How Powerful Is Raven? Compared to Other DC Characters

How Powerful Is Raven Compared To Other DC Characters

DC Universe has plenty of incredibly powerful characters, and while some acquired their powers in incredibly tragic ways, some were born with them. One such gifted empath and magic user from the DC universe is Rachel Roth, aka Raven. Raven is most notable for being a member of Teen Titans and inheriting cosmic-level powers from her demonic father. Raven is a relatively unexplored character here at Comic Basics, so we decided to rectify this by making a post about her powers and abilities, as well as her potential when it comes to taking down other prominent DC characters. Having said that, let’s see how powerful Raven is compared to other DC characters.

Raven can easily be considered among the most powerful characters in DC. Her “Soul-Self,” combined with many soul-manipulation, psionic and mystical abilities, puts her on the spot of the most powerful member of Teen Titans currently, and it’s been theorized that she can take down her father Trigon if she so wished.

This small paragraph is not nearly enough to describe what Raven is capable of. We’ve given you the short answer, but there’s plenty more to analyze and comment on in a bit more depth. If you’re interested in how powerful Raven is and how she stacks against some of the most powerful characters in the DC universe. Stay with us and keep reading!

Raven owes her incredible powers to her demonic lineage

Raven is a daughter of Trigon, a demonic abstract of evil capable of destroying infinite realities. Even Trigon’s weakest form is nothing to underestimate, as rarely any entity in DC has enough juice to take on Trigon and leave the fight unscathed.

Trigon was father to many sons, but Raven was his first and, as far as we know, only daughter. Arella, a human woman, was Raven’s mother. Trigon allowed Arella in a way to raise Raven. Usually, he would kill the women that fathered his sons, but he decided to make an exception for Raven and Arella, not with good intentions, however.

This means that Raven is an offspring of Abstract of Evil. From the start, this puts her above any mere Hell Lord when it comes to her powers and abilities. And those we will discuss in the rest of this post.


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How powerful is Raven, and what are her powers and abilities?

Powerful is by far the strongest member of Teen Titans and among the most powerful characters in the DC universe. If you’re wondering how, let’s take a look at the plethora of powers that Raven has at her disposal, some of which are incomprehensible.

Raven can project her spiritual form through her “Soul-Self”

Normally Raven uses only a fraction of her powers. She is able to tune herself into “Soul-Self,” which allows her to astrally project her spiritual form and access a higher level of existence. Through Soul-Self, Raven can manipulate darkness and even construct an object from “darkness” based energy. In her Soul-Self form, Raven is intangible. Her spiritual form usually takes the form of a giant raven or simply her humanoid form cloaked in darkness.

She can easily “melt” into walls or become intangible to the rest of the material world. Her most powerful “Soul-Self” ability, however, is molecular manipulation which allows her to access, manipulate, re-arrange or otherwise change certain molecules. This ability is usually reserved only for characters with great potential. In her “Soul-Self” form, Raven likewise can use chronokinetic abilities to some extent and teleportation.

Raven summoning monsters

Her abilities are not limited only to her, as she can bring other people through time and use teleportation on them. Her connection to the darkness allows her to summon powerful entities from other dimensions.

Raven is a powerful empath

Raven’s soul-manipulation abilities allow her to tap into the minds and souls of others. She can inflict mental pain. She can read emotions, and she can even numb the emotions of others by absorbing them. With her ability to tap into the minds of others, Raven can use them as conduits to perceive their surroundings and hear, see and experience everything they are experiencing. Raven can likewise perceive the future to a limited extent.

Raven empath soothing Flash


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Raven is among the most powerful magic users in the DC Universe

Raven’s connection to souls, darkness, and her powerful cosmic lineage allows her to tap into magical and mystical energies, and she even manages to master them to an unknown extent. The only thing that we can be certain for sure is that she is a highly gifted individual when it comes to magic, and she is capable of manipulating several types of energies.

Raven spellcasting

Raven is well-versed when it comes to electric manipulation and fire manipulation. She can utilize eldritch energies as well to summon mystical forces and entities to fight by her side.
She can also change her size at will and generate powerful force blasts and force shields to protect her, a group of people, or a certain area.

Is Raven the most powerful Teen Titan?

Raven is the most powerful Teen Titan. She can easily go against them by herself and leave the fight as a victor unscathed. It’s not that Teen Titans are weak by any means. Her powers and abilities and her access to “Soul-Self” are overwhelming. Not only is Raven considered to be the most powerful Teen Titan, but she is also among the most powerful characters in DC Universe as a whole. There are simply not that many other characters with access to amazing powers capable of destroying the universe, heaven, and hell.


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How does Raven compare to other DC characters?

Raven can face both magic users and more conventional superheroes relying on brute strength and other powers with relative ease, but let’s start with characters with powers similar to her own.
Raven is said to be the most powerful of all Trigon’s children. She vastly outmatches the likes of Belial, who is incredibly powerful in his own right. She even managed to kill him by ripping his heart out. It was only temporary, however.

It is theorized that she is at least on the level of her father, Trigon, as she managed to seal him away in her angelic form. It was a temporary solution as well, but it’s enough to consider Raven a serious threat to Trigon when it comes to her powers and abilities.

Raven seasl trigon

Raven can also stand her ground against Superman, which we know is a true DC powerhouse. She managed to trap him in one instance.

Raven trapped superman

In Dark Crisis Deadly Green #1, Raven faced The Spectre, but she was defeated only because she refused to tap into her darker powers, which means that she could possibly even surpass him.

Spectre vs raven

It is theorized that Raven is as well on around the same power level as Dr. Fate, one of the most powerful magic users in the DC universe.

As you can see, to take on Raven, the character needs to be exceptionally gifted since she is simply on another level when it comes to her powers and abilities. Most of her powers stem from Trigon, and Trigon is cosmic in terms of what he can do. Raven managed to defeat him three times and quite possibly even surpass his power level. And when you take that into account, there’s really no saying what else she is capable of.