The Flash vs. Supergirl: Who Is Stronger & Faster?

flash vs supergirl

The upcoming The Flash movie is one of the things that many fans are excited about as it will feature Barry Allen in a starring role. However, one of the things that fans are also excited about in this movie is the fact that Supergirl will be in it, as it was evident in the trailer that she is going to be in the film as the big gun that the team needs to defeat General Zod. That means we will see a team-up of the Flash and Supergirl. But who would be stronger and faster if the Flash and Supergirl were to fight?

Supergirl is undoubtedly physically stronger and more durable than the Flash. However, the Flash is much faster than Supergirl, considering that he is faster than Superman in the comics. And because of the Flash’s experience and feats, a fight against Supergirl can go either way for them.

The thing about the Flash is that he can be somewhat weird in the sense that he is often depicted as either incredibly strong or weak enough to get defeated by grunts. Nevertheless, when he is at his peak, the Flash is one of the most overpowered characters in the DC universe due to his incredibly unfair powers. Meanwhile, we know that Supergirl is a powerhouse but is often depicted as a weaker version of Superman. Now, let’s get into the details of this fictional fight.


The Flash doesn’t have superhuman strength. But the thing about him is that he can augment his strength whenever he runs at incredible speeds. This is because the force of an attack is directly proportional to its acceleration. Considering that the Flash can run at incredible speeds and surpass the speed of light, that would mean that an attack from Barry Allen can be devastating if he is running at full speed to dish out a punch.


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Due to her Kryptonian physiology, Supergirl has all of the basic physical enhancements that Superman has. This means that she has superhuman strength that allows her to lift things far beyond what normal humans can. Considering that Superman is capable of lifting 2 billion tons, there is a good chance that Supergirl could also lift somewhere close to that number because she has always been depicted as a slightly weaker version of her cousin. But while she may be slightly weaker, she is every bit of a powerhouse as Superman is.

supergirl strength 1

The Flash doesn’t have the same superhuman strength that most DC characters have, and that can be something that could hold him back as he needs to run at full speed to up his power output. On the other hand, Supergirl is almost just as strong as Superman.

The Flash 0, Supergirl 1


Enhanced by the Speed Force due to its status as one of its conduits, the Flash can move at incredible speeds when he releases the excess energy built up by the Speed Force, which can move time and space forward. As such, he can move, run, and think at speeds that are beyond superhuman. The Flash is so fast that he can move faster than the speed of light or even time itself. And he is often called the fastest character in DC as he can move as fast or even faster than some of the other speedsters in this fictional universe.

flash run

Because she is Kryptonian, Supergirl has the physiology that allows her to move and react at speeds beyond superhuman. Superman and Supergirl can move faster than light, traveling from one planet to another at incredibly fast speeds. Supergirl herself is fast both on foot and when in flight. And when on Earth, she can move at speeds faster than a speeding bullet.

While there have been instances where Superman was faster than the Flash, Barry Allen has always been faster than him in his fastest state. As such, if the Flash is faster than Superman, he is also faster than Supergirl.

The Flash 1, Supergirl 1


While he doesn’t have the same kind of durable body that other characters have because his physiology wasn’t exactly enhanced to levels beyond superhuman, the Flash is still quite durable and can take serious hits. But the one thing that makes him special in terms of his durability is that he can heal much faster than regular human beings or even other superhumans. However, his accelerated healing is limited to injuries the human body can heal, and that means that he cannot heal from wounds that are fatal or require medical attention.


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Just like her cousin, Supergirl is a superhero that is much more durable than steel, meaning that conventional attacks and weapons don’t work on her. She can absorb attacks that can kill humans and other superhuman characters without feeling ill effects. And like Superman, her weaknesses tend to be limited to things like magic and whenever she is exposed to Kryptonite.

supergirl bullets.png

While Barry’s accelerated healing may be incredible, he doesn’t hold a candle to Supergirl’s incredible durability. The Flash can get hurt or killed by normal attacks, whereas it would take an entire planet to scratch Supergirl.

The Flash 1, Supergirl 2

Powers and abilities

The Speed Force empowers the Flash, which allows him to move and react at superhuman speeds. But the thing is that his powers are not limited to his incredibly fast movements, as there are more things to the Flash than just his speed. Using the excess energy generated by the Speed Force whenever he moves at fast speeds, the Flash can release electricity from his body. He can also move so fast that he can phase through objects by vibrating his molecules and affecting time and space.

flash time travel

Supergirl has all of Superman’s abilities because they are both Kryptonian. That means she has all of his physical capabilities and can fly, shoot lasers from her eyes, and release breath that can freeze air. That means that her capabilities are combat-oriented, which has given her and her cousin distinct advantages over many opponents. This is also why Supergirl is often seen as a powerhouse, almost on the same level as her cousin.

This one is too hard to call because of their incredible powers and abilities. While Supergirl is more combat-oriented, the Flash is more versatile. As such, we can’t give this round to either of them.

The Flash 1, Supergirl 2


Because he has powers that can affect time and space, the Flash has some of the most incredible feats in DC. He can travel from one dimension to another due to the effects of the Speed Force. Of course, he is also a time traveler who can move faster than time and space to get to certain periods. And because of his ability to run faster than time and space, the Flash can affect the very fabric of the universe, as that was one of the things he did in the Flashpoint storyline.

flash treadmil

Supergirl, being slightly weaker compared to Superman, isn’t entirely well-known for her feats, but she has a few under her sleeves. At one point, she vaporized an entire ocean with her heat vision, one of the most incredible feats of power we’ve seen from a Kryptonian. She also proved very durable when she took a nuke at point-blank range without even batting an eye. And the fact that she has once defeated a supervillain while she was powerless is as incredible a feat as any can be.


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It might be true that Supergirl’s feats are incredible. But the fact is that the Flash is capable of affecting time and space. We can’t argue against Barry Allen’s actions in his history as a DC character.

The Flash 2, Supergirl 2

The Flash vs. Supergirl: The bottom line

The truth is that most people would see this fight as a sure win for Supergirl because how she is stronger and more combat-oriented compared to the Flash. However, the Flash’s powers and feats speak for themselves, as he can still find a way to harm a character that is often considered too durable to harm. So, with that said, there’s still a good chance that the Flash can beat Supergirl, and that’s why we can’t call this fictional fight in favor of either of them.

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