Star Wars: Does Ezra Bridger Have a Love Interest?

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If there’s one thing we know about Star Wars, romance is never out of the picture, even for the Jedi. That’s because we’ve seen several Jedi having romantic relationships, including Kanan Jarrus, who ended up having a relationship with Hera Syndulla in ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ Of course, fans wonder if Ezra Bridger, the star of ‘Rebels,’ will also have his own shot at romance. So, does Ezra have a love interest?

As far as we know, Ezra Bridger has no love interest in Star Wars. He often hit on Sabine Wren during the earlier part of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ as fans thought they would become a couple. However, in ‘Ahsoka,’ Ezra’s final message to Sabine said he thought of her as a sister.

So, while fans thought that Ezra and Sabine would be a thing in Star Wars, it is now becoming clear that the trajectory is for them to end up as close friends who treat each other as siblings. In that regard, Ezra is unlikely to have a romantic relationship. But things could still change when he finally makes his live-action debut in ‘Ahsoka’ and after Ahsoka and Sabine find him.

Does Ezra have a love interest in ‘Rebels’?

When Ezra Bridger was introduced in ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ it didn’t take a long time for fans to wonder whether or not he would end up with someone in a romantic way. After all, while the Jedi were prohibited from having romantic relationships, quite a few Jedi disobeyed this mandate and had romantic relationships with other people.

The most prominent is Anakin Skywalker, who fell in love with Padmé Amidala and secretly married her. The marriage resulted in Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. We also know that Kanan Jarrus, Ezra’s master, was actively in a relationship with Hera Syndulla and even had a son with her before he died. And even Obi-Wan Kenobi admitted that he would have left the Jedi Order for Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore.


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In that regard, the Jedi were never infallible when it came to romance, and that was why fans wondered whether or not Ezra Bridger was also going to have his own shot at a romantic relationship, even though he was only a teenager when he was introduced. Of course, he aged as the series progressed, as he was right around 18 years old before he disappeared with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

But even though he had become a mature young man by the end of the ‘Rebels’ series, Ezra Bridger did not have a love interest. Initially, it was as if the series was trying to sell the Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren relationship. That’s because Ezra often hit on Sabine during the earlier part of the series. But as Ezra learned more about Sabine, the romantic side died out.

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In fact, throughout most of the series, the focus was on the individual characters’ journeys instead of their romantic relationships. The only clear romance we got was the one between Kanan and Hera. But on Ezra’s side, there was hardly anything about his romantic life of the possibility of becoming romantically involved with anyone. As such, he didn’t have a love interest throughout the latter portion of ‘Rebels.’

Will Ezra end up with Sabine?

Of course, Sabine was always the person that fans wanted Ezra to end up with because they were the only two young adults in the Spectres during ‘Rebels.’ There’s also the fact that Ezra often flirted with Sabine but to no avail because Sabine’s loner side and Mandalorian stubbornness were just too much for Ezra to overcome.

So, as they learned more about one another, Ezra and Sabine started to learn more about each other’s pasts. Ezra’s crush on Sabine turned into respect as he saw her strength and motivation. Ezra and Sabine eventually became good friends who often worked alongside one another in ‘Rebels.’ And it was Ezra who helped Sabine realize the importance of learning how to work with other people.


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Ezra and Sabine often worked together by the time the fourth season started. But there was no hint of romance between them because it was clear that their dynamic was more in line with their relationship as teammates working for a common goal. And because the Spectres were more like a family than an actual cell of Rebels, Ezra and Sabine became more like siblings.

Their sibling relationship was compounded in the first episode of ‘Ahsoka.’ Sabine watched the final message that Ezra left behind before disappearing with Thrawn. In that message, he told Sabine she was more like a sister to him. Those words have all but ended the speculations regarding Ezra and Sabine ending up with one another in the end.

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As such, the chances of Ezra and Sabine ending up together are slim because they now see each other as siblings instead of potential romantic partners. But there’s still a chance that this could change, depending on how the reunion between them would go. And that’s because ten years is more than enough for anyone to change how they see a person.

Who does Ezra Bridger end up with?

At this point, there is no assurance that Ezra will even end up with anyone because there are hardly any other female characters of his age who could become romantically involved with him. Sabine was always the only person who could have ended up with him, but we already discussed their sibling dynamic.

Still, we do know that the Ezra and Sabine ship could still sail because either or both of them could have changed the way they see each other after ten years of not seeing one another. If that’s the case, Ezra may still end up with Sabine. But if Ezra doesn’t end up with Sabine, it is unlikely that he will end up with anyone else at all, especially after being away for ten years.

The only chance of Ezra ending up with someone is if he meets someone new after being away from the Spectres for ten years. After all, there could be other lifeforms or even humans in the galaxy that he ended up on after the Purrgil took them away from Lothal at the end of ‘Rebels.’ As such, if Ezra is still alive and well in another part of the universe, he might have met someone new and fallen in love with them.

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