Sylvie Actress Sophia DiMartino Says Her Next MCU Appearance Will Probably Suprise Everyone

Sylvie Actress Sophia DiMartino Says Her Next MCU Appearance Will Probably Suprise Everyone
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It’s been over a month since the finale of the second season of ‘Loki,’ and fans are still recovering from the conclusion of Loki’s story. Loki sacrificed himself so he doesn’t have to sacrifice his friends and the innocent people (and timelines) in the Multiverse and seemingly gave rise to Yggdrasil, via which he currently keeps the Multiverse from falling apart instead of Temporal Loom

Sylvie’s character has been a bit less pleasant than Loki’s. She was captured as a child by the TVA and eventually grew into a certain kind of Temporal Terrorist by the time she met Loki. Despite that, it was clear that Sylvie had the best of intentions, and it’s a sentiment that Sophia DiMartino shares with her character, as she revealed in the interview with 1883, and she is quite fond of the character. Sophia also elaborated on what her next appearance could be like within the MCU. 

I would love to see Sylvie do anything, I think whatever she does, she’s going to do it with fight and she would probably surprise everyone by doing something that you don’t expect. I’m very fond of that character…

DiMartino also praised the MCU fandom and bragged about her follower count on social media in a joking manner. As far as Sophia’s next appearance as Sylvie within the MCU goes, it’s really hard when that realistically might happen. There is plenty of talk of TVA and Loki being featured in the upcoming MCU projects since Loki is now the Multiverse’s glue, but there hasn’t been that much talk regarding Sylvie’s character.


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Still, the Multiverse is in question, and as long as there is a place for Asgardian mythology within the MCU, there will be a place for Sylvie as well, considering that she is a variant of Loki.  The season of 3 of ‘Loki’ is still up in the air to, with the showrunner confirming that they would have nothing against continuing the story if they could think of something to top the finale.

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