survived being liquified by Molecule Man due to the rate at which he can manipulate molecular structures. He managed to bring himself to life in a matter of seconds. Sentry is also immortal, which means that he doesn’t age, he is highly immune to most types of damage, and quite frankly, impossible to kill except in the cases when he asks for it, such was the case in his fight against Thor when he reverted in his human form and asked to be executed. 

Hulk would have won this contest against anybody else except Sentry. 

Points: Sentry (3:1) Hulk


We know that Bruce Banner is among the smartest minds in the galaxy. He is super-genius with immeasurable intelligence. He is an expert in the fields of nuclear sciences and physics. While Sentry is a genius as well and has a high understanding of mechanics, architecture, machinery, tracing energy sources, cybernetics, robotics, and computer science. Using his intelligence and resourcefulness, he managed to construct both Watchtower and CLOC with the help of Reed Richards. He can’t measure with Bruce Banner and, thus, losses this point.

Points: Sentry (3:2) Hulk

Combat Skills 

Hulk is a master combatant. He was trained in hand-to-hand combat, is skilled with a wide range of weapons, and was even trained by some of the best martial artists in the Marvel Universe. 

Sentry, on the other hand, due to his wide range of other powers and abilities, never put that much effort into his own combat abilities. He mostly relies on brute strenght and other powers to get things done. In this aspect, he is far inferior to Hulk. 

Points: Sentry (3:3) Hulk


Both Sentry and Hulk have incredibly serious weaknesses that can be abused by characters much weaker than them. But Hulk arguably has more of them. 

Hulk can easily suffer from gamma radiation draining, and since gamma radiation fuels him, this means that he can suddenly revert to his human form. You can easily conclude why this would be extremely bad. 

He is likewise extremely sensitive to cosmic radiation, but trying to exploit this weakness turned out to be catastrophic to his enemies in the past. He is also extremely vulnerable to gas, various adrenaline suppressors, and magic. There are more weaknesses that Hulk’s enemies used in the past to either suppress his powers or defeat him. So the list is quite long.

Sentry likewise has serious weakness in the sense that he is mentally unstable prone to manipulations, and prone to lose focus during the fight. The weaker he feels mental, the weaker will his other powers and abilities manifest. During the World War Hulk storyline, when Hulk managed to barely defeat Sentry, even though both were eventually reversed to their human forms, it was because Sentry was unstable. 

Still, Hulk has more weaknesses, so this point goes to Sentry. 

Points: Sentry (4:3) Hulk


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Sentry vs. Hulk: Who would win? 

It would be a close fight due to Hulk’s amazing restorative abilities, but Sentry would ultimately win because of his molecular manipulation abilities. Sentry has far more powers at his disposal, is faster, and is immune to most types of damage. This makes him the clear winner in most encounters against the strongest superheroes and entities in Marvel Universe. 

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