Did They Recast Sylvie from ‘Loki’? Here’s Why She Looks Different

sylvie looks different

Undoubtedly a favorite among fans, Sylvie had a fantastic breakout role in the storyline of ‘Loki’ because she was able to play the role of a female version of Loki perfectly without making fans see that there are stark differences between her and Loki. Of course, one of the things that fans were able to quickly point out in season 2 was Sylvie’s new look, as it was clear that she didn’t look the same as she did in season 1. So, did they recast Sylvie for season 2?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The role of Sylvie wasn’t recast because Sophia Di Martino is still the actress portraying the character.
  • In season 2, Sylvie decided to live in the small town of Broxton, Oklahoma, during the 1980s after killing He Who Remains and earning her freedom.
  • Spending time in Oklahoma during the 80s most likely allowed Sylvie to adopt a new hairstyle that changed her appearance.

Sophia Di Martino is still Sylvie

Back in season 1 of ‘Loki,’ one of the things that we learned was that Mobius M. Mobius recruited Loki into the TVA for a very specific purpose. That was because someone had been messing with the timelines for years, giving the TVA headaches due to the fact that they had to prune numerous timelines endlessly. Mobius told Loki that the one they were after was one of his variants, and that was why Loki was essential to the TVA, as only another Loki would be able to capture a Loki variant.

The thing is that, however, the Loki variant was not the standard Loki we are familiar with. Instead, this Loki variant was actually a female variant named Sylvie, who had been eluding the TVA ever since she was captured as a little girl. As such, she spent countless years running away from the TVA and making sure that they would never prune her.


Sylvie turned out to be a breakout role for actress Sophia Di Martino, as being part of the MCU allowed a lot of fans to see her talent. While Sylvie was given the role of a female Loki, she was able to make Sylvie feel like a true Loki in every sense of the word due to her mannerisms and actions. Of course, while Di Martino did indeed make Sylvie a true Loki variant, the character was unique in her own right.

Of course, while Loki and Sylvie agreed on almost everything after they started teaming up, the problem was that they disagreed on what they needed to do in relation to He Who Remains. While Loki initially wanted to keep HWR alive to preserve the Sacred Timeline and prevent a multiversal war from breaking out, Sylvie wanted to kill him so that she and the other people in the branching timelines would be given the freedom to do what they wanted.


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In the end, Sylvie kills HWR and allows the Sacred Timeline to form numerous branches that turn into different timelines. This was the problem that Loki and the TVA needed to address in season 2 because the numerous timelines were forcing the Temporal Loom to overload, which would have destroyed the TVA. Meanwhile, Sylvie decided to live her life the way she wanted to.

While there were more than two years between the two seasons of ‘Loki,’ almost all of the actors who played new characters in season 1 reprised their roles in season 2. This includes Sophia Di Martino, who continues to play the role of Sylvie in season 2 of the series.

Is it the hair?

We all know that Sophia Di Martino reprised her role as Sylvie in season 2, but one of the things that fans were quick to point out was the fact that she looks different in season 2 as compared to season 1. This sparked online rumors of the possibility that Marvel Studios secretly replaced Di Martino with a new actress to play Sylvie for season 2. 

Of course, there is no truth behind the theories regarding a recast for Sylvie, but we do agree that the character looks different in season 2. But there’s a good reason why Sylvie’s appearance is quite different compared to her appearance back in season 1.

What was Sylvies nexus event

In the post-credit scene of episode 1 of season 2, Sylvie was seen using her Tempad to go to 1980s Broxton, Oklahoma, in a different branch of the Sacred Timeline. She walked into a McDonald’s store and realized that she wanted to try the kind of life that the people in this small and simple town lived. And in episode 2, Loki and Mobius found Sylvie working for the same McDonald’s in Oklahoma as she was now living a simple life in this timeline.

Sylvie had all the power to choose where she wanted to go and live, but she still chose Broxton instead of trying to become a queen or a goddess in a different timeline. She may be a Loki variant, but she was never selfish enough to want to be a queen. The only thing that she wanted was freedom. Whenever Sylvie had the opportunity to return from the TVA to the life that she chose, Sylvie always went back to Broxton, as seen in episode 5 when she resumed her life in Oklahoma after the Temporal Loom destroyed the TVA.


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Of course, it is possible that Sylvie had spent months and years of real-world time in Broxton before Loki found her there. She had more than enough time to adapt to her new life and adopt the style of that era. And we all know that the mullet hairstyle was quite popular during the 80s.

Sylvie is known for her ability to adapt and survive, as she had to live in numerous timelines to evade the TVA her entire life. This is one of the reasons why she dyed her hair blonde even though she was born with black hair. As such, the mullet hairstyle she sported throughout the events of season 2 fits the 1980s era she chose to live in. This explains why Sylvie looks different in season 2.

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